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Judith Collins admits results show work is on track for a large majority Follow Live:

My warmest congratulations to @jacindaardern on your re-election as Prime Minister of New Zealand Looking forward to continuing London’s special relationship with NZ based on our shared vision of an inclusive, fairer future and more green # NZElection2020 picTwittercom / UOxup6oGl1

He was the accomplished survivor of New Zealand politics; an irascible populist maverick who at times chose who would rule the country Winston Peters, the leader of the small New Zealand party, has been at the center of many political whirlwinds of the past decades – and, in 2017, propelled Jacinda Ardern to the head of the country

Year after year, he defied polls suggesting he would be relegated to political history, instead of being part of four governments during his tenure But in Saturday’s election, Peters failed to assess voters and will leave parliament, along with the party he founded

With 90% of the vote counted, New Zealand First won 26%, well below the 5% threshold required for a party to enter parliament, unless a member of that party wins a seat constituting Petersâ ???? the party did not This was an unworthy end for a party that had held nine seats in parliament and the balance of power in Ardern’s coalition government:

A reminder that the results of the referendum on euthanasia and cannabis will not be available tonight We will know how New Zealand voted on these issues on October 30

TV NZ reminds people that the results of the cannabis referendum will not be released tonight so they can put away their « jazz cabbage »

Judith Collins, applauded by her team, leaves her election night She did not answer any questions imageTwittercom / IsFMbnEoH8

Congratulations on your resounding re-election @jacindaardern In a beautiful victory speech these words resonate and perhaps a lesson for Scotland too – As a nation we can listen, we can debate we are too small to lose from the point of view of others https: // tco / F4XnWJ6tI0

Clarke Gayford, Ardern Partner, Speaks As we looked at the results, he kept thinking, “It’s gonna go down It’s gonna go down, â ???? but it didn’t

It didn’t take a moment because he was afraid of burning fish and putting his and Ardern’s daughter, Neve, to sleep, he says

The fish refers to the fried dish he prepared for reporters outside the Prime Minister’s home earlier:

If any of my foreign friends are wondering how the New Zealand elections are going now, the Prime Minister has just sent her husband outside with a platter of venison and fried fish to feed the journalists who have camped in outside their house tonight… ??? election results #nzpol picTwittercom / Em4Pm1tbAN

Kiwis voted to keep New Zealand moving for three more years Congratulations to @jacindaardern and @nzlabour imageTwittercom / Sx4ag0PVtg

The MÄ ?? party ori took the head of one of the seven electorates MÄ ?? oriRawiri Waititi narrowly took the lead of Labor in the central electorate of the North Island of Waiariki

The PÄ ?? tea MÄ ?? ori Club is tonight’s entertainment at the MÄ ?? election event. ori Party at Te Tai HauÄ ?? uru! @radionz @radionz @RNZTeAoMaori picTwittercom / 22Qg5pkkgi

This may be the only electoral race that will make a difference in the number of national seats If the party MÄ ?? ori wins, he will win a seat that he would not have won otherwise, and be eligible for list seats So far, they’ve only polled around 1% of the National Party’s vote, which isn’t enough to win a second seat on the list, but it’s theoretically possible that they could take a second if their vote resumes Yet it would be one less seat available for the other four parties

Greens hope to play role in new government Co-leader James Shaw told The Guardian a few minutes ago that while preliminary results indicate Labor could rule on its own, there were many reasons why the Labor Party might want to include the Green PartyHe expects to speak to Labor leader Jacinda Ardern by phone tomorrow, though he said the special vote tally provided a bit of a breakElection result would see « a very strong progressive government » – The precise makeup of that remains to be seen, but there are a number of reasons Labor would want the Greens to be part of governmentâ € ” One is to get the largest possible majority in the house

Another was to appeal to experienced party ministers, â ???? said Shaw And we want to win again in 2023 It’s important to build on our partnership- He said it was clear from the result – the party with 78% with 88% of the votes counted, and Chloe Swarbrick is about to win the Auckland Central electorate – that voters want the Greens not only in parliament but also in governmentâ € ”

In addition to Paul Goldsmith who I spoke to earlier, I also spoke to a few center-right analysts about the night’s result Tau Henare, a former national party MP (he also represented a few others) said Judith Collins « will not be leader » of the party – for so long a ???? He added that his concession speech was – very magnanimous and unlike Judith who we have come to know ???? He refers to his divisive factor, « Crusher » The character of Collins who probably would have caused much of the voting public to have already made up their minds about him. love or hate before she became a leaderHenare said Labor’s result went back to Covid-19 “People trust her to help us get through it,” he said of Jacinda Ardern, relationship consultant Ben Thomas public and former member of the national government, also said the vote was a reflection of the bond [Ardern] formed with the electorate during Covid- He said the incredible thing about this result was that central national voters right turned to the center-left Labor Party, rather than minor parties as would usually be the case

Ardern says his daughter Neve slept like any good two-year-old when the results came with that she left the media group to head behind the scenes

It’s « generally the natural order of things » that the deputy leader will be deputy prime minister, she adds, and she has no plans to change that either

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World News – UA Elections – NZ 2020: Jacinda Ardern thanks New Zealand amid labor landslide – live results


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