World News – UA – Zookeeper violently attacked by 200kg gorilla


A zookeeper in Madrid fights for her life after a gorilla she has raised since birth breaks through three security gates and attacked her

The 46-year-old zookeeper was attacked by Malabo, a 200kg gorilla, at the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium in Spain on Sunday morning (local time) during routine cleaning and preparation for the ‘food

According to a zoo statement, the keeper with 19 years of experience walked into the indoor facility and came face to face with the 29-year-old male gorilla who had somehow accessed the driving area leading to habitat

The zoo team managed to remove the monkey and a veterinarian team anesthetized Malabo with a tranquilizer dart They reiterated the public was not in danger

The guardian was transferred to the clinical hospital in Madrid with head trauma, chest trauma, multiple fractures and two broken arms, she remains in critical condition

Emergency services said Madrid police are currently investigating the incident as it is not known how the gorilla was able to gain access to the secure area where the attack took place

Malabo is described as having « a protective behavior towards the group and is close to his caregivers »

The zoo said the gorilla facilities will remain closed so Malabo and his group can stay calm

« In view of the event this morning with a gorilla keeper at the Madrid zoo, we share our official note and our wishes for a speedy recovery for this worker, » the zoo said in a statement

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News from the world – UA – Zookeeper violently attacked by a 200 kg gorilla


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