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Last week you may have seen Sharps Compliance Corp (NASDAQ: SMED) released its quarterly result to the market The early response was not positive, with shares declining 33 % to US $ 610 last week Revenue fell short of expectations, with sales of US $ 13 million below 11% of forecast Profits declined as a result, with Sharps compliance reporting a statutory loss of $ US02 per share, where analysts expected earnings Analysts typically update their forecasts with each earnings report, and we can judge from their estimates whether their view of the company has changed or is changing. there are new concerns to take into account Readers will be happy to know that we have aggregated the latest statutory forecast to see if analysts have changed their minds on Sharps Compliance after the latest results.

Based on the latest results, the current consensus of the four Sharps Compliance analysts is for revenue of US $ 558 million in 2021, which would reflect a decent 10% increase in sales over the past 12 months Statutory earnings per share to fall 62% to $ 0 US03 in same period Yet before the latest results analysts had forecast revenue of US $ 583 million and earnings per share (EPS) of US $ 011 in 2021 From there, we can say that sentiment has definitely turned more bearish after the latest results, leading to lower revenue forecasts and a pretty big drop in estimates. earnings per share

Analysts haven’t made any major changes to their price target of US $ 975, suggesting that downgrades should not have a long-term impact on Sharps Compliance’s valuation Setting a single price target may however be reckless, as the consensus target is actually the average of analysts’ price targets As a result, some investors like to look at the range of estimates to see if there are any differing opinions on the valuation of the company Currently, the most bullish analyst rates Sharps compliance at $ 11 US00 per share, while the most bearish prices at $ 9 US00 The low spread of estimates could suggest the company’s future is relatively easy to gauge , or that analysts have a clear view of its prospects

Now looking at the big picture, one of the ways we can understand these forecasts is to see how they stack up against estimates of past performance and industry growth. We can infer from the latest estimates that the forecast is for a continuation of historical trends in Sharps Compliance, as next year’s 10% revenue growth is roughly equivalent to 98% annual revenue growth over the years. Last five years In contrast, our data suggests that other companies (covered by analysts) in a similar industry are expected to see their revenues grow 68% per year So it’s pretty clear that Sharps Compliance is expected to grow much faster than its industry

The biggest problem is that analysts have lowered their earnings per share estimates, suggesting that headwinds could be looming for Sharps Compliance They also downgraded their revenue estimates, although industry data suggests Sharps Compliance revenue is expected to grow faster than the industry as a whole. The consensus price target has remained stable at US $ 975, with the latest estimates not being enough to impact their price targets

With that in mind, we wouldn’t be too quick to come to a conclusion on Sharps compliance Long-term earning power is far greater than next year’s profits At Simply Wall St, we have a full range of analyst estimates for Sharps compliance through 2025, and you can view them for free on our platform here

We don’t want to rain too much on the parade, but we also found 2 warning signs for sharps compliance you need to be aware of

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Shares of United Parcel Service, Inc (NYSE: UPS) were not affected after the company said it was the limited company Fox News, Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for losing what he said was a politically sensitive package What happened: Carlson said on his daily show « Tucker Carlson Tonight » on Wednesday that his New York office was in possession of « a collection of documents Confidential Biden Family Confidential ”Carlson was in Los Angeles at the time to film an interview with Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe BidenCarlson has instructed his office to send the documents he described as « genuine » and potentially « damaging » to the Biden campaign The documents were dropped off at a retail store of a « major national carrier » , did he declare Carlson did not elaborate on what the documents are Related Link: How the 2020 Presidential Election Could Impact Healthcare Inventories UPS Problem Statement: Carlson Did Not Name The Company During His Show But Glenn Zaccara, UPS corporate media relations director, told Business Insider that UPS is the limited company »UPS is urgently investigating this matter and regrets the package was damaged, » the company told Business Insider »The integrity of our network and the safety of our customers’ cargo is of the utmost importance. We will remain in direct and frequent contact with Fox News as we learn more from our investigation.To UPS’s credit, Carlson said the company ‘went way beyond’ but ‘found nothing’ « Tonight the company has no idea – or even working theory – of what who arrived at this treasure trove of documents, documents directly relevant to the presidential campaign in just six days, « the Fox News host told me. Photo of Jimhenderson via Wikimedia See more from Benzinga * Click here for transactions from Benzinga options * Molson Coors stock rises after big third quarter beating * Grocery store prices are cause for concern as coronavirus cases rise (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

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Here’s another price hike for Netflix customers in the US: The streaming giant will increase the price of the standard two-stream HD package, its most popular package, by about 8% – from $ 12.99 per month to $ 13.99 In addition, Netflix’s Premium Tier (with four streams) increases by $ 2, starting at $ 15.99 per month […]

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America heads to the polls on Tuesday (well, in fact, America has been voting early for a few weeks now), and while Democrat Joe Biden has a solid lead in the polls, there is evidence that President Trump could win yet another second term Finally, with all the early votes, mass mail-in votes and extended count times possible, we might not know Tuesday night who’s the winnerIt’s a situation of uncertainty and financial markets don’t like it What brings us to dividend-paying stocks Investors want a buffer, something to protect their portfolio if the market goes down, and dividends deliver exactly what This These shareholder incentive payments provide a steady stream of income, which generally remains reliable even in a modest downturn Wall Street analysts did some of the groundwork for us, identifying dividend paying stocks that have maintained high returns, at least 8% to be exact. By opening the TipRanks database, we take a look at the details of these payouts to find out what makes these stocks worthwhile.Altria Group, Inc (MO) We’ll start with Altria Group, the tobacco maker best known for its iconic Marlboro cigarettes Altria, like many so-called “sinister stocks”, is one of the market champions when it comes to dividends, with a long history of reliable, high-yielding payments The company took advantage of a psychological quirk of human nature in a year as crazy as 2020: people will curl up when necessary, but they won’t give up Cigarettes are just that, and although overall smoking rates have declined in recent years, Altria has delivered stable financial results in recent quarters. Q1 and Q2 both showed $ 1.09 in profit, well above the 97 cents expected in Q1 and a slight beating from the $ 1 in Q206 forecast Revenue hit $ 5.06 billion in Q2, in line with both Previous quarters Looking ahead, analysts expect Altria to post $ 1.15 per share in earnings on $ 5 billion in revenue when Q3 earnings release This report is due out tomorrow morning. these results will help Altria maintain its dividend – although the company has a long-standing commitment, very publicly, to doing so Altria has maintained its reliable dividend for the past 12 years, and for the last payment, made in September, the company even slightly increased the payment by 24% The current dividend is 86 cents per common share, or $ 3.44 annualized, and gives an impressive 88% Looking at Altria ahead of the third quarter report, Deutsche Bank analyst Stephen Powers writes: “[We] are positively biased by the fundamentals of the company as we approach the results of MO la next week – bolstered by healthy scanned channel demand within the quarter in MO’s core tobacco businesses, with particular strength in cigarettes driven by the Marlboro brand… we believe continued operational execution at its core of trade will allow MO to position itself more credibly as a stable basic investment in tobacco… ”Powers assesses the action as a purchase and its objective of $ 51 price implies a 37% hike for the coming year (To see Powers track record, click here) Overall, Altria has an analyst consensus moderate buy rating, based on 3 buys and 2 holdings in the last few weeks Current share price is $ 3704, and the average price target of $ 46 suggests a 24% increase over one year (See MO stock market analysis on TipRanks) American Finance Trust (AFIN) Next on our list is a Real Estate Investment Trust, a REIT These companies are known for their high dividends, a fact resulting from a quirk of tax regulations REITs are required to return a certain percentage of profits directly to shareholders, and dividends are one of the most secure ways to comply AFIN, which focuses its portfolio on single-tenant and multi-tenant service retail properties, is typical of its niche And its niche has been strong L  » In order to account for companies like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Dollar General among its top ten tenants, and announced earlier this month that it had collected more than 91% of its third quarter rents Looking ahead to Q3 results next week, EPS is expected at 23 cents, a 15% increase from Q2 The company offers a monthly dividend, at the rate of 71 cents per common share, instead of the more quarterly payments current The monthly format allows for flexibility in managing payment rate adjustments; in April, AFIN reduced the dividend from 9 cents to 7 cents1 as part of efforts to manage the effects of the corona crisis on businesses The current payout is annualized to 852 cents per share, giving a robust 147% This is over 7 times higher than the average dividend yield seen among S&P 500B companies Riley analyst Bryan Maher notes the difficulties AFIN has faced, as a property owner and manager during economic downturn, but is confident in the company’s ability to meet the challenges“Like most REITs, AFIN has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is not surprising given that its portfolio includes a large number of service retail assets. However, 71% of the portfolio is made up of necessity-driven retail outlets, the rest being distribution and office buildings As such, AFIN collected 84% of cash rents due in 2Q20, of which 96% of cash rents due to its first 20 tenants Cash rent collection for July increased to 88% AFIN has been working proactively with some tenants to negotiate deferments / rent credits… ”noted Maher To this end, Maher rates the AFIN stock at a buy and gives it a target price of $ 10 At current trading levels, this implies a strong potential for a 76% one-year upside (To view Maher’s balance sheet, click here) AFIN is priced at $ 5.69, and its average target matches Maher’s, at $ 10.The stock has an analyst consensus moderate buy, based on an even split between buy and hold reviews (See the AFIN stock market analysis on TipRanks) Golub Capital BDC (GBDC) The last m but not the least is Golub Capital, a business development company and asset manager Golub works with mid-market companies, providing financing and lending solutions The company has a market capitalization of $ 2 billion, as well as over $ 30 billion in capital under management In the months following the corona virus crisis that hit the economy, Golub has seen depressed stock prices and high earnings volatility The stock is down 28% year-to-date Profits, which slumped in 4Q19, rebounded in 2020 First quarter showed 33 cents per share, while second quarter figure was 28 cents Looking ahead, forecast expect second quarter EPS to repeat at 28 cents Revenue has been equally volatile; first quarter saw deep net loss, but second quarter saw revenue rebound to $ 145 million This is the highest quarterly revenue for the past year Golub believes in maintaining the dividend for investors, by offering not only a reliable regular payout, but also periodic special dividends The company adjusted the payout earlier this year, both to keep it affordable during the coronavirus crisis and to prevent the yield from becoming too high The result was a reduction of 12%, making the current payment of 29 cents per common share quarterly.This still gives a high return of 916%, which compares well to the 25% on average among peers in the financial industry. ‘Shea, of Well Fargo, notes that Golub recently announced a $ 2 billion unsecured debt problem, a move that gives the company plenty of cash in a tough time. He writes: « GBDC doesn’t pay a high premium for initially unsecured We believe that the improved flexibility and longer duration of unsecured makes them an attractive addition to the right side of the balance sheet, and see it as a vote of confidence in the underlying portfolio of GBDC « O’Shea reiterates his overweight (jee Buy) Note on this stock His target price, at $ 13.50, indicates a modest margin of improvement of 6% (To look at O’Shea’s track record, click here) As AFIN above, Golub Capital has an n Moderate buy consensus ote, with 1 buy and hold notice of each The average share price target matches that of O’Shea, at $ 13.50 (See Golub’s stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading dividend-paying stocks at attractive valuations, visit the Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that brings together all the information about TipRanks stocks Disclaimer: Opinions Expressed In This Article are only those of featured analysts The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment

Japan’s largest automaker said on Wednesday it was adding another 152 million US vehicles to the recall that was first announced in January and covers many models built between July 2017 and September Toyota said that vehicles with a fuel pump may stop working and cause the vehicle to stall, and the vehicle may not be able to be restarted Dealerships will replace the fuel pump with an upgraded version

Former Vice President Biden has a detailed proposal to raise taxes for people with taxable income above $ 400,000, essentially targeting the richest 1% President Trump wants to maintain the tax cuts that took effect in 2018, which have largely benefited high earners

Whether AT&T can extend its round of dividend hikes is subject to debate among market watchers But the telecoms and media company said the quarterly payment was a priority and had the financial means to maintain it

Third quarter revenue was negative at $ 337 million, a rare event for a S&P 500 company as it reversed previously recorded revenue on refunds and cancellations “It’s been almost 7 months since we shut down our operations cruising, and every day has been extremely frustrating and difficult on so many levels, ”CEO Richard Fain told analysts To resume operations and stem the losses, the company and its counterpart Norwegian Cruise Line have submitted their recommendations, detailing health protocols, to the US Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention

If he was still alive, John Kennedy Toole would surely admire the media coverage on Exxon Mobil Going into yesterday’s dividend announcement, the CoD appeared to miss the fact that Exxon had maintained its dividend in its April announcement, which is typically the time of year when Exxon sets its dividend rate for the next four payments You could spin yesterday’s announcement negatively, as Reuters and many others have done, and note that Exxon was not increasing its dividend in 2020 (you should have realized this in April) Or you could say « holy * # $ * » this company will ALWAYS pay a dividend that produces a return north of 10%

My question is, can I retire before that and be able to live off my rental income? If you manage your property as « passive » income, you are not contributing to Social Security, which will affect you later when claiming benefits.

Many tax experts say Biden’s proposed 15% minimum tax on corporate ledger income is a bad idea

Shopify stock jumped nearly 3% in pre-trade today after it reported earnings that far exceeded Wall Street estimates of Shopify’s $ 767 in quarterly revenue of $ 4 million. increased 96% from a year ago and far exceeded the expectations of analysts who predicted the company would make around $ 658 million Operating profit was also up from the previous year period, with Shopify calling around $ 50 million, or 7% of revenue, compared to a loss of nearly $ 36 million for the period of the previous year

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(Bloomberg) – Royal Dutch Shell Plc has attempted to extricate itself from the deepest stock collapse in a quarter of a century, promising more liquidity to shareholders even as its business is rocked by climate change and the pandemic of While the promise of a 4% annual dividend increase may set Shell apart from some of its struggling peers, the Anglo-Dutch energy giant was still able to prove it was a compelling investment in a world which moves away from hydrocarbonsDespite all the emphasis on the transition to low-carbon energy, Shell’s growing payment schedule still hinges on rising oil and gas prices, with little clue as to how the company would generate sufficient liquidity if the markets did not improveEven peaking at the 51% rebound on Thursday’s dividend hike news and better-than-expected third-quarter earnings, Shell shares were still down around 60% for 2020 This week they hit the lowest levels since 1995 Company has been ‘in the niche’, admitted CEO Ben van Beurden In a painful year for Big Oil, Shell cut its dividend in April for the first time since World War II, took a record $ 17 billion depreciation charge in August and announced up to 9,000 job losses last month »We are reshaping our investment case, » said van Beurden « We have to show that we have growth in the future, but also growth right now » Shell earnings in the third quarter provided a bright spot in the gloom from the oil industry He said adjusted net income of $ 955 million that exceeds even analysts’ highest estimate, lower net debt and high cash flow. In contrast, Eni SpA in Italy and OMV AG in Austria lost money during the period, while Repsol SA and BP Plc made small profits. Yet even with the surprise increase, Shell’s dividend of 1665 cents per share is just over a third of its 2019 level And shareholders are still exposed to energy markets already weakening in the face of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic New dividend pledge depends on cut by Shell of its net debt and « without an improved path to achieve it, » said Alastair Syme, petroleum analyst at Citigroup Inc. « Investors are entirely dependent on the macroeconomic recovery » The ‘world-class investment case’ promised by van Beurden four years ago is still elusive, but for now it may be enough that Shell is simply among the best of the badEvery oil major follows a treacherous path with little margin for error Their shareholder base expects generous and reliable dividends But at the same time, companies must turn to renewables, with little evidence that they can generate returns comparable to traditional oil and gas activityBP, Shell’s closest par, also cut its dividend earlier this year and is trading at a decades-low Although the company managed to post a surprise third-quarter profit this week, it didn’t. Little indication that shareholder returns would improve anytime soon, fixing its payout and saying a resumption of share buybacks was at least a year awayFor more articles like this, please visit us at BloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news © 2020 Bloomberg LP

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