World News – UK – David Jason says today’s television is on a downward spiral and lacks censorship


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David Jason put his views on television programming today in a « downward spiral » and without « censorship ». .

Speaking openly to Bucks Free Press this month, the 80-year-old Only Fools and Horses actor openly said the content of today’s dramas and thrillers is different from the shows in his heyday.

« We had censorship when you couldn’t say certain things, couldn’t show certain things because it was disrespectful or bad. You had to be smart with your dialogue to get around things – now just say it and we will continue in a downward spiral. « 

He added, « Bad language is becoming more graphic and should be acceptable. If it is a drama or a powerful story from everyday life, everyone has to swear their heads off. « 

The Open All Hours star spoke openly with HELLO! He joined the debate earlier this year, adding, « While in [A Touch of] Frost we avoided all bad language and graphic scene of any kind.

« We just told the story, and I firmly believe that this story is good enough and that you tell it well enough. . . They don’t even realize they’re not cursing, so holding your audience isn’t mandatory. « 

The actor even opened up to HELLO! on the prospect of the return of the classic ITV drama that ended in 2010. « If the right script were there, we could certainly have a blast. « 

David is one of the most recognizable faces for the nation in British television history. So it is fitting that he is the subject of a new Channel 5 documentary series, David Jason: Britain’s Favorite TV Star, which airs this week.

The two-part series will explore David’s impressive career spanning more than 60 years, from his early hiatus in acting to the theater to his iconic roles as Derek ‘Del-Boy’ Trotter, DI Jack Frost and Pop Larkin.

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World News – UK – David Jason says today’s television is in a downward spiral and lacks censorship


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