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The British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s took the decisive place in the fourth annual Top 10 Christmas Ads ranking of the omnichannel advertising platform Mediaocean, while Amazon and Lego broke into the top ten for the first time.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Mediaocean has analyzed millions of engagements with public social media posts on Facebook and Twitter and analyzed which of this year’s Christmas advertisement generated the most social conversation in the two minutes after the start of each advertisement. and 21. It will be broadcast on TV November 2020 – and how people really deal with them.

Sainsbury’s – Gravy Song campaign, which deals with phone calls between family members who want to reunite for Christmas, increased the brand’s social media engagement by an average of 216 percent, providing by far the highest « social boost » of all time, advertising scores this year – or indeed every Christmas commercial in the past four years. The TV commercial picks up on the distant experience of family relationships that many had this year with a hopeful and optimistic view of Christmas.

In fact, supermarkets dominated the top 5, with Morrisons finishing second for the second year in a row with his own vision of family reunification. Lidl’s musical made it into the top ten again for the fourth time in a row. An advertisement undercut the emotional appeal of its competitors with a focus on price and quality.

Lego and its ‘and I think to myself’ ad made the top ten for the first time, finishing ninth in the Social Lift, but topping the mood list with a positive response of 94 percent, just ahead of Olivia Colman from M&S. told « Food Porn » approach. Lego’s rewriting of Louis Armstrong’s classic What a Wonderful World as That’s a Pretty Cool World bucked the trend this year by focusing on comedy and chaos over sentimentality.

However, across the board, Mediaocean found extremely positive sentiment in a context where people are keen on the joy of Christmas, with an average sentiment of 86 percent compared to 64 percent in 2019.

« This year’s Christmas advertising season has obviously presented brands with a unique challenge – and opportunity, » said Aaron Goldman, CMO, Mediaocean. “After the most socially disturbed year in most people’s memories, millions look forward to the holiday season as a break from the dark, where they can reconnect with what is most important to them. In response, we’ve seen brands instill that Christmas spirit early on, with the majority bringing their campaigns forward by more than three weeks. And it’s not surprising that many of the top performing ads use sentimentality more than ever, from John Lewis’ mixed journey of kindness to Sainsbury’s family calls. ”

John Lewis’ own ad, often considered the most anticipated of the season, has crept into tenth place on this year’s rankings. The story of little acts of kindness told through a kaleidoscope of various art styles was well received, but didn’t generate the same buzz as Excitable Edgar in 2019, up 59 percent in 2020 from 122 percent the previous year.

Meanwhile, main competitor M&S continued a long-standing subject of extreme close-ups of food with luxurious narrative that Olivia Colman (star of The Crown’s final season, released this month) preferred this year for a fee of can be donated to charity. With the third highest social boom in 2020 and an extremely positive sentiment, this product-centric approach seems to have caught on better this year than other narrative styles.

« Of course, attracting attention is one thing – but that attention has to be positive, » advises Goldman. « Measuring marketing effectiveness is about measuring what people are saying or doing and measuring whether they say it. Our Mediaocean Ad Impact Barometer shows that the majority of brands did everything right this year by resonating with consumers and being enticing too. While Sainsbury clearly knocked it out of the park this year, we have to consider M&S and Lego big winners too. M&S ‘laser focus focuses on the main appeal of food, which makes you feel particularly appealing with the audience, while Lego’s humor and ingenuity have refreshed the people who see a lot of emotionally charged advertisements on TV. ”

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World News – GB – Sainsbury’s top ranking for Christmas ads


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