World News – UK – Labor’s moral outrage over Priti Patel’s allegations is a sham


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WHAT did Priti Patel’s « bullying » mean? She yelled at officials who she thought were sluggish and incompetent.

Some bosses, as most workers know, are demanding and dull. They can also be very effective bosses.

Sir Alex Allan’s report shows that the Home Secretary did not know that her conduct, as broadly defined in the Ministerial Code, could be viewed as bullying. You hurt it « unintentionally, » he said.

For that reason, if Boris Johnson had come to the conclusion, it would be equally disproportionate to sack her, unless more damn revelations surfaced.

Ms. Patel took over a dysfunctional department and began to shake it up. For some employees the experience was uncomfortable. It’s unfortunate that they felt they were being bullied instead of just being canceled and told to improve their game.

Labour’s sanctity and bloodthirstiness at her position are a hideous mark of the highest hypocrisy. Not just because Gordon Brown and other Blair-era characters were notorious screamers.

But because their MPs have publicly admitted to giving heinous former spokesman John Bercow a pass to face more serious allegations of bullying because they needed his help to stop Brexit.

A PAY freeze would be a blow to public sector workers. But it could be a lot worse. You could be in the private sector.

By the time Covid is over, millions of self-employed and private company employees may be at stake.

There will be no ascent for them either. But neither will they have the job security, paid holidays, and gold-plated pensions that government workers enjoy.

Our economy is in ruins. In October alone we borrowed a staggering £ 22 billion. Unfortunately, this is not the time to spend billions on wasteful increases, especially when inflation is only zero. 7 percent.

As for the unions’ anger and claims of a recruitment crisis . . . are you serious?

CHILDREN are hardly affected by Covid and do not spread it very much. And the virus is extremely difficult to catch outside.

Teenagers who exercise outdoors are certainly among the MINIMUM likely causes of infection. Absurdly, such activity is prohibited under the ban rules. That must be on the 2nd. End of December.

The health and social benefits of community sports are immense. On this page read Lord Coe’s heartfelt request to the government. And participate in the Sun-sponsored « Clubs In Crisis » campaign . . .

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Priti Patel, Boris Johnson

World News – UK – Labor’s moral outrage over Priti Patel’s allegations is a sham


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