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The Macular Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA) has recruited the talent of Shane Jacobson and longtime MDFA ambassador Jean Kittson to support a new television campaign to prevent Australians in their 50s lose their eyesight due to macular disease

Popular actors, writers and comedians have teamed up to run an ad for Check My Macula, a short online quiz that reveals your risk factors for macular disease, then helps you book an eye exam with your optometrist

The ad airs Tuesday, October 27, urging viewers to add an eye exam to the shopping list of other checkups we are asked to check off at age 50

Announcement discusses vital medical checklist all Australians should undergo from age 50 and beyond

It aims to integrate eye exams into the commonly known list of bowels, breasts, prostate and heart – to name a few

A Galaxy poll conducted by MDFA showed that among Australians aged 50 to 64, only 6% say eye disease control is their top health priority

« A lot of Australian guys have a ‘you’ll be right’ attitude about their health, and they tend to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to routine checks like a view « , says Jacobson

Jacobson celebrated his 50th birthday in March, placing him in the age group that should have an eye exam every two years, then annually at age 65

« If you’re over 50 and you don’t know your risk factors for macular disease, you’re at risk of going blind It’s so bad, » Jacobson says

« But Check My Macula is a quick online quiz that tells you your individual risk factors in five easy questions in less than a minute, then helps you book an optometrist check-up, so simple and worth it « 

MDFA Ambassador and Artist Jean Kittson knows only too well that family history is a major risk factor for macular disease

Kittson’s mother Elaine, now 90, has lived with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) for over 30 years

This direct family history means that John has a 50% chance of developing the disease, so she is particularly diligent with her optometrist appointments

« Frankly, I don’t manage my overall health in great detail, but once a year I’ll make sure to have an eye exam, » Kittson says

« Now that I’m in my 60s there is a lot to check: my hearing, my skin, my eyesight the list just keeps getting longer However, due to my family background I make sure to go an eye and macula exam every year « 

Kittson, who has shared the eye health message as an MDFA ambassador for more than 10 years, says while the ad may not be serious, his message is

« You are putting your vision at risk if you don’t have regular eye exams, including a macula check, » Kittson says

« Early diagnosis is imperative for treatment, so my key message to everyone is to get your macula checked, especially if you have a family member with AMD »

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World News – UA – Shane Jacobson and Jean Kittson Tackle Blind Risk in New TVC – AdNews
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