World News – UA – Two cases in the Victorian regional town of Kilmore after visits from Melbourne residents as they were contagious


Two cases of coronavirus in the Victorian regional town of Kilmore have been linked to a Melbourne resident who traveled to the infectious northeast of the state

Victoria recorded one additional death and 15 new cases of coronavirus overnight, some of which linked to the Chadstone outbreak, which has become the state’s largest active outbreak outside of the personal care sector elderly

There are now 28 cases linked to the Butcher Club in Chadstone, up from 24 yesterday, said health director Brett Sutton

The cluster includes eight Butcher Club staff, 11 family and family contacts of the cases and four customers who have visited the store

Two people in Kilmore, Mitchell Shire, about 60 kilometers north of Melbourne, also tested positive after a case linked to the Chadstone outbreak traveled to the Victoria area this week last

One of those people was a staff member at the Oddfellows Cafe, which was listed as a « high-risk » exhibition site after the Melbourne resident with COVID-19 dined there while he was contagious last wednesday

Professor Sutton said the second person from Kilmore to test positive was also close contact with the Melbourne resident

He said the Melbourne resident was allowed to travel to the Victoria area for work, but was required to adhere to the restrictions in place in Melbourne, which meant he should have purchased take out instead of dinner at the cafe

Professor Sutton said he didn’t think the Melbourne resident knew he was in close contact with a case linked to the Chadstone outbreak when they visited the Victoria area

Professor Sutton said the Oddfellows Cafe has taken all necessary steps to reduce the risk of infections, including keeping an excellent register of customer names

« All these close contacts are contacted, but there are 150 », he said

« Once again, the contagiousness of this virus and the opportunity to have dozens and dozens of people potentially exposed is testament to the challenge »

On the cafe’s Facebook page, owner Kim Short said she was « devastated » after the cafe received the « dreaded call » on Monday informing them that a staff member had tested positive

« All of our contact tracing has been passed to DHHS and anyone who is considered a close contact will be contacted and those who have already been contacted will likely be contacted, » she wrote late at night.

« If you had dinner with us Wednesday to Saturday last week and for some reason you are not contacted until [Tuesday] morning, please let me know »

Ms Short told the CBA that the infected worker has been isolating himself at home since Saturday and has had a sore throat and headache

Ms Short closed the cafe for a fortnight and Melanie Smith, who runs a myotherapy business upstairs, said she did the same

« It’s quite disappointing, » she said, adding that she expected the Melbourne resident to « make different decisions » if he still had his time

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said asymptomatic testing is being offered at Kilmore and more context testing is planned after a drive-thru testing clinic is booked today

He urged anyone in town who may have come into contact with cases to get tested

« These are asymptomatic tests for a reason and you can go get tested – and the results will literally be like gold to us »

After dining in Kilmore on the morning of September 30, the Melbourne traveler next visited White Line Tires in Benalla, in the northeast of the state, between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

M Andrews said people were being tested in Benalla, but was not yet aware of positive tests having been returned there

Professor Sutton said the Chadstone outbreak illustrated « how [the coronavirus] can spread everywhere »

“I don’t think anyone really understands how gigantic contact tracing has been during this wave,” he said

« The average family size in Australia is around 25 people We estimated the average family size for the 20,000 cases in this second wave to be between six and ten people »

Contact tracing during Wave 2 was also difficult, Professor Sutton said, as many cases presented « difficult » social and economic circumstances

« It’s not twice as hard as the first wave, it’s 10 times harder than the first wave in terms of the challenges of tracking these cases, » he said.

But Professor Sutton said the recent outbreaks « may well be the very last outbreaks Victoria sees » and the state has so far been able to bring them under control

Triggers for Melbourne to take the next step on its restrictions roadmap are a 14-day average of less than five and less than five mystery cases recorded over a two-week period

Professor Sutton said there is still a possibility that the state will reach this target by October 19

« Even though this has gotten to a point where it has spread very widely, the recent Frankston outbreak is now in control in terms of new cases not appearing, » he said

« So as those numbers go down more and more, and they go down in the care of the elderly when it comes to the staff who work there as well, you don’t get that new ranking, you don’t did not face another epidemic

« This is a point where we will get to absolutely five [the 14-day moving average of new cases], and it may still be mid-October »

Eight of the current 15 new cases are linked to known outbreaks and seven are still under investigation

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World News – UA – Two cases in the Victorian regional town of Kilmore after visits from Melbourne residents while they were contagious


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