World News – UA – Sylvia Jeffreys on IVF experience: ‘There is so much in a successful embryo’


Sylvia Jeffreys spoke about her experience with IVF and the emotional impact of going through the process for the first time during a segment on Today Extra

The Nine reporter welcomed son Oscar Hamilton Stefanovic, her first child with husband Peter Stefanovic, in February

During a live chat on Wednesday about unused embryos and the dilemma they can pose for parents who no longer need them, Jeffreys revealed the topic has personal significance

« I know from my own experience with IVF that there is so much you need to do to have a successful embryo and have something sitting there that gives you the opportunity to make life for your family « she said, torn as she spoke

« There is such an emotional attachment to these embryos, long before they become the baby or the child that you fall in love »

Jeffreys was speaking to Ninecomau Editor-in-Chief Brooke Campbell, who recently wrote about her uncertainty over what to do with her frozen embryos

« I am eternally grateful to IVF for giving me my two beautiful daughters, but I’m at a point in my life where I know I don’t want any more children, and I also know I don’t. don’t have it in me to start the IVF process over again, « Campbell wrote for Essential Baby

« But what I don’t know is if I’m ready to mourn the loss of the embryos You see, getting them was no small feat They mean life and hope, and what is not an easy door to close

« But there comes a time when paying the bill every month for something I’ll never use seems a little silly Why am I keeping them? I have three choices, but no easy answer »

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IVF specialist Dr Rick Gordon also joined the segment, outlining the options available for unused embryos

Concluding the article, Jeffreys told Campbell: « I guess the bright side of having unused embryos is that you had your miracles, so that’s the beautiful part of it. »

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World News – AU – Sylvia Jeffreys talks about the IVF experience: “So many things go into embryo success’


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