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It’s been a terrible two years for Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) on ​​Coronation Street. She was forcibly controlled by husband Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) and has spent the last seven months in prison after attacking him with a bottle of wine.

Yasmeen spent time behind bars, but out in Weatherfield, Alya (Sair Khan) went out of her way to help her grandmother, and after some tricky days in court, Yasmeen was finally free to walk. Although life in prison was over for Yasmeen, the trauma was not. No sooner had she been released than Geoff went back to his usual methods, trying to manipulate and trick Yasmeen, but she did not fall for it.

On tonight’s dramatic episode celebrating 60 years of Coronation Street, Geoff bent to a whole new low (yes, we didn’t think it was possible either) and covered no. 6 in lighter liquid, light the house and run upstairs to find Yasmeen. After a final showdown between the two and Alya, Geoff fell off the roof and finally came to an end.

So what’s next for Yasmeen, Tim (Joe Duttine), and everyone else involved in this story, now Geoff is dead?

Now Yasmeen’s prison life is over, she has to adjust to life in Weatherfield again – a place she hasn’t been in months. The last time Yasmeen was in Weatherfield she was brought into the back of a police car after an attack on Geoff, but now residents know the truth, how will they all react to see Yasmeen again?

Tonight, when Yasmeen walked in No.. For the first time, memories of the night she attacked Geoff immediately haunted her. Although Geoff has died, the memories of Yasmeen’s ordeal will stay with her exceptionally long.

As Shelley King said recently, « the tunnel doesn’t end. This trauma will affect her for the rest of her life. It would be too easy for her to just be healed, whatever happens to her partner. And she’s a Metcalfe who stays with her too. ‘

Fortunately, Yasmeen still has the love and support of her granddaughter Alya, who of course will be there for her grandmother in the inevitable dark times. However, when you think of Elaine Jones, who is now mentally uncomfortable with the effects Geoff’s abuse had on her, how dark does it get for Yasmeen?

Aside from dealing with the consequences of abuse, Yasmeen also has to adjust to normal life again. We don’t think she will be back to work anytime soon, but if she does where will she go? Her previous jobs included working at the community center and Speed ​​Daal. However, does she want to return to the same job or start something new?

There is also the little thing no. 6, now with significant fire damage. Yasmeen lives with Alya now, but with Toyah (Georgia Taylor) and Imran (Charlie De Melo) focused on their adventure, will Yasmeen and Alya be faced with finding another place to live?

Tim was told his entire childhood had been a lie, and the man he believed to be a hero was a controlling and manipulative abuser. In reality, Tim needs to be influenced by everything that has happened, but how?

We all remember the frustrating months that Tim was defending his father and now his father is dead and he has seen the real side of him. Will Tim feel like he can’t mourn his father? Until Tim realized the truth, he loved his father very much. If he didn’t let himself be grieved, it could hit him more than he realizes.

One thing we know about Tim is that he will decide to see more of Elaine. But if Tim is already struggling with his father’s death and has resigned himself to having his birth mother back in his life, will he be taking things too far with Elaine?

He’ll no doubt use Elaine as a distraction, but maybe we’ll see him in a fight of his own? If he doesn’t feel worthy of anyone’s support (especially Yasmeen) for defending his father, we may see Tim paint on a smile and pretend everything is fine when he’s around people And fight in silence.

Alya and Sally (Sally Dynevor) supported Yasmeen and Tim as much as possible throughout the year. Now that Geoff has reached his end, Alya and Sally will have the tough job of helping Yasmeen and Tim in the episodes. While we know Sally and Tim have a strong relationship, if Sally tries to encourage Tim to slow down with Elaine, and if Tim begins to struggle with his emotions, they may face more trial times.

When it comes to Alya, she is someone who can be incredibly strong when she has to be. As has been shown over the past few months, Alya didn’t stop until she found something or someone who could help Yasmeen. But could it soon be difficult for her if she doesn’t have time to look after herself?

Whatever happens to Alya and Sally, we have no doubt that they will be there to support Elaine as she too is getting used to life without Geoff and rebuilding a relationship with her son.

Last week Elaine took the stand and we were all shocked to see how strong she was, defending ourselves and Yasmeen, trying her best to prove to the courts what a bad man Geoff is. Elaine had spent time in a mental hospital, to be honest, no one really knew how she would get along in court and again in front of Geoff, but she certainly played a huge role in helping Yasmeen and allowing her to be free from jail his.

When it comes to Elaine building her new relationship with Tim, it won’t be easy. Since Tim is already traveling too fast, there is concern that Elaine will find the pressure too overwhelming. Elaine hasn’t been a mother to Tim in over thirty years. Turning on the maternal traits again can be a challenge for them. If she finds things too much, will she run away from Tim’s life again? Leave him without a mother and father?

We don’t know much about Elaine, nor do we know much about her mental health problems. During the scenes where Geoff terrorized Elaine in the hospital, he mentioned that he couldn’t wait for everyone to hear about her psychotic episodes. Of course, Geoff may have lied about it, he lied about a lot of things after all, but considering how fragile Elaine is, her mental health issues could be something Tim has to try to deal with too.

Elaine is in Tim’s life now, maybe she can tell him the truth about his childhood too?

The effects of Geoff’s abuse will be enormous for these characters. You need to pull yourself together and help each other in times of need. Every character has been affected by Geoff’s abuse in one way or another over the past year, and although Geoff has disappeared from his life after so much ruin, the challenges for these Weatherfield residents have only just begun.

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World News – GB – Spoiler: What’s next for Yasmeen and her family in Corrie, now Geoff is dead?
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