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With the brand new album’ What the Future Holds’ and an accompanying Headline Arena tour starting in 2021, the steps are back.

The group says their sixth album, which will be released on Jan.. Released November 11th, « one of the best we’ve ever done » and the fan reaction to the first two singles « Something In Your Eyes » and the title track has been nothing but positive.

They hope it follows in the footsteps of their previous release and becomes a pop fan favorite. The band says the album’s sound includes a line from the theme song: « One foot in the past and one foot in the past future ».

We caught up with the group before it was released and they said, « This album really nods to our back catalog and the fans heard that from the singles that for us are up there with the ‘classic Steps sound’. ‘After love has passed and love has gripped my heart.

« But then we have new songs on the album that sound more mature like ‘Hold My Heart’ and ‘Under My Skin’ – which is popular with H and Claire – so it’s a very mixed bag for Step fans ».

They will release their album on the same day that Miley Cyrus releases their seventh LP ‘Plastic Hearts’. So it becomes after Little Mix vs.. . Kylie earlier this month.

But the group feels no pressure to reach the top spot and tells us, « It doesn’t feel like we’re in the competition because the charts now are such that not everyone is looking for a number one.  » At the end of the week.

« Nowadays we do it more for the fans and it doesn’t feel like we have to take over the world because the people who want us can hear us and we can release great new stuff for them and people, who don’t know us, get to know us through all these amazing platforms « .

Number one or not, their sixth studio album is set to match the success of ‘Tears on the Dancefloor’ in 2017, which became the second largest independent album of the year – just behind Stormzy.

This was a risk for the pop group, which has reunited alongside S Club 7, B * Witched, Busted, Blue, Atomic Kitten, and Liberty X, to name a few, for tours that have been heavily influenced by Hanging out on Nostaliga.

With fans unpacking arenas and expecting to hear « Tragedy », « Stomp », « The Way You Make Me Feel » and « 5,6,7,8 » for The Ultimate Tour 2012 I easily repeated this all over again with another sold-out run of the greatest hits.

Says the band, « When we first came back the industry had changed and it was all about reality TV. If we’re being honest we weren’t sure we wanted to do this because we weren’t from that time.

« It took a lot of persuasion and we decided to jump on the bandwagon with it. We didn’t really know what was going to happen and it was obviously a huge success. It worked really well so we started thinking why we shouldn’t keep doing this. « .

After that first reunion hit in 2012, the band found new management and moved in a different direction – including new, original music – that they described as « positive and focused ». .

The reception of the fans for the new music has not gone unnoticed by the band. She says, « It’s really flattering because when we were talking about going back we could have just put our entire old back catalog on another album with the biggest hits. « .

« But the feedback we got was that a lot of fans wanted new music, which is wonderful. They accept that very much and for us as artists it is very nice that we can release new music, and we think that it can hold its own against our back catalog.

« When we go on tour, getting as many of our hits on the setlist as possible is a tough decision, but having them is a big problem. « .

The band and fans alike love the classics, and while the new album is also highly anticipated, there is one track that Steps say they love to perform and that is « Scared of the Dark ». .

It was the first single to be lifted off their 2017 album, and it really marked their comeback in pop music. They say, « We loved coming back and opening the show with it, mainly because we came back with new music after so long. The response to that was so amazing. We created the entire first section of the show around this song. « .

On the 2021 tour, which will take place on 2. Beginning November November in Sheffield and visiting arenas across the UK and Ireland, the band tells us, « We know what the stage is going to be like and it’s really exciting because we’ve never done it before.

« But in terms of the setlist, we think we’re going to cut our work out because we have so much material to choose from now and it’s impossible to make everyone happy, right? So we’ll try – but there could be some melodies in it « .

Touring is her favorite part when it comes to being Steps, from staging, to costumes and set lists, to the raving fans unpacking the venues. A Steps gig is a joyful time and may be needed more than ever, the band adds: « It feels like a really good era for Steps to be right now. « .

And with the latest single « Something In Your Eyes » with classic Steps choreography, they asked fans to join the dance routine in a TikTok-style challenge.

But steps have inspired dance routines since ‘5,6,7,8’ in the 90s, as H says, « We were really ahead of our time, weren’t we? Come on! ».

Tickets for Steps are now available from Ticketmaster. co. Great Britain and ax. com. The full tour dates can be found below.

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World News – GB – Steps on their new album Was die Future Holds and UK Arena Tour


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