World News – UA – Patient who stalked dentist with crossbow ‘murder kit’ for four years is jailed


A patient who stalked his dentist weeks after being jailed for following him with a crossbow and a « murder kit » knife has been put behind bars again

Thomas Baddeley, 42, had only recently been out of prison after being convicted of following Dr Ian Hutchinson

He wanted revenge for his dental treatment at Smile Lounge, a private practice, and spent years following the 53-year-old orthodontist, a court previously heard

After being jailed for 16 months in August, Baddeley was released the same day he was sentenced due to time in custody but was told to stay away from the doctor

The Bristol businessman took notes to avoid leaving fingerprints and what to say if the police caught him, a court has heard

He admitted to stalking and possessing a knife and an offensive weapon, but dodged a more serious harassment charge because Dr Hutchinson was unaware he was being followed

In a previous hearing, District Judge Martin Brown said the « obsession » of the manager of real estate company Baddeley was « very unhealthy »

And in his first stalking trial, for which he was jailed, a court heard that Baddeley had bought 30 used cars to avoid detection as he looked at the house and the routine of the Dr Hutchinson

A neighbor saw him sitting in a car in November 2019 with a black hood and police arrived to find a crossbow, kitchen knife, hammer, lighters, gloves, bleach and a black ski mask, the court heard

Cardiff Crown Court has heard that ‘surveillance diaries’ have been found and a search of Baddeley’s home revealed he had followed the doctor for years and had a countdown for something called « The Event »

Dr Hutchinson said he was unaware Baddeley, a patient until 2016 in which he regularly tightened his braces, was stalking him

Baddeley thought the treatment for his gums was receding « poisoning him » and made a « bizarre request » to put two teeth back in his mouth, Dr Hutchinson said

An indefinite restraining order was made at the previous hearing, but Baddeley was seen approaching the clinic on October 7

Baddeley was sentenced to two years in prison on Thursday and said a further violation of the restraining order would result in a five-year sentence

In defense, Lucy Crowther QC said he claimed that the weapons discovered were not there for a « sinister purpose » and that harassment had become « a kind of hobby »

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said that while there was no specific reference to what « the event » was, « at the very least, there was a plan to cause him harm. substantial, if not to end his life « , and thought it would be » a while « before his obsession with the doctor subsided

Dr Hutchinson said: ‘I would have thought what he would have done if he could have walked into the practice, what he would have done to staff or patients. It makes me upset

« I have been a dentist for 30 years This is not something I thought I should consider »

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News from the world – UA – Patient who stalked his dentist with a crossbow « murder kit » for four years is jailed


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