World News – UK – Jeremy Corbyn’s son dragged on because he said MP had a bigger crowd than Rihanna


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Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy has received legal royal trolling after comparing the looks of his former Labor leader father at Glastonbury to Rihanna’s’ performance’ at the Worthy Farm Festival.

When he dubbed « one of his proudest moments » while speaking at the festival in 2017, he subsequently claimed a staff member at the legendary event said his father drew a bigger crowd than Rihanna.

Well, it is well and good to say such a thing – if Rihanna had actually played at Glastonbury.

Cue all kinds of trolling variant responses as people stepped in to let Tommy know how wrong he was in his ardent confirmation of the crowd-drawing comparison between the MP and the pop superstar.

Tommy, who runs an online cannabis store, had responded to activist Rachael Swindon, who posted on Twitter along with a clip of Mr Corbyn, who had returned to Labor last week and joined the big one after an anti-Semitism fight Crowd at the festival: ‘ »This policy that came out of the box does not go back in any box ».

One of the proudest moments of my life was watching that speech. Then one of the Glastonbury employees patted me on the shoulder and said, “You know he has more than Rihanna right now. “#WeSupportCorbyn https: // t. co / 82ioimakkv

« Then one of the Glastonbury staff patted me on the shoulder and said, » You know he has a lot more than Rihanna right now. “#WeSupportCorbyn. ‘

Reactions have been mixed, with some just pointing to the « funny fact » that Rihanna never took the Glasto stage.

When they patted us on the back, they said Baggy Mondays had a bigger crowd in Glastonbury than Rihanna, Eminem, Fleetwood Mac, Abba and Elvis COMBINED. ð ?? ¤ £ https: // t. co / pAySvl8CMj

The last time I played Louisiana in Bristol, I also had a bigger audience than Rihanna at Glastonbury. https: // t. co / YpAm3ADrJH

In Glastonbury, more people than Rihanna listened to me talking to a buddy about a sacred well at the abbey. At least I had an audience. Rihanna has never played Glastonbury https: // t. co / Z7jeBSCwf9

To be fair, I once hung up in front of a crowd at the Stonebridge Bar as they were leaving the area after hip hop karaoke finished. And that’s why I’ve played #Glastonbury in front of a bigger audience than Rihanna has ever done before. https: // t. co / QZ43COWfqz

Others were a bit more punchy, and one of them interfered: “I had a bigger crowd than the Rolling Stones in my fight of the bands in sixth grade.

Activist and CEO Nimco Ali wrote, “I think he means Beyoncé because Rihanna has never played Glastonbury.

Rihanna stuns in latex pants as she quickly leaves Los Angeles dinner

« I was there too, and a lot of us were there watching Craig David who was in front of him and keeping our seats for the real people we saw.

Despite the mistake, many of Mr. Corbyn’s fans supported Tommy’s message as they celebrated the moment on stage.

Tommy has yet to deal with the obvious flaw, but we have to say that technically he isn’t wrong – his dad has a better crowd than Rihanna.

His comment, however, came after comedian Fin Taylor was criticized this weekend for joking that Glastonbury was being « bombed » to get rid of Corbyn supporters.

The comic made the joke on the Friday night episode of Have I Got News For You. Host Victoria Coren Mitchell raised the issue of Corbyn being re-accepted into the Labor Party but losing the whip.

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World News – UK – Jeremy Corbyn’s son was dragged for saying the MP had a bigger crowd than Rihanna


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