World News – UA – Roxy Jacenko’s furious rant against trolls following SAS Australia exit


Roxy Jacenko took to Instagram to discover the hundreds of people who stalked her after her brief stint on SAS Australia which aired on Monday night

The 40-year-old left the show just six hours after day one started, but all was not as it seemed, with the PR queen taking to social media to defend herself in a long post

Roxy revealed she fractured her hip and pelvis just six weeks before filming for the incredibly physically demanding series began

Sharing photos of herself in the hospital, she wrote: « To be honest I shouldn’t even need to post this – but I have no choice

« To date I have not shared these images as I do not think there is any need to share an accident where I was lucky enough to get better when many have suffered long damage. term and irreparable

« These photos were exactly 6 weeks before I left to join @ sasaust7 – after reading the barrage of comments from people on my Instagram tonight I decided – f ** k it – I’ll post »

She continued, « For the f ** k minds who left comments on the previous post which I encourage you to read because it shows how alive these Keyboard Warriors are and well let me explain how much I am

« I fractured my hip and pelvis when I was riding for work – the saddle slipped and I fell I got back on the horse so as not to disturb the rest of the riders and disrupt their ride then went to the emergency room where I spent the next two days « 

Roxy explained that she was inactive for six weeks lying on her back with daily injections, physiotherapy and appointments with orthopedic surgeons

« So, so weak and pathetic shows up to @ sasaust7 because I had committed to it 6 months before and trained 6 days a week regardless of my injuries, while he either

« I think what it shows was, I had a commitment, I introduced myself and did my best – which given the circumstances was very important given my situation. remember telling my orthopedic surgeon – «  I might have to fall off a chopper, can you suggest a way to do this with my fractures  » his answer was just «  don’t  » – I did what i could but the reality is, my health is my number one priority with two kids and a staff of 22 counting on me – not a show for the entertainment of people and to give them something to troll / gossip by more « 

She ended by saying, « Having had cancer three years ago, I know I didn’t need to risk hurting myself more Anyway, I think it’s just ashamed to have to post this & when I was going to include my hospital discharge documents, I stopped and thought – you know what – F ** k them is more than enough ! I don’t have to prove anything to anyone I don’t know! « 

Roxy left the series after the group were instructed to dive into ice water as punishment

Some of the comments she received included things like « Damn, 6 hours !!! My wife gave birth longer than that S ** t effort »

Another comment read: « Apologies in the world So herself She couldn’t take her handbags with her »

She then told the instructors that she wanted to leave, « I can’t do it In fact, I can’t My leg is killing me I can’t do it « 

« It’s so painful I don’t want to give up, » she said, with the instructor describing her decision to leave as « unhappy »

Roxy said: « I have always had the mentality to take every opportunity that comes your way But people think I can’t, I won’t, or I won’t expect it. ‘is all I did « 

« But to me, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, it doesn’t matter if you get to day 12 or day 2, the fact that I actually took the punt to do it with determination and courage no matter what. it happens, that’s enough for me « 

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World News – UA – Roxy Jacenko’s furious rant against the trolls over SAS Australia’s exit



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