World News – UA – Why farmers aren’t happy as NSW braces for heavier rains


After suffering from drought, dust storms and bushfires, farmers in New South Wales pray that the heavy rains forecast for the state do not disappear with hopes of their first harvest exceptional for years

Wet, windy weather and scattered hail have threatened farmers in parts of the interior of the state since Friday, a big change from 12 months ago, said Xavier Martin, a grain producer and NSW Farmer Vice President Xavier Martin

But the rain is not entirely welcome, he said, fearing bad weather could ruin crops and kick farmers while they are ashore

Waterlogged cereal crops can start to sprout, which means they are only suitable for animal feed, and wind and hail could cause the seeds to fall to the ground, he says.

« It might sound insignificant when you say 10 or 20 percent damage, but for some farmers ten percent lying on the ground is the little they really needed in their silo to be able to sell and make a profit. »

Harvests of M Martin in the Liverpool plains near Tamworth have so far been spared from hail, but farmers in Coonamble and other parts of the state have not been so lucky

More intense weather conditions are forecast throughout the week, with the Bureau of Meteorology warning that the state’s central interior is expected to take a dip on Wednesday

With the La Niña system meaning Australia will have a soggy summer, Mr. Martin says he just hopes he won’t get flooded

« We have gone from drought and fires to a whole range of issues such as frost, mouse invasions and even grub infestations, and now we have hailstorms and hail damage. weather conditions, « he said

« We’ve been dealing with dust and smoke, but if we can avoid the flooding we’ll be very happy to have Christmas and get what we can in silos »

Sydney, the central coast and the Hunter region were battered by heavy rain and high winds on Monday, but are expected to be spared by Wednesday’s weather forecast, according to BOM

New South Wales, Hail, Bureau of Meteorology

News from around the world – UA – Why farmers aren’t happy as NSW braces for heavier rains
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