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Some Coronation Street fans believe Adam Barlow may not have been the intended victim after being believed dead in the bistro

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Coronation Street could radiate a big twist in Adam Barlow’s attack history if one fan theory is correct.

Some Corrie viewers believe they found out who attacked Adam in the bistro and left him for dead.

ITV Soap confirmed four prime suspects, all with a motive to attack him.

On the list are his uncle Peter Barlow and his partner Carla Connor – after Carla’s affair with Adam was revealed.

Adam’s estranged wife, Sarah Platt, is just as suspicious as her ex and Adam’s enemy, Gary Windass.

But viewers are already expecting a major twist, believing that an unnamed suspect is behind it.

A new theory, supported by multiple viewers, could have seen Adam attacked in a false identity case.

While Adam threatened to tear the Barlows apart with his betrayal, the hideous Ray tried to rape Faye Windass – only to get her brother Gary inside.

Now there is a theory that Adam, who has a similar coat to Ray, may have been attacked when someone was actually after Ray.

Adam leaned over the bar so the person may not have seen his face before slapping him over the head.

On Twitter, some fans asked if Faye or Gary could actually be the attacker for this reason, with a letter: « Must be Faye who thinks Ray is sitting there. « 

Another agreed: « #Corrie said it was Gary, a fake ID, thought it was Ray, and went back to get him on sale for the scam AND what happened to Faye I think when he saw Adam in the long gray coat (Ray is wearing) at the bar, Adam lowered his head on the bar so you couldn’t see properly. « 

A third added, « It may be Faye who attacked Adam Barlow, thinking it was Ray who was sitting in the bistro. « 

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World News – GB – The rumble of Corrie fans who attacked Adam Barlow ‘in false identity theory


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