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. css-14iz86j-BoldText {font-weight: bold;} Additional measures to « increase fairness and support for students » will be used for the GCSE and A-level exams in England next summer, the ministers have announced.

The Department of Education is promising more generous grading, advance notice of exam topics, and additional papers to help offset the disruptions students have faced during the pandemic.

The DfE says it has « looked closely at the exam guard Ofqual, exam boards and executives across the education sector ».

In extreme cases where a student misses all of their papers, a teacher graded grade will be given.

The young people who are gaining professional and technical qualifications will also see adjustments to their exams to ensure fairness.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said exams are the best way to measure performance and it was « so important » that they take place next summer.

« But that’s not the usual business. I know students face unprecedented learning disabilities.

« Therefore, next year the exams will be different and will take extraordinary steps to ensure they are as fair as possible. « 

Mr Williamson said he hoped the measures would « give young people the clarity and confidence they need to achieve any success ». .

Julia, a 11th grade GCSE student. Class at Herne Bay High School in Kent says learning lost to Covid-19 caused a lot of fear.

« I’m very concerned about GCSEs because I really feel like not much is being done about the time we missed.

« I’m particularly concerned about English and math because they are a must for every sixth grade. « 

Edward, also in the 11th. Year, agrees that the disorder should be recognized for his year group.

« It should be borne in mind that everyone should have the same chance as everyone else as we are taking the same exam. « 

« That would be extremely helpful in letting me know what to prioritize my time on. « 

In primary schools, national 6th grade tests are used. Class known as Sats, conducted to « aid students in transitioning to secondary schools, » and key phase 1 teachers’ assessment of English, reading, writing, and math remains in place.

The Key Stage 1 tests in reading and math as well as the grammar, punctuation and spelling tests in Key Stages 1 and 2 are canceled for this academic year.

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said the measures were « an appropriate package » to mitigate the harmful effects of the pandemic and made the trials « as fair as possible in the circumstances ». .

Mr. Barton said the notification of exam topics and exam aids « would help students know where to focus their energies in the remaining time » before the exams take place.

« It’s not perfect – nothing can be said given the fact that learning has been so disrupted by the coronavirus and that students have been affected to very different degrees.

« But various options have been discussed at length and, to be honest, schools and colleges only need one decision – the uncertainty has lasted far too long. « 

In Wales, high school graduation and GCSE exams have been canceled and nationals in Scotland have also been canceled, but Highers and Advanced Highers are being taken two weeks later than usual.

Northern Ireland has GCSEs and high school exams, but they start a week later than usual.

The DfE also announced that school inspections by Ofsted inspectors, which were suspended in March, will not resume until after Easter.

In the meantime, Ofsted will be conducting « supportive surveillance inspections » in schools and colleges that are currently classified as « insufficient » and some that are « in need of improvement ». .

Test and examination results are not included in the school performance tables. Instead, the tables are replaced with other information such as presence information and student goals.

Paul Whiteman, NAHT General Secretary, said: « This announcement brings much-needed relief to school leaders who have worked in ’emergency mode’ for most of this year.

« Lightening some of the pressures in the system will allow school principals to focus on the quality of education they want to provide to students.

« Although the government hasn’t gone as far as we would have liked, they have made a significant move towards the profession. « 

Mr Barton added, « It is important that schools and colleges can focus on the immensely complex task of simultaneously delivering learning, catching up and Covid safety measures without having to worry about inspections and performance tables, which could not possibly be fair in the midst of such interference. « 

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World News – UK – Additional Measures to Ensure Fair Exams Next Summer
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