World News – UK – Serie A continues on Monday and Fiorentina faces poor Genoa at home


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Fiorentina has yet to score another goal in Serie A under new coach Cesare Prandelli, but Genoa only saved one goal in 2020/21.

The viola has played four games without a win and has lost 1-0 to Benevento and 2-0 to Milan since Artemio Franchi took over Prandelli.

But the guests are in a similar position and Rolando Maran’s men lost their last four games straight away and their 4-1 win over Crotone in Week 1 is their only success so far this season.

The pressure on Maran is increasing after eight games without a win and both coaches will try to change the situation on Monday evening.

Prandelli tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday and the team group was isolated in trust, but three consecutive tests have confirmed his negativity and suspended quarantine.

It shouldn’t affect the preparation for Monday too much, but games between the viola and the rossoblu usually end in a draw.

The two teams shared the booty in 10 of 18 fixtures from 2011-12, but Fiorentina has only won once in their last nine games against the Grifone in the league.

Fiorentina have not scored a goal in their last four Serie A games. Only three times in history has the viola registered five games in a row without rating (1947, 2002 and 2019). .

-Hellas Verona 1-1 Cagliari
-Parma 0-0 Benevento
-AS Roma 0-0 Sassuolo
-Udinese – Atalanta * postponed
-Crotone 0-4 Napoli
-Sampdoria 1-2 AC Milan

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World news – GB – Serie A continues on Monday
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