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Hope Carneveli, 20, had no idea she was entering an abnormal storm that would suddenly kill her Now other Australians are warned

Stormy asthma is triggered by a combination of grass pollen in the air and certain thunderstorm conditions

Hope Carnevali, 20, from Werribee, died after a storm asthma outbreak in Melbourne in 2016 Image: FacebookSource: Supplied

Hope Carneveli had no idea she was entering an abnormal storm that would kill her

The 20-year-old was among nine other Victorian-era men and women who suddenly lost their lives in 2016 to stormy asthma

What some people may not realize is that the weather from October to December can become fatal for those who live in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and ACT

It is during these months that stormy asthma can develop, which is a deadly combination of hot weather, high pollen counts and stormy conditions

It is triggered by a particular type of thunderstorm when there are large amounts of grass pollen in the air

Rain causes pollen fibers to break into tiny pieces and, if captured in the small airways of your lungs, can have potentially fatal effects

Some people will suddenly experience wheezing, shortness of breath and tightness in the chest when coughing

Hope Carnevali, from Werribee, died after an asthma outbreak due to a thunderstorm in Melbourne in 2016 Image: FacebookSource: Supplied

The people most at risk of stormy asthma are people with allergies or people who already have asthma

Stormy asthma four years ago claimed the lives of seven Melbourne men and three women, including law student Hope Carneveli and 18-year-old Omar Moujalled

Ms Carnevali « felt wheezing » when she decided to go outside for « fresh air », according to a survey at the time

Omar Moujalled, 18, also died of a massive asthma attack following fatal asthma caused by a thunderstorm in Melbourne four years ago Image: FacebookSource: Supplied

However, after struggling to breathe, she collapsed and died on the lawn of the family home in Werribee while waiting for an ambulance

The teenager’s death came following a massive asthma attack with symptoms shared by thousands of Melburnians during what is arguably the most catastrophic epidemic storm asthma event of australian history

The chaotic storm that caused the deadly pollen left more than 14,000 people with stormy asthma symptoms

Priyantha Peiris, 57, who was among 10 people who died, had gone out to collect laundry and put his car in the garage when it then collapsed and died just before the storm hit

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Since the tragic event, doctors continue to urge Australians who have respiratory problems or suffer from hay fever to be especially careful this time of year Image: iStockSource: Supplied

Since the tragic event, doctors have urged Australians who have respiratory problems or suffer from hay fever to be especially careful at this time of year

« Spring storms bring this pollen to these areas and the moisture in the air saturates the pollen and breaks it into tiny pieces that can go straight into the small airways of your lungs », nurse and respiratory educator for the National Asthma Council, Marg Gorgon, told Nine News

« If people suffer from spring hay fever, a lot of it is because of ryegrass pollen

« What this means for people who already have asthma is that their condition may not be manageable on days when the pollen count is high or on days when a big storm is forecast »

Ms Gordon said it was important for people to know that weather conditions can trigger these symptoms

High pollen count mixed with warm temperatures and humidity Image: Tracey Nearmy / AAPSource: Supplied

The view from Eureka Tower as the storm hit Melbourne in 2016 Image: Norm Oorloff / News Corp Australia Source: Supplied

She also recommended that people who might be at risk to avoid being outside before or during a thunderstorm, to close their doors and windows during thunderstorm days, and to download counting apps from the pollen to find out which days are at high risk

« The people most at risk are those who have allergic ryenitis or asthma but who are treating these conditions or who are not on their medication, » she told the publication

« If people feel concerned they should see their doctor and even during COVID times telehealth appointments are available

« If you have noticed that your symptoms change during these times, now is a good time to have an asthma check-up with your GP »

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News from the world – UA – Student dies after walking outside
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