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International relations are taking on new forms with the rise of China and the resurgence of Russia. On a new political map, states are trying to use opportunities for their common good. Russia in South Asia is considered an important pillar of the political structure due to its close ties with India and its previous role in mediating between the two nuclear-armed rivals. India and Pakistan. Although Pakistan-Russia relations have been more of a roller coaster ride, they have grown over the past decade as diplomatic engagement has increased. Russia reaffirms its role within its immediate sphere of influence and beyond, and Pakistan is looking for new avenues for strategic and economic partnership.

The historic 1966 Tashkent Summit between Pakistan and India was organized under the auspices of the then Soviet Prime Minister Alexi Kosygin. Pakistan’s first lonely steel mill is still an impressive reminder of the Pakistani-Russian friendship. With the US decision to withdraw armed forces from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia are looking for a process to build closer ties based on new strategic realities. Defense cooperation between Russia and Pakistan increased in June 2014 when Russia lifted the embargo on arms supplies to Pakistan. By lifting the Indian opposition, the Putin government first lifted the embargo on Russian arms deliveries to Pakistan.

The Russian consul general Andrey Demidov emphasized in the 65. Year of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Russia mutual cooperation with the words: “Our two countries have always understood that they have common interests – to put an end to the threat of terrorism. Eliminate the threat of drugs and religious extremism and other evils. Other common goals between Pakistan and Russia include peace and stability in Afghanistan and economic cooperation in Central Asia, the improvement of political, diplomatic, economic and defense relations, the inadmissibility of an arms race in space, Pakistan’s counter-terrorism operations and Russian counter-terrorism expertise to combat terrorism and religious extremism; and to encourage private entrepreneurs to promote bilateral trade according to their potential.

Russia is now strategically leveling its relations with regional states, including the Central African Republic, China and Pakistan. With Pakistan it is ready to cooperate on various projects. The broader areas are commerce, defense, energy and energy, railways, telecommunications and information technology (IT). The current mutual trade volume is increasing and currently stands at around 580 million. USD, which has been rated as well below potential. Russia supports Pakistan in the energy sector. G. , Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India (TAPI) pipeline and has investments totaling 14 billion. USD announced. Pakistan has also already given Russia permission to use the port of Gwadar via the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). . In addition, Pakistan plans to join the CPEC with the Eurasia Economic Union.

Pakistan Russia plans to strengthen relations at a strategic level, and the trust between the two countries is growing rapidly. Strong ties between Pakistan and Russia would help build stability and prosperity in the region. For Russia, the benefits of improving bilateral relations with Pakistan are clearly defined, particularly in the context of a regional framework for counter-terrorism cooperation and Pakistan’s interest in buying Russian weapons systems and developing economic interaction. Pakistan is key to the east-west and north-south trade corridors, including the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in South Asia. It offers China’s Northeast Corridor, and it can also offer Russia the West Corridor. Russia can also benefit from the port of Gwadar. This can play an important role in the stability and economic progress of these regions.

Pakistan can be a competitive source of agricultural and textile products for Russia. Russian weapons are cheaper than US weapons. The defense partnership can relieve the military financially. Pakistan can also improve its relations with Russia through Track 3 diplomacy. Person-to-person contacts, university student exchange programs, and Russian language centers are some of the ways that this interaction can be facilitated. In the 1970s and 80s, many Pakistani students went to the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University for scholarships. This practice needs to be restored. Likewise, Russian students should be encouraged to study at top Pakistani universities. Cooperation can continue in a number of “high-tech” sectors such as biotechnology, aerospace and space, where Russia is competitive. We have ample opportunity to forge mutually beneficial partnerships in the aerospace industry and telecommunications. The economic cooperation is commendable. The expansion of the steel mill and the energy agreements will help Pakistan meet its energy needs.

The trust deficit between India and Pakistan is high. A direct Indo-Pak dialogue hardly produces anything essential. In this situation, if Pakistan’s relations with a country that is a strong ally of India improve, India should support this move as this channel could later be used to build trust with its neighbor. Russia wants Indopakistan to normalize in order to prevent a catastrophic conflict, limit US influence and develop new ways for energy, trade and industry to work together with South Asian countries. There is already a strategic partnership between China and Russia to promote regional peace. In addition to close cooperation with China, Pakistan is seeking Russian economic aid in the form of foreign direct investment and technological cooperation, particularly in the energy sector.

Russia reaches the Saudi Kingdom this week. Pakistan can be a safe route to the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf for Russia. Pakistan can positively influence the Central Asian states in a way that Russia does not disturb, by finding synergies in the economies. A railway / motorway connection between Stalingrad – Gwadar will change the entire region. Maybe a pipeline will follow. The Russian Navy can become a regular visitor to the Pakistani ports.

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World News – UK – Pakistan-Russia Relationship: Future Prospects – OpEd – Eurasia Review


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