World News – UK – Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd has turned his back on his two children, ex claims


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CORONATION street star Jack P Shepherd has turned his back on his young family, says ex

Lauren Shippey says the actor, 32, broke his promises to his children and went almost four months without seeing them

Speaking for the first time, Lauren Shippey – mother of their two children – said: « It made me laugh We are about as mixed up as a cinder block in a concrete mixer »

Lauren, 32, banged after Jack agreed to agree! magazine about home schooling their 11-year-old daughter and six-year-old son with her new partner Hanni Treweek, 31, during the shutdown

Lauren, who split from him three years ago, told The Sun on Sunday: « I’m speaking now because Jack used his celebrity status to give an interview that misrepresents his behavior. »

She slammed 32-year-old Jack – the soap’s David Platt for 20 years – for cheating on her and putting his showbiz lifestyle ahead of his family

« I always supported him and forgave him I never, never planned to talk about our relationship but that’s enough

« The public need to know what Jack really looks like. He’s considered a lovable thug and a cheeky guy, but my kids need him to be a dad instead of seeing him walking around town

Lauren met Jack when she was just 14 at a friend’s party. He had already been a Weatherfield regular for two years

They spent 15 years together and got engaged but broke up in May 2017, after Lauren grew tired of her ridiculous behavior

She had already forgiven him for fathering a son after a one-night stand with sales manager Sammy Milewski in 2010

She recalls, « I came home on a Friday and he confessed it, but he only did so because he knew a newspaper was running the article on Sunday.

« It was very difficult to deal with and I felt like a fool But he told me he was really sorry and it was just a one night stand

« We worked on it But it was heartbreaking because he came home and went to bed with me the night he slept with her »

Lauren finally called the time on the relationship after Jack never came home after a party in 2017 She said: « He went to a strip club in Leeds and that was it

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« I just left the house with the kids I was thinking ‘We’ve been through so much that I can’t have this »

« I made a decision that night and thought, ‘I’m not doing this anymore I’m 30 next year and I don’t want to do this for the next ten years’

« He didn’t apologize and I just thought a leopard never changes places. I wasn’t ready to stay home with the kids while he strolled »

Lauren shared how Jack once had an evening of work and came home with some friends in the early hours

She said: “I was annoyed because one of the children was in the hospital and had only been home for a few days, so we had to sleep

« At 2 am I found Jack in the kitchen stroking a girl’s hair You can imagine how I reacted »

She said the kids were devastated when they broke up But they were polite to each other and even went on a family vacation to Disney in Florida

Lauren added: « He moved in July 2017 He said he would still pay the children’s private school fees

A few months later, Jack told Lauren he had met Hanni, who worked at Coronation Street

Over Christmas, Jack visited Lauren and the kids and spent a few hours with them

His relationship with Hanni continues to grow stronger, with the couple moving in together, visiting Rome and then spending two weeks in Greece

Lauren said: « When he was in Greece he didn’t call or send a single message I asked him why and he said he didn’t have internet

« I said, » You haven’t contacted the kids for two weeks Do you know how it makes them feel? « 

« I asked him if he wanted to take the kids and he said he had no more vacation »

The former couple also discussed that Jack was not looking after the children despite having agreed to spend time with them

Lauren, from Worsley, Greater Manchester, said: ‘I remember once in July 2018 he was supposed to have them and he didn’t. »

The Sun then printed a photo of drunk and unconscious Jack in an elevator of a building after England’s World Cup match against Colombia

Lauren, who earns £ 25,000 a year running a performing arts school, said: ‘I had a hard time buying the children’s shoes and had to spend thousands of dollars in lawyers

« I used to dread the holidays because their friends would go out to places like Gulliver’s World and I had to say, ‘I’m sorry we can’t’

« Yet their father is a famous actor on Coronation Street, so their friends think we are rich »

Lauren, who now lives with garage mechanic Rob Kerwin, 30, said: « Jack always said the kids would stay in this school because that’s where they were happy »

Lauren had sworn never to talk about her relationship with Jack despite being approached dozens of times. But she broke her silence after her OK! chat

In it, Jack said he « didn’t want to take the risk » of encountering the locked out children, adding, « We gave him a month or two and then we made them stay.


« It was tough at first, but we FaceTimed and did Zoom quizzes so I saw them. It was lovely when we got together

Hanni recounted how she became the « headmistress », saying: « I was pretty strict and had a bell I would ring it for the break The kids loved it They are lovely and we get along well »

Jack said the kids loved Hanni from the start, with her daughter forming a close bond

Hanni said she feels a responsibility towards the couple, which « brings you so much happiness and love »

Hanni confirmed: « We want to buy our own house together, then get married and have children

« Once we’re settled in we’ll start talking about babies but I’m in no rush The focus is on the kids right now »

Lauren added: « Jack lives downtown with Hanni enjoying the life he’s allowed to make

« He’s happy in his relationship and I’m happy in mine, but he needs to do better with us

« Over the years, I kept him from getting fucked in the ass. The sad thing is that he never needed to be like that »

Jack P Shepherd of CORRIE replaced Thomas Ormson as David Platt in April 2000 and since then he has seen many ups and downs on screen

David got punched in a feud with Gary Windass, played by Mikey North, and eventually married Kylie Turner (Paula Lane) before leaving the soap opera

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World News – UK – Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd has turned his back on his two children, ex claims ex


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