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World News – UA – ‘Lots of things’: how historic Victoria Day went

'After a long winter, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Victorians'

It was an emotional day for the Victorians, with Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announcing a dramatic easing of restrictions after months of lockdown

Andrews’ voice croaked with emotion as he announced the changes, featured by the reopening of Melbourne’s retail and hospitality stores

Asked about his reaction, Andrews said: « Look, it’s been a very difficult year and the Victorians have given a lot »

Coupled with the results of a blitz testing a northern suburban epidemic, the state’s first blank list of cases and deaths since June 9 was the catalyst for a dramatic easing of restrictions

Other changes are planned for November 8, in particular the end of the so-called « steel ring » separating the capital from the region of Victoria

As business groups criticized the delays to reopen, the state government’s decision to allow Melbourne retailers, pubs and restaurants to open from Wednesday has been warmly welcomed

Prime Minister Scott Morrison praised the dedication, sacrifice and efforts of the trapped Victorians to allow the economy to reopen

In a joint statement with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Minister of Health Greg Hunt, Morrison said it was important for the state to remain safe and open

« After a long winter, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Victorians, » they said

Australian Council of Trade Unions chairwoman Michele O’Neil says Victoria government is taking a reasonable approach to reopening

« We have to do it safely, we have to take it one step at a time, » she said

Tim Piper, of the Australian Industry Group, said testing and tracing should be the response to future outbreaks rather than widespread lockdowns

« This is a vital day for metropolitan Melbourne, the state and even the rest of the country as Melbourne returns to some semblance of normalcy, » he said

« These are good signs, and of course we will only know how good they are once some of the social distancing and other lockdown measures underway in Melbourne right now are released, » a he said during a hearing on the Senate’s estimates

From 11 Tuesday at 59:00, hospitality and retail in the Melbourne metropolis may reopen

This includes cafes, pubs and restaurants, but there will be strict COVID security plans in place, with social distancing guidelines being followed

Outdoor gatherings will no longer be limited to two households, as long as there is a maximum of 10 people

The 25 km travel radius will remain in place until November 8 and will then be removed if virus cases remain low

Weddings will be allowed to increase to a maximum of 10 people from Wednesday, and funerals 20

Beauty and personal services, including tattoo parlors, can also reopen from Wednesday, as will the gym and indoor fitness centers

One aspect of the ‘new normal’ that Andrews said was non-negotiable was the wearing of masks

« We’re going to persist with these for a while, we’re not sure how long, » Andrews said

« But masks will be a feature, especially when you are in contact with other people

So how did the Melburnians celebrate the news that they might soon be opening a cafe, restaurant or pub?

While some quoted a now famous quote from Andrews and said they would ‘eat beers’, Monday became unofficially known as ‘donut day’

That’s because Melburnians bought donuts en masse – the shape symbolizing the ‘zero’ COVID case recorded overnight

Although life in Melbourne is not getting back to normal, it may still take a little while, but Monday was an important step towards tough lockdowns

« We want to reach COVID normal by Christmas and at the moment we are on track to do so, » Andrews said

« This will continue to be a feature of our daily life until a vaccine appears »

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World News – UA – ‘We gave a lot’: How historic Victoria Day went

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