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Neil Robertson beat Judd Trump 10-9 and won his third UK Championship in a memorably epic late night final.

An electrifying showpiece full of high pauses and impeccable cue ball control was expected, but it turned into a tactical dogfight between the two.

They divided into four frames for 4-4 for three centuries and there was no more than one frame between them.

The Australian collects the trophy and 200 prize money. 000 pounds at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, where the first British championship was held behind closed doors with no spectators present.

Fans watching at home expected two of the most in-shape players this season to have a free-flowing spectacle, but none were near their peak and tossed it out at 12:55 GMT early Monday morning.

Robertson told BBC Sport: « It was amazing. There was a lot of good stuff, and to use a quote that Mark Williams used, it got almost so bad that it was that good on a par because we both try so hard.

« We don’t want frames to be that long. We want to win frames with large breaks on a visit.

« Maybe I tried too hard because I lost my last two finals and brought Judd down a bit. But we’re both gladiators out there, even without a crowd; We’re both trying so hard to win. « 

Robertson, the most successful overseas snooker player, had been beaten in two finals that year, including the Champion of Champions. However, he took revenge on Trump for beating him at the English Open in October.

This match went to a final frame decider, and this marathon of a competition also went all the way when, after Trump’s inexplicable miss in the corner in the 19th. Frame hit the last pink.

Robertson was left behind in two previous, lengthy images of the game, but took the one that mattered most and contributed to his triumphs in 2013 and 2015.

The number three in the world brought his career to 19 title triumphs and brought him to sixth place on the all-time list with his opponent Trump.

Robertson showed his skills by taking the three-time world champion Selby apart in the quarter-finals and presenting another masterclass against Zhou Yuelong in the semi-finals.

It was a no-brainer throughout the finale and Robertson got stuck with a jumbled shot selection at times, but he held together tremendously well into the closing stages.

He set a new record in the British Championship for three centuries to increase his number to 13 for the tournament – beating the 12 put together by Stephen Hendry in 1994 and Ronnie O’Sullivan in 2003.

Robertson added, « When Judd was 9-8 years old, he took an amazing hiatus and if the gun goes better it’s game over – and I’ve got one of the best clearances of my career.

« It was full of climaxes, unbelievable mistakes and tension. Even without the crowd, I’m sure everyone at home loved it. « 

Since the start of last season, Bristol’s Trump has been in a class of its own, taking a record of six ranked titles last season and two more out of four finals this year.

The 2019 world champion has always been a competent potter and was armed with a top-notch tactical game and exceptional temperament, but came up unusually short in the final stages.

Trump said, « It was an epic battle. It’s hard to take and I really bottled it up. I was under pressure and I screwed up.

« I normally would never have missed the shape there, but the full length of the frame got me, as did the print and I tried too hard.

Defeated ended his 14-match winning streak that went through to the Champions of Champions semi-finals on Jan.. November goes back, and he’ll have to wait until he’s only the sixth player in history to win 20 or more ranked titles.

Trump was far from his devastating best for much of this tournament, including the finals, and couldn’t find a way to cross the payline on that occasion.

He is due to be active again later on Monday evening at the Scottish Open, but can apply to start his campaign the next day.

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World News – GB – Robertson defeats Trump in the epic final in Great Britain


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