World News – UA – Pink salt discovered in Australia revealed toxic levels of lead and harmful metals


Pink salt is generally considered a classier, chicer, and healthier version of your standard white table salt

But an Australian study has put those claims to the test to find out just how better pink varieties are and the results have been surprising

Independent research firm Nutrition Research Australia (NRAUS) has put together 31 samples of pink salt that you can buy Down Under

Research has found that pink salt does indeed contain more essential nutrients than table salt, but you will need to consume about six teaspoons (or about 500% more than your daily sodium limit) to get it. take advantage

Interestingly, one sample from the study contained trace amounts of lead that exceeded the national level of contaminant, while other samples also contained aluminum

If a person consumes these metals in the long term, it can be harmful to their health

The study found that the pink salts which contained higher concentrations of essential nutrients also ended up having higher concentrations of heavy metals.The pink salt which came from Australia however had lower levels of essential nutrients and non-nutritive minerals

The researchers found that there was a wide variation in the levels of nutrients found in pink salt and that there did not appear to be a pattern with most They had iron levels between 0 and 17 mg / 100 g and calcium levels between 53 and 574 mg / 100 g

She said in a statement: « Pink salt’s reputation for being ‘healthier’ has now been debunked, with the nutrient level too low and variable for it to be a constant source of nutrients

« While pink salt may look prettier, there are many healthy ways to enhance flavor and add color to your meal, such as using herbs and spices like paprika, turmeric, cinnamon, saffron and even pink peppercorns, ”she said

People should make sure they don’t go overboard with salt and stick to the limits set by the World Health Organization of less than 5 grams for adults and 2 grams for children each day

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Pink salt

World news – UA – Pink salt found in Australia found toxic levels of lead and harmful metals


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