World News – UK – Every word Frank Lampard just said about Leeds victory, Giroud, Pulisic and Ziyech


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« There is certainly nothing wrong with the fans thinking that. Nice to have her again, her input was huge, the noise huge. You can see how excited they’ll be in the end that we’ll be at the top of the league. My job and our job is to know that it’s a long season and the next question is how consistent we can be with this form, how much we can improve, because I believe we can do a lot more and do a lot will give the challenges before us.

« Enjoy the evening. I’ll have this little glass of wine, maybe a big one, but at the same time we have to make sure we keep our feet on the ground. But there were many good things. It was a great achievement by us to play against Leeds in the form they are in and the kind of team they are and dominate in terms of odds. « 

Hakim has a thigh injury, the severity of which we will find out in the next few days. The disappointment goes into this busy time. « 

« There was a lot of talk about N’Golo with N’Golo last year. I think he played about 50 percent of the games. And when I got to the club he had a serious injury that turned into a domino effect. This year when I see him play and be lucky enough to work with him. When you ask him to do something in midfield on the soccer field.

« If you ask him, he will be presented with a test that he hits quietly in the most incredible way. Leeds midfield was so mobile that the test was always good and I felt we did an excellent job of addressing it. N’Golo was a big part of it. « 

« I think so. I didn’t talk to him about the ice pack. I don’t think he had a problem, maybe just a bang. I think his performance is great. On the back of the Seville performance, the reference he is as a front man, and when balls are played in an area he has the ability to be cool and clinical with his finishing. He could have had two or three more today. The personality he is on the team. I said it before the game, people will always ask me who I’m playing in front because I have options. When Oli is around, I know that I can rely on him. ”

« Very satisfied today. It’s been a difficult time for him with the injury and he’s frustrated because he wants to play. After playing in Seville for 65 minutes, I knew this game would have a lot of energy for the players and thought it would be wise to start it on the bench. My plan was probably to give him 30 minutes. But to play the period of the game, he played with the intensity of the game and got his goal. He has an incredible talent, it sounds easy, but to arrive in the six-yard box as a big man, because that’s where the goals are. I was very happy that he achieved his goal and is only now getting stronger. ”

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