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. css-14iz86j-BoldText {Font size: bold;} Angry customers of the energy supplier E. . One received an unwanted surprise on Christmas Eve when her bill payments were received too early.

Direct debits that should have been debited from customers in the next two weeks were accepted on Thursday.

The company apologized, saying that refunds would be available on the first available date, April 29. December, would be done.

Many customers said they were oversubscribed due to the company’s IT bug before Christmas.

Others told the BBC that they were facing the added frustration of not being able to contact the company for an explanation.

@EONhelp When will someone actually answer me in the live chat? You’re quick enough to clear my bank account with your IT bug on Christmas Eve, but can’t bother to help.

An E.. . The ON spokeswoman said: « Due to an IT problem, we accidentally took direct debit payments early from some of our customers.

« We apologize for this error and are taking steps to contact affected customers where we can and are posting information about this issue on our website and social media.

« Customers don’t need to do anything or contact us, and we encourage them to get in touch while we work to get them back on the first available date, May 29. December, to be refunded. Customers’ direct debit payments will then be executed according to their usual payment schedule.

« If a customer incurs bank charges as a result of this problem, we will of course refund them. Each affected customer should contact us to discuss their circumstances. « 

The company said if customers couldn’t wait for a refund, they should contact their bank directly for possible assistance.

The agreement between the UK and the EU ends months of disputes over business rules and fishing rights.

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World News – GB – Customers angry like E. . On takes payments too early
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