World News – UA – Live updates from AFL Finals 2020: Lions try to break the Hoodoo


Tigers are currently tamed by Lions I can’t speak loud enough about how the Lions handled Richmond’s ferocious pushes in the second term, only to then counter-strike with their own goals

Brisbane’s precision, maturity and ability to win this game were strongly questioned upon his arrival

They show they are definitely up to it Only by half so far, however Richmond has given too many 50m penalties A double 50 led to Neale’s late goal It’s poor

Hardwick at halftime complains about giving five goals from free kicks and calls the referees a « happy trigger »

Prestia (14), Martin (12), Graham (11) and Houli (11) lead the assignments Rich has one goal and 10 touches for the Lions and Cameron has scored two goals

Neale’s goal towards the end of this half got him into the game, but Martin was quite superb with his touch and vision

The Lions withstood heavy pressure from Richmond, so many repeated entries and they did not give in

What a bloody game Honestly The crowd is enraged, there is fighting, the football is through and through and hard, and there are plenty of goals

So impressive of the Lions to keep Richmond as soon as they pushed He will test Richmond this second half

A lot is going against them and they need to respond Check out this Cameron goal below:

TWO 50M PENALTIES From Brisbane defense to the 50m line and Neale scores a HUGE goal I don’t know what the point is

Marlion Pickett hit an opponent at one point but there was a lot of push and shove and the unruly Tigers enter halftime with a 12 point lead

Charlie Cameron has two, and he’s spinning that Harley’s handlebars. What a goal Grimes has been following him closely the entire game and having two is special

Glittery stuff And there’s a LOT of goal pushing and pushing Mitch Robinson in the middle

Brisbane gets its reward! Towards the end of the quarter, after absorbing so much pressure from the Tigers, their goal comes

No1 draft pick Cam Rayner runs and hits away 50 in an open arc, and he bounces through goals

It’s still Richmond by one goal, and the Lions did a good job blocking the game after a quick start to the second term

Both teams have had periods of camping in their opponent’s half of the field, but the last gap in defense and the pressure on the ball on the pitch has been quite impressive

Martin is crucial in the build again with a skillful kick to Castagna in the 50 striker

Another quick start for Lions Charlie Cameron, very calm in Q1, scores Huge roar goal at Woolloongabba for this goal

Richmond flips him over and Cameron leaps Nankervis loose handball and Cameron ends up on the Huge run

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World News – UA – AFL finals 2020 LIVE updates: Lions try to break the hoodoo tigers


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