World news – UConn Women’s Notes: High Point Trainer Banbury studied on the Florida Gulf Coast


March 20 – If it looks like High Point women’s basketball coach Chelsea Banbury has been there before, she sort of has.

Banbury, in just her sophomore season at high Point, North Carolina, did the Panthers in their first NCAA tournament, but previously she was an assistant coach on the Florida Gulf Coast, including the last five years as associate head coach under head coach Karl Smesko.

In her day on the Florida Gulf Coast, the Eagles were 306-72 years old and played in the NCAA or Women’s NIT every 11 seasons they were there.

« Coach Smesko, he taught me a lot when I was down there, « Banbury said in a videoconference this week. « I can’t thank him enough for how much basketball knowledge he has shared with me over the years I’ve been there. I took a lot of what I learned from him when I switched to head coach. » One of the trademarks of Smesko was that he prepared the same for every game, no matter who the opponent is. Banbury, who also played on the Florida Gulf Coast, plans to use this tactic as her team, High Point, 16th on the grid, prepare to face UConn No. 1. « You are going to be watching a movie and you need to prepare as best you can, » said Banbury. « We’re taking that approach here. I know UConn is a great team, but what we’re going to do is we’re going to watch movies, prepare for them, and we’re going. » hopefully do this game plan on Sunday. « 

Banbury was on the Florida Gulf Coast coaching staff for four years at the same time as former UConn player Mel Thomas, starting 2010. The two shared an office.

The strange thing? The Florida Gulf Coast is also taking part This season’s NCAA tournament, the 11th seed in the River Walk region, will take on Michigan No. 6 at 3:00 pm Sunday.

« FGCU is staying in the same hotel as us, and we have to see and can’t see them (due to COVID logs), « said Banbury. » It’s so crazy to be so close to everyone but at the same time not be connected to them at all. « 

The winner of the UConn -High Point Matchups will face either Syracuse # 8 or South Dakota State # 9 in the second round on Tuesday. Syracuse (14-8) and South Dakota State (21-3) will meet at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas, about 80 miles from San Antonio.

« I wouldn’t go against Syracuse or South Dakota State if we were unbeaten, number 1 in the country and we would play in front of 20,000 people at our court and they would only have to include five players, « said UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. « It’s going to be an incredible matchup. The only thing that makes me happy is if we win the first game, we don’t have to play both, we just have to play the winner. » Auriemma responded to the suggestion that UConn , the top seed in the River Walk region, has the toughest region of the four, with Baylor # 2 (25-2) possibly making it into the Elite Eight.

« I’m not at all surprised with Baylor », said Auriemma. « You can say, ‘Wow, you are a really great number 2.’ Maryland too. Texas A&M. There are a lot of really, really good teams in the tournament this year. All the brackets are tough and they’re supposed to be tough. « 

UConn, in a quarantine situation in San Antonio, played the Big East tournament also in a bubble at Mohegan Sun Arena and won the tournament against Marquette on March 8th.

« It’s a great group of girls, » said Williams of their team. « We have so much fun together, literally doing nothing. We could just stand there and invent a game or something. We play Uno, we brought board games, we just find a way to make it fun. I think we will be it. » good in texas. We’ll probably do a few more Tik-Toks. « 

Williams said she didn’t know who the best UN player was on the team, but she wasn’t.

 » We played with the security guard who was on our floor (in the hotel) « she said. » I know he was bored. We made a new friend. « 

Although seeds # 1 and # 2 have dominated the championship round lately, the women’s NCAA tournament is on the agenda this season.

An aggressive run two brought teenage girl Alice Robinson ahead of Mikaela Shiffrin and won a giant slalom that ended the women’s World Cup ski season on Sunday. Robinson was fourth fastest in the opening run, 0.77 seconds behind the 2018 Olympic champion, Shiffrin, and helped transform him in Lenzerheide 0.28 in one win. It was the 19-year-old New Zealander’s third Giant Slalom victory on the World Cup track.

Rep. Chip Roy’s claim that an old Texas woman said about rope and « a tall oak. » , appears to be a poetry from a song by country star Toby Keith.

It would be premature for the British to book overseas summer holidays as the UK needs to avoid a situation where vacationers with vaccine-resistant variants of COVID-19 Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Sunday. Half of all adults in the UK have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, well ahead of any other major economies and neighboring European countries where vaccine adoption is slow and chaotic. Wallace said Britain should avoid throwing away the profits of its vaccination campaign by allowing dangerous variants on returning tourists.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States arrived in Moscow on Sunday to discuss how the volatile relationship was going to be between the US and Russia can be tackled after US President Joe Biden said he thought Vladimir Putin was a murderer, the TASS news agency reported. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that it would call its Ambassador Anatoly Antonov back for urgent talks after Biden said in an ABC interview that President Putin was a killer who would « pay a price » for alleged interference in US elections – a charge, Moscow denies.

A spokesman for the Trump organization confirmed to Insider on Friday that the facility was partially closed following a coronavirus outbreak.

Brendan Smialovsky / AFP via GettyThe recent death of Christian evangelist Luis Palau , of « Billy Graham of Latin America, » makes me reflect on how the Trump era influenced the ability of Christians to share the good news of Jesus’ salvation with a diverse and diverse skeptical world. According to his obituary for the New York Times, Palau was « particularly aware of the popular belief that evangelicals are rabid right-wingers » and sought to compensate for this by holding « festivals » in progressive cities. « When you say ‘Christian’ in New England, they think ‘those maniacs on the right, » « Palau told the Times in 2001. » I want to show that we are not maniacs, we are well educated. This is a rational belief, but one that fuels you. ”If, like Palau (and I), you believe that Jesus is“ the way, the truth and the life, ”then it makes sense to share the good news with everyone, They can – yes, including city dwellers with a college degree and progressive. That’s what Palau did. But what happens when so many messengers of Christ have sacrificed their credibility and moral superiority by allying themselves with a controversial political figure like Donald Trump “What if Jesus’ brand ambassadors for many Americans are Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr., not Billy Graham and Pope Francis, let alone Jesus himself? In today’s climate, you might be forgiving As Palau feared, Christians will be perceived as “maniacs”. Evangelical Christians considered it worthwhile to line up behind a trump card. You couldn’t be more wrong. The cost-benefit analysis that led them to endorse him as the “lesser of two evils” in 2016 did not take into account the long-term damage that he still does. I am a Christian and a conservative. Trump makes it terribly difficult to be both. I recently wrote about how the Trump era undermined Conservatives’ ability to effectively raise the alarm on government spending, debt and deficits, a development that could have dire consequences for our temporal political world. However, the consequences of undermining the Christian witness are even more serious. For believers who take John 14: 6 seriously and literally, anyone who undermines the Church’s ability to credibly evangelize in a fallen world is to blame for other people – people who would otherwise have been receptive to a message of salvation – as one to send to eternal damnation. Do you think guaranteeing a few seats on the Supreme Court guarantees a lasting legacy? See the consequences of … eternity. This puts the political compromises so many evangelicals have made into a broader perspective. It also highlights the possible consequences of a side of the political corridor that seeks to monopolize an entire religious belief. According to political scientists David E. Campbell and Geoffrey C. Layman of the University of Notre Dame and John C. Green of the University of Akron, authors of Secular Surge: A New Fault Line in American Politics, this corruption is already happening. They designed an experiment to test whether the rise of Americans who identify as « non-religious » was due to a backlash against Christian rights. The experiment consisted of first asking participants for their views on the faith and then exposing them to messages that combine religion and politics. The experiment ended with the participants being asked again about their religious identity. During an interview with the Religion News Service, Campbell said that exposing people to such a story was “enough to prevent significant numbers of people from having religious affiliation. That’s a story at a point in time, and we can get that effect, ”he said. “Imagine what happens when people are exposed to hundreds of stories over many, many years. It would only reinforce the idea that religion and Republican Party are a match, and that if you don’t sympathize with the Republican Party, you won’t want anything to do with religion. “The link between Christianity and the Republican Party has existed for four decades. However, it is fair to say that combining religious belief with Ronald Reagan’s sunny optimism or George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” does not have the same negative effects as accepting the MAGA ethos. Daniel K. Williams writes in The Politics of the Cross: “Just as some evangelicals of Republican conservatism in the 1970s and 1980s linked suburban white middle class fears of rising crime and social costs to Christian principles contemporary Republican Party have linked the rural white working class fears of immigration, gun control and cultural change to Christianity. “The result may be even more disastrous for the gospel than Christian conservatism of the late 20th century because the Christian nationalism of today’s Republican Party is even further removed from historical evangelicalism – and at least further from historical Christian principles in its attitude towards immigrants and marginalized ethnic minorities. “This problem is not just limited to religion. In my assessment, Trumpism has tarnished numerous causes, including (but not limited to) our credibility when it comes to 1) compassionately promoting the unborn and the sanctity of life, 2) questioning wisdom, 1 Spending $ 9 trillion, and even 3) celebrating the values, traditions, and works of art of our Western civilization. In a recent episode of the Bulwark podcast, Charlie Sykes reflected on this development and lamented that Western civilization has been co-opted by « white nationalists and racists. » To put it in business terms that a consumerist society can understand, we have a brand problem. If you’ve never heard it before, Grover Norquist, the conservative anti-tax crusader, uses a pretty colorful hypothesis to explain the importance of branding (related to tax cuts): “Coca-Cola spends a lot of time quality control branding Coca-Cola. Cola, ”he says. « Everyone knows what’s in Coca-Cola. So you can buy a bottle of Coke, take it home, no need to ask what’s in it, or read the ingredients, or ask your friends about it, » he continues. Third of the way through your Coke bottle and you look in and there is a rat head in what’s left in your Coke bottle. You’re not saying to yourself, « You know, I wonder if I’ll finish everything. The rest That particular bottle of Coke tonight. « … It damages the brand. » « Republican elected officials who vote for tax increases, » concludes Norquist, « are rat heads in the Coke bottle. They damage the brand for everyone else. » colorful metaphor could be extended to other areas. I would argue that Trumpism has damaged both Christian and Conservative brands. The good news is that Trump doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Others are trying to create diverse communities n reach and separate the gospel message from poisonous politics. In this regard, Luis Palau and his successors (people like Christian leaders including New York Pastor Tim Keller and President of the & Ethics Committee on Religious Freedom Russell Moore) offer a glimmer of hope and a hopeful alternative to de facto leaders of your movement – at least in the eyes of many Americans – there is something like a rat head in your Coke bottle. But the consequences are worse. In some cases, Trumpism lasts forever. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Xfinity riders Noah Gragson and Daniel Hemric hit the Atlanta Motor Speedway after Saturday’s Xfinity race.

Public health officials have been trying for the past few months to stop the COVID- 19 vaccine in the U.S., and often reaffirming the safety and effectiveness of the Food and Drug Administration-approved shots. However, a Medicare Advantage study conducted earlier this month found that 312,173 seniors nationwide plan not to be vaccinated because of concerns about having to pay for the vaccines, reports WRIC in Richmond, Virginia. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tried to make it clear that coronavirus vaccinations are free for everyone, regardless of insurance coverage. However, the study finds that « it is difficult to blame older adults on concerns about costs » as there have been numerous reports of clinics prosecuting people for vaccination appointments and a number of scams have also surfaced. People over 65 are the age group most susceptible to COVID-19. Medicare Advantage used data from the US Census Department’s Weekly Household Impulse Survey for the analysis. Read the full analysis here and more at WRIC. More stories from theweek.com5 scorchingly funny cartoons about Mitch McConnell’s filibuster threat Matthew McConaughey for the governor? Beware of the lonely, angry men

The Philippines expressed concern over hundreds of Chinese military ships discovered this month in the disputed South China Sea, the latest example of tension in the crucial waterway. The Philippine Coast Guard reported that around 220 ships believed to be manned by Chinese maritime militia personnel were moored on a reef in line formation on March 7, an intergovernmental task force said late Saturday. The National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea has raised concerns about overfishing and degradation of the marine environment, as well as risks to shipping safety.

Instagram’s Mar-a-Lago ClubDonald Trump is addressing a coronavirus outbreak . But that doesn’t mean the parties will stop. On Sunday the club is holding a fundraiser for 500 people for a children’s charity – according to Old Beach with vintage cars, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and « everyone who plays by the pool » broker Valentina Aved, who helped organize the event. The $ 375 party, held by invitation only to benefit Place of Hope, is sold out, Aved says, and no one seems concerned about the outbreak. “It’s going to be a very exciting event. The most beautiful cars, people, good friends, ”she told The Daily Beast. The charity’s Instagram also promised « Hundreds of historic cars on display, live entertainment, a fashion show, brunch, and more! » No coronavirus precautions are mentioned. On the party’s website, reference is made once to “disinfection stations” and “space for social distancing”. The event takes place outdoors after multiple infections forced the club’s dining room and beach venue to close. In an email to members, first reported by the Associated Press, Mar-a-Lago said, « Some of our employees recently tested positive for COVID-19. » However, they promised to take « all appropriate responses. » Affected areas have been redeveloped and some workers have been quarantined, but banquet and event services are still open. View this post on Instagram A post by Valentina Deva (@realtorvalentina) Aved, who is on Instagram by Valentina Deva, told The Daily Beast that two kitchen workers had tested positive. She was in Mar-a-Lago last week during two wildly fundraising drives for a dog charity Big Dog Ranch Rescue, chaired by Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump. Usually the annual gala, which almost always takes place in Trump houses, draws at least 800 people, but due to COVID-19, organizers split the event into two groups of around 500 people for two days. Aved insisted that everyone wear masks and do their best to maintain social distance – « maybe not six feet, but at least three feet apart » – in the Grand Ballroom. But dozens of photos and videos from the event show almost no attendees wearing masks and women screaming and huddling around each other to take pictures In a video from the event posted by Miami philanthropist Angela Bird, a topless male model was walking down a catwalk when a woman without a mask screamed and cheered at nearby tables. The dog show and auction events reportedly grossed $ 1.4 million. Neither Place of Hope, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, nor Mar-a-Lago responded to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on the precautions taken. Instagram / Angela Birdman Bird, a member of the charity’s board of directors, told The Daily Beast that she has not yet heard from « a single person who tested positive from attending this event. » She said masks were handed out upon entry and everyone was asked to wear them until they were seated. Lara Trump also took part in the fundraiser. Donald Trump himself showed up halfway and told the crowd that he had heard their loud noises from the golf course and had come to « find out what you are doing, » Aved said. Trump was seen hugging people as a mostly mask-free crowd took photos and sang, « We love you, we love you. » In other videos last week, Melania Trump was seen joining her husband in a dining area, who was bullied by more mask-free guests. The former first family moved to Mar-a -Lago permanently after leaving the White House in January. Donald and Melania were there on Friday preparing for their son Barron’s 15th birthday when the outbreak went public, according to CNN. View this post on Instagram A post by FARRAHABRAHAM (@farrahabraham) View this post on Instagram A post by Vanessa Vinci (@vanessavincistyle) View this post on Instagram A post by @michaelsolakiewicz Aved said she had checked her friends in the light of positive cases of the club. Some had returned to Miami, others to New York, where incoming travelers are supposed to quarantine or provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result. Neither of them felt sick, she said. Florida State Democratic MP Omari Hardy urged Palm Beach County to close Mar-a-Lago in January after a New Year’s Eve party there drew hundreds of unmasked partygoers. The county sent the club a stern letter warning that it had violated county codes and could be fined $ 15,000. Hardy said Florida House passed a COVID-19 liability law that will grant immunity to companies like Mar-a-Lago despite irresponsible behavior. He tweeted Friday night: « The workers don’t deserve this. » Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

LeBron James is indefinitely out after injuring his right ankle in the second quarter of the Lakers’ 99:94 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday afternoon at the Staples Center.

The Brazilian Government has been in talks about the possible import of surplus COVID-19 vaccines from the US since March 13, the Brazilian State Department said on Twitter on Saturday. The State Department and the Brazilian Embassy in Washington are working with the Department of Health to negotiate with the U.S. government, the department tweeted. The White House on Friday announced plans to « loan » 4 million AstraZeneca recordings that have already been produced in the US to Canada and Mexico.

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive is our favorite Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner any times. It’s available for over $ 100 right now – find out more.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has completed the « stacking » of its Super Heavy prototype, the booster that will launch its Starship spacecraft into orbit es in reports

The Biden government is preparing a series of aggressive cyber attacks on Russia that will radically change tactics to warn rival powers. The attack, expected in the next fortnight, is in retaliation for the SolarWinds hack that discovered large-scale infiltration of American government agencies and companies that was traced back to the Kremlin late last year. It comes after Joe Biden was embroiled in a war of words with Vladimir Putin earlier this week, calling the Russian President a « murderer » while the White Houses attacked China for violations of the law in a tense opening of face-to-face talks. The US will not target civil structures or networks, but the hack is intended as a direct challenge to Putin, the Russian President, and his cyber army, as The Telegraph understands. The White House acknowledged that it will take « a mixture of actions » – both « seen and invisible » – although it did not specify when or how it would happen. Such a move would mark a different tactic taken by previous governments that have been largely defensive against Moscow’s cyber war. Donald Trump was much more cautious about Russia, making sure never to criticize or challenge the regime directly.

The woman who was on the street at Northwest 71st Street and Fifth around 4:15 a.m. on Saturday Place found dead had just crashed on Interstate 95.

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