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Here you can review the results and leave comments along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite that will air at 8pm tonight. m. Eastern on TNT.

Check out our preview post on Wednesday morning to see what led to today’s show and what we’re looking forward to.

This episode is from Jacksonville, Florida. Announced for tonight: Jon Moxley will defend the world title against Kenny Omega, and TNT Champion Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes will take on Ricky Stark’s & Powerhouse Hobbs from Team Taz. In addition, Chris Jericho has for the first time against Frankie Kazarian, the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal is approaching us for the second time, Dr. . Britt Baker Returns Against Leyla Hirsch And More!

Come back right at 8 p.m.. m. ET if the Dynamite Live Blog starts once the show starts on TNT. It will be below that line here.

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His name was always Buddy and he shrugged and asked to stay. She’d sigh like Twig the Wonder Kid and turn her face away, but me? I’m only here to blog this pro wrestling show folks.

To fight the royal mayhem, we’re getting an inset promo where Maxwell Jacob Friedman talks about the ring to be won and how lucky he would be if Wardlow or Sammy Guevara were finalists to play the match for continue the game call next week. The crowd is getting thinner, the comment praises Pat Patterson, Shawn Spears is eliminated and gets the steel screw from Tully Blanchard at the ring.

Spears sneaks around the ring, clocking Scorpio Sky with the loaded glove, causing Wardlow to eliminate him in no time! John Silver throws Matt Hardy over the ropes, but he avoids the elimination, as does Marq Quen, who throws Hardy’s Silver over a low bridge to take him out! The Buckshot Lariat hits Quen, but Matt then eliminates « Hangman » Adam Page!

Miro and Hardy fight for their position, Quen takes Silly String off Matt Hardy’s back and Miro eliminates both and Joey Janela right after! The last five, Miro, the Inner Circle Boys and « Jungle Boy » Jack Perry. Inner Circle boys triple team the best man, but he shakes them off! Looking down at Wardlow, act with heavy hands!

MJF and Sammy return and hold Miro in place while Mr.. . Chaos knocks him down! Despite his best efforts, the best man is eliminated and Perry finds himself surrounded. You almost eliminate Guevara with a back body drop and fight on the apron. An enzuigiri stumbles Sammy, Jungle Boy jumps up and Max knocks them both down to kill them!

Wardlow points out that Orange Cassidy wasn’t actually eliminated and pulls him back into the house while Friedman poses. Wardlow picks him up, Orange throws him in MJF, almost eliminated, and Max argues with his bodyguard. Orange Punch stumbles Wardlow, one for MJF, a third and Wardlow is eliminated. . .

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Orange Cassidy win and join next week’s match for the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

After the game, Miro and his entourage come to the ring and meet the best friends who have come to celebrate with their buddy Orange.

circles, collars and elbows, a bit of light mat that gets stalemated. Side headlock, block the shot, Jericho loosens, Kazarian recovers, but Y2J stabs the eye to break the grip and knocks Frankie to the ground. Kaz with one guillotine leg falls on his apron and fights Jake Hager, but the distraction is enough for Chris to get a codebreaker!

Back from the commercials, Jericho still in control and bent over to corner Kazarian for beating. Frankie blocks the bulldog and takes a deep two from a backslide! Off the ropes, lariats, whip upside down, flying forearm! Y2J dodges the ropes and hits the Lionsault, but her knees are up!

Springboard leg drop gives Kaz a two count, the action goes up and Frankie hits the Spanish fly. . . SO CLOSE! Looking for a codebreaker, Kazarian turns back, Boston Crab has applied, but Ortiz is on the apron with the Madball! Jake Hager warns him that Jericho is crawling for the ropes, but Kaz pulls him back in the middle of the ring!

MJF and Wardlow come to the ring, towel in hand, but Sammy Guevara comes and pulls the towel away from him when Y2J gets the rope to force the break! Chris sees Sammy with the towel in hand, Frank takes advantage of Sunset Flip for two! Small package for two, solebutt, knee lift, off the ropes. . . JUDAS EFFECT IT ENDS!

After the game, there is dissent in the Inner Circle when MJF comes into contact with Guevara. Jericho sits down at the microphone and tells them to stop and give them seven days to really think about it because next week they will decide whether to all work together as a team, each of them or break the inner circle above.

Young Bucks are being interviewed backstage and they talk about being champions and giving TH2 a match next week. They promise a title match if they can win next week.

Caster drops a few bars, makes fun of her book and asks if the goats are looking at each other’s dongus and getting hard, just really warmed up over 1999 shit we don’t need.

Dr. . Britt Baker, DMD, receives a promotion telling Leyla Hirsch that she has a one-way ticket to Russia for her.

Feel comfortable, Hirsch with a side headlock takeover, head scissors reversal, back to headlock, switch to a wristlock, Baker with a snapmare, Leyla with a cross arm bar, but Britt hooks her to the block! Basement Superkick and we’re going to break.

Back from the commercials, Hirsch puts in forearms, big German suplex, a suicide dive brings Rebel to the bottom and leaves Leyla open for Baker to hit a sling blade! Catch a kick, but Britt kicks, stomps the count, back inside, Hirsch wants the wishbones and Baker fights like death! Leyla turns and looks for Lockjaw. She goes straight back to the arm bar!

If that doesn’t work, a pump knee hits her and goes upstairs, but her back hurts and she feels the pain. Rebel runs up and down the stage, Britt with a reverse STO in the middle turnbuckle! Push them aside, pull them up, Fischer connects neck breakers! Roll-through with Lockjaw. . .

After the game, Thunder immediately attacks and knocks Rosa Baker down as referee Rick Knox tries to separate them! Referees rave and pull them apart, Hirsch hits a Saito Suplex on Rebel and Baker and Rosa attack each other again! Street agents Jerry Lynn and BJ Whitmer join in and more or less pull them apart while we edit a video package in which the team Taz vs.. . Rhodes & Allin war.

Back from the advertising, the baby faces are in control of Starks and form a double team. Delayed vertical pumpkin buster from Rhodes, punches in the corner, one day and the action hits the ground where Hobbs destroys Allin with a lariat! Will walks in, delayed vertical suplexes and he does pushups to show off!

Overwork Darby and aiming at his midsection until a ghost meeting puts Starks and Allin on the mat! Referee Bryce Remsburg gives up the standing ten count, Ricky switches and Will literally steps on Darby’s back to block the day! Waistlock, Allin curious about his fingers, grabs, turns, caught in the bear hug! I can hardly wear it!

Starks step on Allin’s throat, eventually he escapes and gets the tag! Rhodes in hot pump kick puts Ricky out, whip upside down, up and over, snaps Scoop Powerslam and he goes banana! Starks tear at Cody’s eye, jump, Beautiful Distaster takes Hobbs out, blocks the lariat, Cross Rhodes denied, steps into the middle section in the dropdown slap!

Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin wins by pinfall with a coffin drop from Allin to Ricky Starks.

After the game, Team Taz will lay out the baby faces and attack Arn Anderson until Dustin Rhodes makes the save! Brian Cage depends on the odds. You are about to beat Cody with the FTW championship when the lights go out and we get a Tron video of a snowy winter landscape. . .

He walks to the ring with a baseball bat in hand and gives a quick assessment of Arn Anderson before seeing Skateboard Sting Darby Allin’s face.

Back from the commercials, the comment sums up Sting’s appearance right now, as no wrestling show is safe from Immediate Recap Syndrome until the hype continues next week.

She says she is not afraid, but is startled by a clatter in the distance, asks if they can walk again, is informed that they are alive, and then apologizes.

He talks about how special tonight feels and how far they have come and how he and Kenny Omega feel destined to be diametrically opposed.

Omega offers a handshake, but Moxley doesn’t accept it. Collar and elbows, afterwards, Jon with a sleeper grip, but Kenny gets the ropes! Kenny circles back to the prison, Omega with a go-behind, a takedown, a front office, vice versa, raises an arm and reaches for a bracelet. Mox is a mare in a reverse chinlock and trips over him to break through the hold!

Omega back to the side headlock, shot down, shoulder block, headlock takeover from the champion! A Frankensteiner puts Moxley back and forth on the floor, Omega off the ropes, Jon slips back in and hits a Bossman Slam! Omega stays on the ground and stops just before the barricade. Then he lands on the feet of a back suplex. Step on the stomach. Mox hits a straight suplex!

Jon throws him over the barricade and follows him. The referee gives them a lot of leeway while we break.

Back from the commercials, Omega is in control and aims at Moxley’s knee on the floor! Back inside while Mox gets a reverse chin lock in the corner. Referee Paul Turner counts, Kenny catches the leg and kicks the knee! The desperate lariat is what Omega lays out, but Jon can barely take advantage of it with a bum knee!

Kenny with a knee bar, neatly in the middle of the ring, Mox fetches the ropes and forces the break, so Omega changes to a bracelet and alternates chops and kicks! Firefighter’s carry, played Finlay Roll, German suplex from the champion! Omega reaches for another, fights with her elbows and Jon improvises a pumphandle-exploder-suplex. . . NOPE!

Back from advertising, Omega hits a top con giro! Back inside the springboard countered. . . PARADIGM SHIFT! Moxley slowly capitalizes on and decides to get down on the floor and throw some chairs in the ring. Referee Paul Turner warns him, but Mox sets up the chairs. . . HE WANTS A BARBACK! Trade with your right hands on your jaw, nowhere, blow for blow!

Jon wins the blow, but Kenny hits a V-Trigger that knocks him off the chair! The dragon duplex, another one, frees the German suplex from the champion! V-trigger for a lariat and both men are down and out! Underhooks, another paradigm shift, cover. . . KENNY OMEGA DISCOVERS THE WILL TO LIVE!

Omega goes down, Moxley lets the ropes run and commits suicide. . . AGAINST A V-TRIGGER! Back inside, Kenny upstairs, the rocket dropkick spreads the champion! V-trigger on the back of the head, hooks up. . . JAY DRILLER CANNOT HOLD JON MOXLEY DOWN! A series of V-triggers in the middle of the ring, Mox catches the third!

Elbow gets another V-Trigger, an electric chair, Jon turns around and fights for his position, Omega with a dropkick right on the button! Ripcord V-Trigger, electric chair, Moxley overhead elbows, Kenny shifts gears. . . CROYT’S WRATH GETS TWO DEPTHS! At the top, Mox gets up and goes to blow Omega off the turnbuckles, but he jumps down first!

Brawl on the floor. . . PARADIGM SHIFT IN ONE OF THE RINGSIDE SPACE HEATERS! Turner calls for a doctor to look at Kenny! Officials check on Omega, Don Callis comes to have a look, and Moxley decides he has waited long enough and pulls Kenny back into the house! Callis steps on stage and to the microphone to tell Jon that Omega is injured and Mox is holding him down!

Kenny turns around, has the microphone and hits Mox in the face with it while Referee Paul Turner checks on Don Callis! Jon was bleeding from his forehead and tried to get back on his feet. . . V-TRIGGER! ANOTHER ONE! MOX IS HANGING ON THE ROPES AND A THIRD AND FOURTH V-TRIGGER IS COMING! Electric chair, Moxley on his feet. . .

Callis escorts Kenny Omega out of the arena and is interviewed on the way out.

Don Callis tells us that Tuesday night we can find out what’s the deal if Kenny Omega talks about impact wrestling!

Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, WWE NXT, Cody Rhodes

World News – UK – AEW Dynamite Results, Live Blog (Dec.. . 2, 2020): Winter is coming
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