World News – UA – Young worker killed after fall from 20 meters as roof suddenly gives way at Curtin University


A 23-year-old apprentice worker died and two others were injured after a glass roof collapsed at a Curtin University construction site in Western Australia

Emergency services were called at 12:34 p.m. after the roof gave way to the construction site, operated by contractor Lendlease near the Curtin campus medical school in Perth

Police said two construction workers were standing on the building’s glass roof carrying out work when he suddenly gave in, with the two men falling 20 meters to the ground

One of the men died at the scene, while the second worker was seriously injured and taken to hospital

Another man working inside the structure was also injured when the roof collapsed and was taken to hospital

The cause of the collapse is not yet known Police say the family of the deceased has been informed

St. John Ambulance has confirmed that one person died and two men in their 20s suffered « multiple injuries » and were taken to the Royal Hospital in Perth

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) sent several teams to the university after the roof collapsed as the site was checked for other victims

Workplace safety officials were also dispatched to the scene and the watchdog later confirmed that he was investigating the man’s death

Curtin University said the building under construction, the School of Design and the Built Environment, is due for completion next year and the site is managed by Lendlease

« Curtin University wishes to extend its sincere condolences, thoughts and support to all who have been affected by today’s tragic incident on campus, » he said in a statement

« Curtin canceled campus events this afternoon as a sign of respect for those deeply affected by this tragedy »

As news of a campus death made its way to Perth, the university sent an alert to students asking them to let their families know they were safe

Lendlease said the deceased worker and the two injured men were contractors

« We are deeply saddened by this tragic incident and our immediate priority is to support the families, friends and colleagues of the workers, » said Lendlease CEO Building Dale Connor

« The site remains closed and support is provided to the Curtin University team during this difficult time

Damian Clancey, head of the Electricity Trades Union, was on site when the accident happened and said there was a « massive crashing noise » as he passed in front of the building

« It looked like broken glass, someone filling a trash can and you stood a yard away from him. It was a huge noise, » he said

M Clancey said the workers, some of whom had worked under the structure earlier and had just come down for lunch, were visibly shaken

« If this had happened five minutes earlier, there would probably have been 15-20 people working in this field, so we are very lucky, » he said.

ABC reporter Keane Bourke, who arrived at the scene shortly after the roof fell, said he saw ambulances leave with their lights and sirens on

« From what I can see, they installed a glass roof on the front of the building and the roof collapsed, » he said

« There are brackets underneath that also crashed, and one of those brackets fell into the building »

CFMEU Secretary of State Mick Buchan said the death of a hard-working apprentice who had just started his career was « an absolute disgrace » and his thoughts were with family and co-workers

« [It’s] a tragic loss of life, especially a young life, [and] it affects us all, » he said

« We are not going to leave any stone unturned to know the outcome of what happened in this event

« May I pass my thoughts on to everyone involved… the man we know lost their lives and their family members »

« There will be an investigation into this industrial accident because it was a construction site, and those investigations will cover a number of different laws and protocols, » said M Cook

« But at this point we just want to make sure that we are taking care of the injured and that the [deceased worker] family gets all the support they need »

Curtin University has asked staff and students to avoid the north end of its Perth campus

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Curtin University, Perth

World News – UA – Young worker killed after fall from 20 meters as roof suddenly gives way at Curtin University


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