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Seven West Media today unveiled improved information, activation and audience measurement within its 7REDiQ audience intelligence platform

Brands can then leverage this intelligence with 7RED, Seven’s strategic cross-media unit for brands

“Being an audience-centric business means knowing and understanding our audience is the key to our success,” says Charlotte Valente, CMO at Seven Upfronts

« This has already led to some big decisions, like the acquisition of The Voice, which builds on Australians’ affinity with live music and entertainment The data merged into 7REDiQ has been essential in establishing this understanding from the public

« By leveraging our first party data about each consumer, a unique SWMID, combined with what our data partners add, provides an unbeatable starting point for your people-centric marketing strategies

« 7REDiQ uses this data and gives brands the ability to target exactly who they want to reach, along with comprehensive audience metrics and forecasts

« Best of all, it’s easy for brands to take the information and knowledge provided by 7REDiQ and turn it into an actionable campaign with 7RED

« Identify, enrich, merge, activate and measure – a clear path to getting results for your brand This is what Seven can offer you »

SWMID, the unique identifier for SWM audiences, is now associated with a multitude of data points.It combines not only the viewing habits of consumers, but also a collection of other data about them, including location, brand affinities, information on purchases, feelings, etc.

SWM has partnered with Australian data and analytics companies to help provide the most complete picture of every audience member

TEG Analytics (TEGA) dataset, powered by over 16 million active Australian ticket buyers, helps better understand consumer entertainment and lifestyle preferences

Building on TEGA’s main dataset is their partnership with Flybuys, which through their 86 million members helps to better understand a consumer’s affinity between food, beverage and consumer categories. GIC

LANDMARKS ID enables SWM to understand the real movement of consumers through a comprehensive POI network mapped to 350 of Australia’s top brands This provides a large body of location-based information

CarsGuide provides insight into auto-seekers, enabling a tighter and more strategic targeting of this key and competitive sector, which generates billions of dollars in purchases each year

Combined with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to enable cookie-free data collection, the result is a complete and unbeatable picture of the audience

SWM will continue to improve its secondary data partnerships, with more partners to be announced in the coming weeks

Kurt Burnette, Chief Revenue Officer of SWM, says it’s critical for brands to understand where these audiences are and what drives them

« The combination of 7REDiQ, SWMID and our data partnerships, all enabled by 7RED in our industry-leading content offering, provides an end-to-end solution for brands to plan, buy and measure their path to successful campaigns, « he says

« We have invested in infrastructure and partnerships to enable brands to reach exactly their target audience, improving their ability to plan their campaigns, buy according to their goals and easily quantify their success »

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7REDiQ visualizes audiences, allowing brands to identify them by what and when they watch, read, buy and do, and where they live, work, buy and play

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World news – AU – Seven Upfronts – Improved data for better audience understanding – AdNews


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