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Aaron Greenberg announced in a recent Twitter post the upcoming next-gen updates in Halo: The Master Chief Collection On November 17, the collection will receive an update that enables Halo 120FPS gameplay, a 4k resolution (1080p on the S-series), intergenerational gaming, adjustable FOV slider, and split-screen enhancements That’s right, Halo at 120fps on console Excitingly, next-gen upgrades will affect both campaign and multiplayer.It will also be free for game owners and can be tried with Xbox Game Pass or by traditional purchase

This is great news for Halo fans who have to wait longer for the highly anticipated Halo: Infinite, which has been delayed to 2021 Infinite being the next installment in the franchise it was originally about a launch title for Microsoft’s new console – a blow to their next-gen strategy, adding increasing pressure on them for what will be a competitive 2020 holiday season Unfortunately, the launch date hasn’t yet Has been confirmed At least gamers will be able to have a next-gen Halo experience one week after the console’s launch Let’s keep our fingers crossed that 343 Industries doesn’t keep us waiting too long for the shooter It’s been five years since the franchise’s last main entry released with Halo: 5

I’m excited to share that Halo Master Chief Collection will be fully enhanced this holiday including & 120 fps multiplayer campaign on both Xbox Series X & S Also cross-gen play & adjustable FOV Note that all of these updates Upgrades are free to anyone who owns the game or is on Xbox Game Pass! https: // tco / ZZ5A5UOXhl

For those not in the know, the Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a full Halo experience, launching on November 14, 2014 with the first four numbered titles Since then, the game has grown exponentially, adding both Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach, as well as a PC version The improvements are due to fan feedback and a simply difficult launch: the game plagued by many bugs and network issues

Since then Microsoft and 343 sectors have pledged to fix the game It now comes as a collection with constant improvements The seasonal model introduced being a way to launch new content in the game Progress and rewards, new skulls that alter the way the game is played, ways to customize your Spartan and, as noted for Season 4, the possibility of new cards coming from the discontinued game Halo: Online project It is clear that Microsoft is not done with Halo: The Master Chief Collection and plans to take it through the next generation Remember, Spartans never die

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World News – EN – Next Generation Upgrades for Halo: The Master Chief Collection announced – KeenGamer


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