World News – UK – Hugh Laurie, ‘goofy’ political drama Roadkill debuts on BBC One


Many viewers felt the four-part series began too slowly with cliché characters * CONTAINS SPOILERS *

Sunday October 18, 2020 at 10:15 p.m.

Political drama Roadkill premiered on BBC One starring Hugh Laurie as aspiring Tory MP Peter Laurence, whose licentious past is about to catch up to him For some viewers who couldn’t come quickly enough because the first episode was « awkward » with « cliché characters »

When Roadkill opened, Laurence had just won a libel case and journalist Charmian Pepper (Sarah Greene) had lost her job as a result.But she vowed to expose the sulphurous truth about Laurence and her visit in jail to meet an inmate who portrayed a girl he knew nothing about that would appear to be the way she will

Please, Please, Please, the BBC is employing more female writers to write believable female characters Your nine-hour window for the last two shows has been just a long crisis of male quarantine With the female characters of #RoadKill you have reached a peak

Another viewer tweeted: « Turns out #Roadkill is a bit crappy Cliché characters and terribly poor story Turn off »

#Roadkill @BBCOne People’s Machinations in Politics Grand Opening – Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episodes! imageTwittercom / Jqx2GuOcCJ

Laurie’s appeal has been a big draw for many viewers One wrote, “I enjoyed #Roadkill, but mostly because I saw Hugh Laurie on my TV again It was a little slow but I put it down to the directing I hope it will resume in the next episodes « 

Wow Color Me Intrigued What a brilliant first episode The cast is phenomenal and so is the story

The prison in which his mysterious daughter languished erupted in a riot and Prime Minister Dawn Ellison (Helen McCrory) saw the opportunity to sew up the ambitious young minister – she appointed Laurence Minister of Justice, he so had to manage the riot

The screenplay’s gullibility has been called into question by many social networks « I really wanted to embark on a new British Sunday Night drama I’ll continue to want So far, its awkward and inaccurate legal processes, its stereotypes The prison scene made me laugh I’m laughing for the wrong reasons At least the cast is « diverse » #eyeroll Very good music #Roadkill « 

#Roadkill is fun, but dear lord LEGAL ERRORS are killing me Criminal lawyer? As a lawyer in a defamation case? Who had a JURY? For which the plaintiff was in « the dock » ?! Please me You can almost hear the hammer banging

« Weird start of new BBC drama #Roadkill It starts with a defamation lawsuit with a jury They tend not to have a jury except in exceptional circumstances Next refers to the High Court case – where there are no juries Basic research should have covered this ”

Just to clarify because this takes a lot of sticking around as procedural nonsense, I doubt anything in #Roadkill has anything to do with the truth It’s ironic drama and I would watch Hugh Laurie hammer it down in anything, so laugh, yes?

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Hugh Laurie, BBC One, David Hare, Helen McCrory

World News – UK – Hugh Laurie, the ‘goofy’ political drama Roadkill debuts on BBC One


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