World News – UK – Fines are handed out to 50 students celebrating in university halls


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A university has warned students they could be disfellowshipped after police and campus security grappled with another night of partying during the ongoing lockdown.

Overnight on Thursday the 19th. November, an additional 50 fines were fined for violating Covid-19 restrictions by attending gatherings and household mixes.

Nottinghamshire Police officers expressed disappointment with events following what they termed a « slack » number of parties that have been disbanded in the past three weeks.

The force confirmed that the University of Nottingham security team had to call the police to deal with two separate parties on campus.

The first report was addressed to a group of more than 30 people in the Lenton Abbey area.

When response teams were present shortly after 11am. The gathering broke up at 30:00 yesterday, but after a search, six people were found hiding in a room and all of them were fined.

When the officers left, security reported that there was a big party going on in the university park area.

Police say a number of night owls tried to escape, but 44 students were found and fined for their involvement.

Amy English, neighborhood inspector for the metropolitan area, said: « It’s disappointing to see this when there has been relatively little of this type of activity since the lockdown began.

« We will again thank everyone who followed the rules and who form the vast majority.

« But this shows that we still need to remind people that they need to understand that they still can’t party and that just because we are nearing the end of the lockdown, things haven’t relaxed.

« In fact, we don’t yet know what measurements we may still be under in Nottingham when the lockdown is lifted.

« We have worked closely with the university and security teams who have taken additional measures to ensure students are complying with restrictions and to contact us with any issues.

« As a result, we were quick to be present and were able to identify many people who have now been held accountable for violations of the coronavirus requirements.

« We believe many of the students traveled specifically from other downtown locations to attend these parties. So they must have been organized in advance.

« It’s a difficult time for everyone, but the rules are there for a reason, and those who ignore them put others at risk and increase the likelihood of further bans. « 

A University of Nottingham spokesman said: « The vast majority of students are following the rules and there are only 32 cases of Covid-19 left in a student population of 35. 000 were reported.

« However, there is no excuse. We knew that if a minority violated the Covid restrictions, we would act in concert with the Nottinghamshire Police if necessary.

« For the safety of everyone in our community and town, it is important that we continue to adhere to policies and laws. In addition to the fixed sentences imposed by the police, the university will take disciplinary action.

« In the most severe cases, students are quickly taken to the highest levels of our process, where suspension and exclusion are potential outcomes. « 

Security guards and policemen from the neighborhood team will work together over the weekend and will take a solid approach to further questions.

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World News – UK – Fines handed out to 50 students celebrating in university halls
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