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Jinger Vuolo, formerly Jinger Duggar, and her husband Jeremy are the proud parents of a healthy girl.

The two of them told TODAY parents on Wednesday morning that their second child, Evangeline Jo, arrived “quickly and safely” on Sunday evening.

« We have good news! » they said in an exclusive statement to TODAY parents. “Jinger is recovering very well and is enjoying being able to finally hold her little angel. ”

They said Evangeline means « good news » and Jo is in honor of Jeremy’s middle name, Joseph. She was born late Sunday evening weighing 7 pounds.

« As for Felicity, she is in love with her little sister but has no idea how much sharing is in her future, » the parents said in the statement. “We are so grateful to God for this beautiful gift!”

« The bond that sisters share is unique and one that I cherish every day. After all these years they are still my best friends! I am glad God is giving this gift so that Felicity can enjoy it. Me and Jeremy definitely have our hands full! But there is nothing else we’d rather be wearing, « she wrote in her pregnancy announcement in May.

« The morning after we told the family we were expecting, Jinger woke up and woke me very early in the morning and said that she thought she had lost the baby, » Jeremy, 32, told the magazine. « We found out later that day that she had. That was very difficult and definitely a test for us. ”

Jinger is the sixth child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the stars of TLC’s « 19 Kids and Counting ». « She’s also a star on the TLC reality series, » Counting On. « She married Jeremy, a former professional soccer player, in November 2016.

The nation is in « a very vulnerable phase » where the number of coronavirus deaths could rise rapidly, Dr. . Anthony Fauci warned on Monday speaking to Yahoo News.

President-elect Joe Biden will begin his cabinet elections on Tuesday. The Washington consensus was perhaps best described by Brendan Buck, a former top advisor to Republican House Speakers Paul Ryan and John Boehner:> These nominations and appointments for Biden are so delightfully boring >> – Brendan Buck (@BrendanBuck) 23. Most of the names Biden announced on Monday – Antony Blinken as Secretary of State, Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor, Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of Homeland Security, Avril Haines as Secretary of State for Intelligence, Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U. . N. . Ambassador and Ron Klein, White House Chief of Staff – are career professionals little known outside of Washington politics and politics, but well respected within them. « By design, they seem to be projecting dutiful competence, » reports the Washington Post. Biden has also chosen some bold names: John Kerry as international climate commissioner and former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen as treasury secretary. What holds them all together is the prospect of a Biden government « filled with people who have profound experience in government and the agencies that will run it, » write Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer at Politico. You can expect less impulsive tweets and more from a « linear, trudging, purposeful, and standard political process » « conducted » by political professionals who are unlikely to be trying to burn the White House down for minor disagreements and jockeys for the good get the grace of the president, « add Sherman and Palmer. « In other words, if the Trump White House had been drinking like a vat of Tabasco sauce for the past four years, the Biden White House would be like a sip of flavored almond milk. « The selection process was not entirely without drama, but » the relatively undisputed nature of this selection was intentional, « says Politico’s Ryan Lizza. « Internally, Biden officials have been instructed to emphasize to reporters how normal the selection is and how these executives have been tested. ‘It is considered a success if the announcements by the Biden staff and the cabinet don’t bring much news. « More stories from the week. com People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can easily get back to NYC society. Trump staff are now reportedly avoiding him from staying out of legal danger. Trump is said to join Rudy Giuliani at the Pennsylvania election rally after aides tried to pronounce him by ‘go’

An appeals court on Tuesday upheld 55 years in prison for a member of the MS-13 gang who, when he was 15, organized the murder of four teenagers in a park on Long Island. However, it also regretted the end of parole for federal prisoners, it means that he has no incentive to reform. A table of the 2nd. U. . S.. . The Court of Appeal ruled that the prosecution of 19-year-old Josue Portillo was a « classic example of the unfortunate consequences » of a Congressional decision to remove parole for federal prisoners convicted in 1987 or later.

In the annals of great escapes, the vaulting of the barbed wire, the heavily monitored fence that separates the dismantled no man’s land between North and South Korea, would certainly play a major role. According to the South Korean media, a defector who died on Jan.. A former gymnast who had managed to swing himself over the imposing barricades without triggering key sensors had escaped security at one of the world’s most dangerous border crossings. The authorities promised to investigate why high-tech security systems were not working. « We’re going to investigate why the sensors didn’t ring and make sure they’re working properly, » an official told Yonhap News Agency. The man, who allegedly wore blue civilian clothes and was in his mid-twenties, later surrendered after a manhunt by South Korean military units who discovered a breach in the fence. He was arrested almost a mile south of the fence without incident and asked for asylum.

The spokesman for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition fighting in Yemen said Monday that Iranian-focused Houthis were involved in an attack on a fuel tank at a petroleum product station in the Saudi city of Jeddah, Saudi state news agency SPA were reported. Spokesman Colonel Turki al-Malki added that this « cowardly terrorist attack is not targeting the kingdom’s national capabilities, but rather the mainstay of the world economy and supplies, and global energy security, » said SPA. Al-Malki added that the coalition is taking the necessary operational measures to protect civilians and civilian objects, and those who planned and carried out these attacks will be held accountable, SPA said.

For years, chains have been fighting against an increase in the federal minimum wage. Now, in 2020, some are giving up the fight.

President Trump is reportedly traveling to Pennsylvania for a Republican meeting on election fraud allegations, ignoring the advice of some of his aides. Trump is expected to join his attorney Rudy Giuliani in Gettysburg, Pa. As Republican lawmakers hold a « hearing » on allegations of electoral irregularities on Wednesday, CNN reports. The plans could reportedly change but were confirmed by Bloomberg, who stated the event is not on Trump’s public schedule. Trump is still not giving the 2020 race to President-elect Joe Biden despite the transition formally beginning, but his legal team has not presented any evidence of widespread election fraud. Biden was recently certified as a winner in Pennsylvania. Attending this meeting of the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Politics Committee, which will be held at a hotel, would be Trump’s first trip outside Washington since election day, according to CNN. Maggie Haberman of the New York Times confirmed the news, reporting that « some aides tried to dissuade him. « . Haberman adds that some of Trump’s’ advisors have been kept in complete darkness about this’ plan ‘, underscoring how incoherent the president’s team has become since election day, and others tried to tell him it was a mistake. “But Haberman reports that, among other things, Trump is likely to announce a campaign for 2024 soon, and that is branding. « This event comes after a major lawsuit against Trump in Pennsylvania was dismissed over the weekend and after Giuliani held a bizarre press conference last week clarifying unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud. Attorney Sidney Powell, who attended the press conference, was later alleged not to have been part of Trump’s legal team, and NBC News reports that Trump has become « concerned » that his team is made up of « fools » who make him look bad. « More stories from the week. com People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can easily get back to NYC society. Trump’s employees are now reportedly avoiding him to stay out of legal danger. Obama, the pretender

A metal worker was found in the heart of Utah’s Red Rock Country by a government official doing a census of bighorn sheep. The shiny structure was discovered by a biologist while doing an aerial photo of southern Utah as part of a program to double the number of sheep in the area. Bret Hutchings, the helicopter pilot, was amazed. « That was the strangest thing I’ve come across in all my years of flying, » he told local television news channel KSLTV. “I’d say it’s probably between 10 and 12 feet tall,” he added. “We were having a bit of fun, if one of us suddenly disappears, the rest of us run away. How the monolith got there remains a mystery. According to Hutchings, not only was it dropped in place, it was firmly planted in the ground. He speculated that the piece was a work of art dumped in the middle of nowhere by what he described as a « New Wave » artist – perhaps inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film « 2001: A Space Odyssey ». .

President Trump’s efforts to undermine Georgia’s November election results will « absolutely » hurt Republicans in two U’s. S.. . Senate is running stitch races there, an election official in the state said Monday. &nbsp: “We have passed a turning point at which . . . There may be some Republicans who don’t trust the results of the system at all and say, « Why bother to vote? » Gabriel Sterling, implementation manager for the Georgia voting system, told Yahoo News.

An official announced Monday that Canadian police had received the security code for Huawei manager Meng Wanzhou’s home in Vancouver – not just passwords for their electronic devices that defenders claim violated their rights.

Despite his tweets and frequent donation emails, President Trump knows that « the fight is effectively over » and is already asking allies « how he can stay relevant in the media and in the Republican Party and how to make money ». next year and beyond, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing Trump advisers. « In private, even the few presidential advisors who argued he had a shot last week now largely admit that he has no way to win. « Trump’s lawyers, led by Rudy Giuliani, are expected to maintain the appearance of a legal battle until the electoral college votes in December. 14, reports the journal. « While there are only a handful of people left asking the President to continue the lawsuit – among them, Mr.. . Giuliani – there are also few people who tell him to end it. « One official said, » Everyone is trying to span the fence and keep it from freaking out. « They have other reasons for avoiding Trump, the Journal adds: » In a west wing where advisors often loitered near the Oval Office in hopes of being asked from within, became noticeable among aides fished less to get an audience with the president in recent weeks, administration officials said. Aides have privately said they are concerned that the president may ask them for something that would drag them into the lawsuit. [The Wall Street Journal] « Usually everyone is looking for a way to go inside. Now it’s the opposite, « said an administrative officer. « You never know where there will be that moment that he is. Why don’t you do some crazy X-Y-Z thing?. « Read more in the Wall Street Journal. More stories from the week. com People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can easily return to NYC society Trump, reportedly to join Rudy Giuliani at the Pennsylvania election rally after aides tried to dissuade him from making Obama the pretender

Contact between Fauci and Biden’s team comes about as the US may enter the darkest stage of the coronavirus pandemic yet.

Laidy Betancourt sleeps in a tent on the floor of the Catholic Church that sheltered her family the night a vicious hurricane devastated her island. Their home – like 80 percent of all buildings on Isla de Providencia, a remote Caribbean paradise off Nicaragua – no longer exists. She, her husband and her 10-year-old son need the weak protection of their tent in the nave because the roof of the building was torn off by the record-breaking storm. The winds dropped a beam on her leg, amid the deafening screams of children running for their lives. « This was the first time I’ve seen anything like this and I think it will be the last time because we’re thinking of moving out of here, » she told The Telegraph. With little left on the Colombian island, the Betancourt family is likely to be joined by thousands of others penniless in the recent severe storm that struck the region. Hurricane Iota broke records as the largest hurricane to ever hit the area and the strongest storm ever recorded this late in the hurricane season.

Approximately 1 million Americans a day packed airports and planes over the weekend, even as coronavirus deaths rose in the United States. S.. . and public health experts asked people to stay home and avoid major Thanksgiving events. However, the number of people flying for Thanksgiving is down by more than half year over year due to the rapidly deteriorating outbreak. Many travelers don’t want to miss out on family and are confident that they can do it safely.

In a clever new ad, Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Rev. . Raphael Warnock found a new way to drop the microphone. Warnock runs against Sen. . Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga. ) in Jan. . 5 runoff. In a new ad he tweeted Tuesday, Warnock is shown taking his dog for a walk. In a previous campaign ad, Warnock predicted there would be many false claims against him and « that’s exactly what happened, » he said. « You’d think Kelly Loeffler has something good to say about herself if she really wants to represent Georgia. « Instead, Warnock went on, » she tries to scare people by putting things I have said from over 25 years as a pastor out of context. « At that point, Warnock and his pup were at the end of their walk, and he was holding a bag of dog poop in his hand. As he dropped the bag in a trash can, Warnock said, « I think Georgians will see their ads for what they are – don’t they? » His dog barked in agreement – and then approved the message. Check out the ad below. > I told you the smear commercials were coming, but the Georgians will see Sen. @Kloeffler’s ads for what they are. image. Twitter. com / 0sgU8ndC63 >> – Reverend Raphael Warnock (@ReverendWarnock) 24. November 2020More stories from the week. com People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can easily get back to NYC society. Trump staff are now reportedly avoiding him from staying out of legal danger. Trump is said to join Rudy Giuliani at the Pennsylvania election rally after aides tried to pronounce him by ‘go’

YouTube has suspended OANN for violating the site’s misinformation policy after the conservative news agency posted a video touting a fake COVID-19 cure.

A former police officer allegedly the leader of the violent La Linea drug cartel in Chihuahua, Mexico is arrested for the murder of three American mothers and six children, including 8-month-old twins, in a fiery attack on their SUV- Convoy last November. Roberto Gonzalez Montes – known in crime circles as Mudo or El 32 – was taken into custody without government assistance late Monday in a top-secret joint operation by the Attorney General for fear that corrupt officials would point it out to Montes. The Mexican Cartels vs.. . A Mormon Cult: Behind the Terrible Massacre of American Mothers and Children Last November, attackers fired at a convoy of SUVs carrying 17 mothers and children – all of them Mexican-American citizens – as they drove from their Sonora property to a Chihuahua wedding. The cars were full of bullets and were set on fire, killing nine people. The rest of the convoys fled into the desert terrain and hid until they were rescued. The family members belonged to the LeBaron family and were part of a Mormon offshoot group that settled in the Mexican border state of Sonora half a century ago. They were often involved in brawls with drug cartels who feared they would report illegal activities near their premises to the authorities. Victims included Rhonita Miller LeBaron, 30, her son, 13, daughter, 11, and their 8-month-old twins. Christina and Dawna Langford, 43, and two of Dawna’s children, ages 11 and 3, also died. The babies did not suffer any gunshot wounds, but were burned alive when the perpetrators set off their vehicles. The Mexican authorities have never disclosed a motive for the attack. Some have speculated that the family simply got caught in the crossfire of rival cartels while driving down a country road. The road ran right through the area under the control of Joaquin’s « El Chapo » Guzman’s Sinaloa cartel, which at the time was in fierce fighting with the La Linea, which Montes is said to have been a part of. The victims’ families instead say the attack was an « ambush, » based on reports from survivors, including many children. In 2009, the LeBaron family opposed a cartel in Chihuahua after a 16-year-old community member was kidnapped and detained for a $ 1 million ransom. The family refused to pay the ransom and instead launched a public campaign to pressure the government to take action and ensure the boy’s release, which ultimately came about without changing any money. « This wasn’t a crossfire, » Alex Le Baron, an elected MP for the Chihuahua state legislature, told Mexico’s W radio. « It couldn’t have been a mistake, » he said. “That is simply terrorism. Montes’ arrest is second in a month after Jose Lara was linked to the Sept.. November, the year-long anniversary of the massacre. Two other suspects, believed to have supporting roles, were arrested earlier this month. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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World News – GB – Jinger Dugger and husband welcome the 2nd. Child, a little girl
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Jinger Dugger and husband greet 2. Child, a little girl
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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo welcome daughter Evangeline Jo
Counting On&s Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Welcome Baby No.. 2! Meet your little girl
Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo&’s baby is here!
– <a href = "/? s = & # 39; Counting On& # 39; Fans overjoyed after Jinger welcomes Duggar Rainbow Baby after a miscarriage 39; Counting On& # 39; Fans overjoyed after Jinger Duggar welcomes the rainbow baby after a miscarriage
Jinger Duggar has given birth to her second child
& # 39; Counting On& # 39; Star Jinger Duggar gives birth to a baby girl named Evagenline Jo
Jinger Dugger and husband welcome 2. Child, daughter Evangeline Jo

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