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I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 As a self-proclaimed « never Trumper, » I viewed him as a brash self-centered whose off-putting personality was too much

Even though I am an evangelical Christian and generally vote Republican, my conscience would not allow me to hit “R” for president in 2016 (for the record, I voted third party)

Fast forward to 2020 and a vocal contingent of public figures still cling firmly to their ever Trump post

Without mentioning Trump by name, Evangelical Pastor John Piper describes « the blatant boastfulness, vulgarity, immorality and factuality » that « infect entire cultures » as character traits that prevent a candidate from receiving his vote

Senator Ben Sasses recently lambasted the President’s « rage tweet » and even claims that Trump « flirted with white supremacists »

Taking a line of Never-Trumpers, I certainly do not condone foul language of the president and his behavior off-putting at times

And while some of the strongest supporters of Trump giggle at his verbal launch bomb, I cringe when he uses excessively harsh


Although I refused to vote for Trump in 2016, I now strongly support his re-election Let me explain

While I make no apologies for the president’s personality flaws, I simply cannot agree that this disqualifies him from re-election

In response to Christians who believe that Trump is « too sinful » to get their vote, I want to emphasize that each presidential candidate (including Biden) is a sinner While some sins can be more public than to other, but the Bible reminds us that all have sinned

I do not vote for Trump because it is a Christian wonderful I do not even know if the Christian evangelical sense of the word, and often it lacks what the Bible describes as « fruit of the Spirit « 

I vote for Trump because many public policies he advocates and actually enacted are consistent with biblical values ​​such as the defense of the unborn child, Israel support and law enforcement public face anarchy in our streets

But in addition to these obvious problems, I would consider another set of accomplishments of the president who are not getting the attention they deserve

For many years, the Democratic Party defended itself as « the party of the people, » claiming to help the poor, minorities and working-class Americans. In contrast, the Republicans were generally described as the « party of the rich « 

While some Republicans have joined with Democrats in resisting the president’s agenda, there have been more advances under Trump for underprivileged and working-class Americans than perhaps any previous administration

On the one hand, Trump passed the biggest tax reform legislation in decades that resulted in widespread tax cuts, with the per child tax credit and standard deduction doubled, which translated into more dollars in the pockets of working families

An astounding seven million new jobs were created in Trump’s first three years, including more than 500,000 new manufacturing jobs Unemployment fell to all-time low, including levels lowest in history for blacks, Hispanics and Asians

Trump’s policies also created 8800 Zones of Opportunity, sparking a whopping $ 75 billion in investment in underserved communities Not only that, but the poverty rate has fallen to the lowest level in 60 years

President Trump has also done much to increase educational opportunities for poor and minority communities is responsible for the increased funding for universities and historically black colleges and supports school choice to improve education downtown kids

Sen Despite the charge of « white supremacist » Sasse, polls show that the president made major inroads among black voters and should receive much more support from black voters than it did in 2016

On another crucial issue, Trump has done more to tackle human trafficking than any previous administration

Ivanka Trump has played an active role in the fight against trafficking, calling it « ugly stain on civilization »

The president signed eight bills into law aimed at combating trafficking, as well as two executive orders, related to child trafficking and the other to combat international trafficking

No country can be considered a great country that leaves people vulnerable to depraved predators who steal human lives, and Trump has made this a top priority of his administration

Finally, the president has made great strides in the fight against religious persecution in his country and around the world

From actively working free pastors jailed in other countries, to sanctioning communist regimes that quash religious freedom, Trump has fought to ensure that people around the world are free to practice their religion without fear of government persecution

The president also issued an executive order on international religious freedom, signaling the United States’ strong commitment to end persecution and to make religious freedom a foreign policy priority to be advanced on many fronts

I understand why some criticize the president’s brash personality, but to be fair we also need to recognize his many achievements and promises made in the 2016 campaign

increasing economic and educational opportunities for the poor and minorities in the fight against the scourge of trafficking in human beings and the fight against religious persecution, President Trump has done much to advance the cause of human dignity and freedom

Some of the main reasons why I have changed my mind, from a « Never Trumper » in 2016 to a pro-voter Trump in 2020

David Kincaid holds a master’s degree in political science with a specialization in political philosophy and biopolitics

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