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The president’s result came after spending months downplaying the severity of the outbreak that has killed more than 207,000 in the United States and hours after insisting that « the end of the pandemic is in sight « 

WASHINGTON – President Trump revealed early Friday morning that he and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the coronavirus, throwing the country’s leadership in limbo and exacerbating the crisis sparked by a pandemic that has already killed more than 207,000 Americans and devastated the economy

Mr. Trump, who for months downplayed the severity of the virus and hours earlier Thursday night, told an audience that « the end of the pandemic is in sight » will be quarantined at the White House for an indefinite period, forcing him to at least temporarily withdraw from the electoral campaign just 32 days before the November 3 elections

The dramatic reveal came in a Twitter post just before 1 hour after an evening full of suspense following reports that Mr. Trump’s close adviser Hope Hicks had tested positive In her own tweet about 30 minutes later, Ms Trump wrote that the first couple « were feeling good, » but the White House did not say if he presented. symptoms The president’s doctor said he could carry out his duties « uninterrupted » from the executive mansion

« Tonight @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19, » M Trump tweeted « We will immediately begin our quarantine and recovery process. We will get through this TOGETHER! » « 

Mr. Trump’s positive test result posed immediate challenges for the future of his campaign against former Vice President Joseph R Biden Jr, the Democratic candidate, with barely a month to go on Election Day Even if Mr Trump, 74, remains asymptomatic, he will waste much of his time remaining on the election track If he becomes ill, this could raise questions about whether he should stay on the ballot

The White House did not say how long M Trump is expected to remain in isolation, but he canceled plans to travel to Florida for a campaign rally on Friday, cutting his public schedule for the day from anything but a noon phone call « on Covid-19 support for the elderly vulnerable ”Appearances at the rallies in Wisconsin on Saturday and Arizona on Monday also appear certain to be dropped, and the next debate, scheduled for October 15 in Miami, has been left up in the air

During nighttime conversations, M’s assistants Trump was discussing whether to give the nation an address on Friday from the White House or find another way for him to reassure the public But assistants were still in shock as they soaked up the news, and there was no immediate word on how the infection could have spread among senior White House officials, who did not generally not wear masks out of respect for the president’s disdain for them

« The President and the First Lady are doing fine right now and they plan to stay at home in the White House while they recover, » Dr. Sean P Conley, the White House doctor, said in a statement: « Please be assured that I expect the President to continue to perform his duties without interruption during his convalescence, and I will keep you informed of any future developments. »

Other of the president’s aides wouldn’t say if he was showing symptoms, but White House folks noticed his voice was hoarse on Thursday, although it wasn’t clear that this was abnormal for him , especially given the number of electoral rallies it has held up lately

Even if M Trump does not fall seriously ill, the positive test could prove devastating to his political fortunes given his months spent minimizing the enormity of the pandemic even as the virus still ravages the country and kills around 1,000 Americans every day He repeatedly predicted the virus « was going to go away », claimed it was under control and insisted the country « turned the corner » until the crisis was over. He scorned the advice of scientists, saying they were wrong about the gravity of the situation

For months, M Trump has refused to wear a mask in public on all but a few occasions and has repeatedly questioned their effectiveness.And as late as Tuesday, during their opening debate, he mocked Mr. Biden to wear one « I don’t wear a mask like him, » the president said, his voice streaming « Every time you see him he has a mask »

It was not immediately clear whether Mr. Trump had already been infected with the virus at the time of the debate with Mr. Biden, 77, although the two kept away from the stage and never got within six feet of each other

Lagging behind in the polls, the president has staged increasingly crowded campaign events in recent weeks in defiance of public health guidelines and sometimes state and local governments When he accepted the nomination last Republican National Convention Day, he invited over 1,000 supporters to the South Lawn of the White House and has held a number of rallies across the country since, often with hundreds, if not thousands, stranded in tight spaces, most if not most without a mask

There is no one closer to M Trump as Ms Hicks, who returned to the White House this year after stepping down as director of communications in 2018, and traveled with the president on Air Force One in Minnesota on Wednesday She started to feel ill around the time of the campaign rally he organized there, according to a person familiar with the events, and was quarantined on the flight back to Washington, where she disembarked from the lobby. back of the plane

His positive diagnosis came on Thursday, according to someone familiar with his case, but the White House made no announcement on the situation, and Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, who was also in plane and on display at SP Hicks, then held a briefing with reporters without talking about it or wearing a mask

Only after Bloomberg News reported Ms Hicks State did M Trump confirms this during an appearance Thursday night on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, where he said he was awaiting his own test results

Positive tests will harm M Trump’s effort to change the subject of the campaign from a pandemic which polls show most Americans think he has mismanaged and on political ground he considers more favorable The president has instead sought to attract the attention of voters to violence in the cities, his appointment to the Supreme Court, the postal ballots and M Biden’s relationship with the Liberals

Mr Trump is the latest world leader to be infected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was so ill he had to be hospitalized before recovering later Prince Charles also contracted the virus, as did Brazil’s leaders , Honduras, Guatemala and Bolivia

But the symbolism of an infected US president could rattle allies, as well as governors and business leaders trying to assess when and how to reopen or keep open stores, schools, parks, beaches , restaurants, factories and other workplaces Eager to return to some semblance of normal life before the election, Mr. Trump has dismissed health concerns to demand reopening of schools, resumption of college football and return of businesses to full functioning

During his eighth decade of life, Mr. Trump is in the age group deemed most vulnerable to coronavirus Eight out of 10 deaths attributed to him in the United States have been among those 65 and over In private discussions, Mr. Trump was fatalistic with his associates when he discussed whether he or others would get sick from the virus, essentially describing it as a roll of the dice

He refused to allow details of his health to be made public, raising questions about his general condition.In November, he made an unannounced trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center which sparked speculation he had an undisclosed medical illness, but the White House insisted he just undergo routine testing, without revealing what they were or what they were showing

But while M Trump is said to have high cholesterol and tips the scales at 243 pounds, which is considered obese for his height, his doctor Dr Conley said. Trump in « very good health » last year after his last comprehensive medical examination And, unlike many who have succumbed to the virus, he will receive the best medical care available

A variety of people around M Trump had previously been infected with the virus, including most recently Robert C O’Brien, his national security adviser, who had a mild case before returning to work in August.Other infected include Kimberly Guilfoyle, the little one friend of her son; a valet from the White House; Katie Miller, press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence; as well as secret service agents, campaign workers and a Marine in the president’s helicopter unit

Herman Cain, former Republican presidential candidate and political ally of Mr. Trump, died of the coronavirus in July after attending the president’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla, where Mr. Cain, like many in the arena, was seen not wearing a mask at least some of the time

Mr Trump has repeatedly expressed public confidence in his own health, saying he has no fear of being exposed despite his various close appeals « I am on a stage which is very far away, and therefore, I am not at all concerned, » he said last month, avoiding concerns about crowded rallies

Behind the scenes, however, the self-proclaimed germophobe was angry in the spring that his valet, who is among those who serve him food, did not wear a mask until he tested positive, people say. in contact with him Mr. Trump privately expressed his irritation with people who got too close to him.He started taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine proactively around this time, and later said he did not cause any adverse effects

Although the coronavirus is much more deadly than the flu, the vast majority of people infected with it recover, especially if there is no underlying condition, but the threat increases with age If M Trump is becoming symptomatic, it could take him weeks to recover

Under the 25th Amendment, a medically incapable president has the option to temporarily transfer power to the vice president and can regain his authority whenever he feels fit for duty

Since the amendment was ratified in 1967, presidents have only done so three times In 1985, President Ronald Reagan underwent a colonoscopy and briefly handed over power to Vice President George Bush, although he did not explicitly cite the amendment when doing so President George W Bush invoked the Amendment twice by temporarily transferring power to Vice President Dick Cheney during colonoscopies in 2002 and 2007

There is a long history of presidents falling seriously ill during their tenure, some of whom were affected by epidemics George Washington was feared close to death amid a flu epidemic in his sophomore year, while that Woodrow Wilson fell ill during the peace talks in Paris after World War I with what some scholars and historians believe was the flu that ravaged the world from 1918 to 1920

Four presidents have died in functions of natural causes: William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Warren G Harding and Franklin D Roosevelt, while Wilson suffered a debilitating stroke and Dwight D Eisenhower had a heart attack in his first term and stroke in his second Four others were murdered in power: Abraham Lincoln, James A Garfield, William McKinley and John F Kennedy

But these White House health crises have been rarer in recent times Since Reagan was shot in 1981, no president has been known to face a life-threatening condition during his tenure.

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World news – AU – Trump tests positive for coronavirus


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