World News – UA – Over a million people have so far voted in the NJ Postal Election


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Nicole Flaherty, above, stands with her children as her 7-year-old daughter Madelyn casts the ballot in the ballot box in the Burlington County ballot box in Cinnaminson, NJ on Wednesday, Oct 7 , 2020 While holding Colin, 1, she opens the drop box door while James, left, 5, watches Madelyn push the ballots through the slot (AP Photo / Christina Paciolla)

More than a million people have already voted in New Jersey, about 30% of the turnout in the 2016 presidential election, state election officials say

The turnout is a result of the state holding its very first majority-by-mail election, and election experts say it could be heading towards 2008 levels when 73% of registered voters in the New Jersey voted

“We don’t have an election day anymore We just have an election,” said Ben Dworkin director of Rowan Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship “Voters take this opportunity because they have received the ballot by mail and that is why we are seeing this increase in the number of voters « 

Democratic government Phil Murphy cited COVID-19 when he signed an order in August calling on all active registered voters to get a ballot in the mail

State officials also rolled out an online voter registration tool for the first time this year, which they said was popular with voters Registration completed in Oct. 13

« We are seeing a lot of voter interest and enthusiasm for the elections, » said Alicia D’Alessandro, spokesperson for the secretary of state, who oversees the elections

Your 2020 Guide to Voting in New Jersey

The general election will look a lot like New Jersey’s July primary Here’s what you need to know

Voters can cast their ballot by mailing it back, depositing it in one of at least 10 official drop boxes in each county, hand delivering it to their county election office, or by bringing it in person to their polling station on Election Day

In addition to the president, voters will elect a US Senator and their US House Representative New Jersey also has three voting issues: legalizing recreational marijuana, delaying legislative redistribution if the enumeration is delayed, and granting a reduction in property taxes for veterans who served in peacetime

Democrats pass postal election, but Republicans are skeptical President Donald Trump’s campaign is suing state in Federal District Court to end postal voting Case is pending

The campaign argues that potential electoral fraud caused by mail ballots threatens the constitutional right of citizens to equal protection before the law Similar cases brought in other states have been dismissed and the electoral fraud turned out to be rare

Yet in New Jersey, Republicans point to Paterson’s primary in May The state attorney general is pursuing voter fraud charges against four men, including a city council member, for allegedly illegally collecting ballots

Republican Jeff Van Drew highlighted the Paterson case during a recent debate against Democratic challenger Amy Kennedy in District 2, speaking out against the postal election

Murphy defended the election, saying criminal prosecutions in Paterson show suspected fraudsters being caught

Sandra Counts, 71, is a retired fourth grade teacher and a resident of Trenton She cast her ballot Thursday at the drop box near Trenton Central High School, one of four from the city, as she said she was skeptical that the postal service would receive the ballot before election day She said she was a Democrat now, but was a Republican for a while

Van Drew presents coronavirus conspiracy theory during debate with Kennedy in South Jersey

This was the first time that GOP US Representative Jeff Van Drew has debated Democratic challenger Amy Kennedy

Is she worried that the postal ballot election could lead to fraud or that her vote does not count?

« I really haven’t I know I’ve done my part It’s up to everyone to do their part, » she said

Nicole Flaherty voted earlier this month with her kids at a drop box in Cinnaminson, New Jersey She said her kids were a little upset that they couldn’t press buttons on electronic machines

But she kept the drop box door open as they pushed the ballots through the slot

Madelyn, 7, James, 5, and Colin, 1, also accompanied her to Black Lives Matter protests and women’s marches

« Kids should know that mom does this, and she’s not left out of the story, » she says

Philly Celebrities Appearing in GOTV’s « Good Things Happen in Philadelphia » Event

Virtual effort will benefit Better Civics, a non-partisan organization in Philly focused on civic engagement and voter participation

Scammers take over U.S. election, but these aren’t the votes they want

American voters face a particularly crucial and polarized election this year, and crooks at home and abroad are taking note

Judge rejects GOP attempt to close Delaware County advance polling center

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