World News – UK – Currys PC World will launch Xbox Series X consoles for sale today


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If you missed your chance to get an Xbox Series X at launch, Currys will have more in stock this afternoon – but not for long.

The PlayStation 5 launch last week went as expected as there were no supplies, scalpers got most of the consoles, and all but a few lucky ones were feeling pretty upset by the whole circus.

It was the same deal for the Xbox Series X / S the week before, but now a major UK retailer has announced that they have their second refill in stock and it will be available from 1pm today.

Currys PC World has sent emails to existing customers warning them of the impending new inventory, but without specifying exactly how many they need to sell.

Microsoft previously warned that the bottlenecks for the Xbox Series X and S could last through April, though there will be a gradual improvement during that time and hopefully the consoles won’t be too hard to come by by spring.

While next-gen consoles are not going to be discounted, more inventory is expected on Black Friday later this week, although mostly American retailers have pointed this out, so it’s not clear if anyone other than curries will get these more in the UK.

Such bottlenecks are common with any new console, but were made worse this time around due to the coronavirus, the fact that Xbox launches were happening around the world, and the increasing sophistication of scalpers who buy stocks in front of regular customers.

Scalpers are likely to be a problem this afternoon. So if you want an Xbox Series X, make sure you’re ready at exactly 1:00 p.m.. Otherwise, you may miss this.

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World News – UK – Currys PC World will launch Xbox Series X consoles for sale today


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