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The Fortnite Week 10 challenges are officially underway, and two of the most difficult tasks in the set require searching for chests at Upstate New York Fish at Heart Lake Since these two challenges are basically done in the same place, we’ll show you where the two landmarks are

In Fortnite, Upstate New York refers to the large part of the land outside the main Stark Industries building that took over Frenzy Farm when Tony arrived This is the huge elevated area outside the city

As for Heart Lake, it is a specific lake located in upstate New York It is the huge lake on which the Lake House and Tony Stark’s secret laboratory reside. link in mind, stopping at Heart Lake is a smart way to start your Week 10 Quest

If you need to know where upstate New York chests are located, feel free to use the interactive map on FortniteGG Expand the list of « spawns » and hit the toggle for chests to the top Remember that in order to get credit for researching seven chests in upstate New York, chests must be found outside of the Stark Industries metro area.

The task of catching a fish in Heart Lake should be fairly straightforward The first thing you need to do is secure a fishing rod This can be found in a barrel inside the small cabin near Heart Lake or n ‘Anywhere Else Near Water Outside of Heart Lake itself, the Ruins (Authority) and Sweaty Sands both have plenty of alternative places to hang a fishing rod

Wand in hand, equip it, use the trigger to cast your line and then release it once you’ve found a good spot.As a rule of thumb, white foaming circles are always home to a variety of fish, but you can still catch the creature you need from any random location in the lake After a few tries, the Easy XP Battle Pass should be yours

Searching for chests in upstate New York and catching fish in Heart Lake are just two of the challenges fans need to complete to make the most of Week 10.Here is the full list of challenges for week 10 for those who haven’t yet investigated them at the in-game challenge table:

Were you able to find upstate New York and Heart Lake using this guide? Which week 10 challenge do you find the most difficult? Tell us in the comments section!

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World News – UA – Week 10 Challenge Guide « Fortnite » Upstate New York and Heart Lake


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