World News – UK – Urology public inquiry arranged through consultant Aidan O’Brien


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. css-14iz86j-BoldText {font-weight: bold;} Northern Ireland’s Minister of Health has ordered a statutory public inquiry into « serious concerns » about the clinical practice of a hospital advisor.

Robin Swann said hundreds of families had been contacted by his department about a review by urology consultant Aidan O’Brien.

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« The Trust informed my department that it would. June 2020 became aware of potential concerns about delays in the treatment of surgical patients cared for by the Trust’s Consultative Urologist. « 

He added, « The Trust realized that two out of ten patients listed for surgery under the care of this advisor were not in the hospital’s patient management system at the time.

« Because of these potential patient safety concerns, an initial review exercise of the counselor’s work was conducted to determine if other areas were of potential concern. « 

Robin Swann informed the congregation that until today 1. 159 patient records were reviewed and 271 patients or families were contacted by the Trust.

On his decision to order a public inquiry, the Minister of Health said, « I believe this is the best way to ensure that the full extent of the concern is recognized and that affected patients and families can see these and all relevant issues are followed up in a transparent and independent manner.

« My officers are preparing the way to get this investigation underway as soon as possible.

« This will take some time and I would expect that the respective families and patients will have the opportunity to influence the mandate of the investigation. « 

Colm Gildernew, chairman of the Stormont Health Committee, described the situation as « worrying » but welcomed the announcement of an investigation.

DUP MLA Jonathan Buckley said it would « undoubtedly be of concern for patients throughout the Southern Trust. « . « 

Separately, the Minister announced that he was conducting an independent investigation into the neurology scandal with Dr. Michael Watt will convert it into a public inquiry.

Alliance Party’s MLA, Paula Bradshaw, said, « The common factor in Muckamore, neurology, hyponatremia and all of this is clinical control. How often are we as MLAs brought to this chamber to discuss breakdowns in clinical governance. Are you going to look at a broader health and social care process to improve this?

Mr. Swann replied: « I do not enjoy making these statements, it worries me, it annoys me that we are in the position to have to make them. « 

The minister said he hoped the investigation would find the « root cause » of the problems.

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd described the Minister’s announcement as probably one of the most disturbing he had heard. He said there was a problem within the « culture » of health care.

« Our advisors have too much power, » said O’Dowd. « And if someone has too much power, he will not be held accountable.

« Would the Minister agree that until this culture changes and the balance of power between the trusts and the advisors is in place, at some point we will return to another adviser for further investigation.

The president says a major federal agency should « do what needs to be done, » but he vows to keep fighting.

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World News – UK – Public Inquiry into Urology appointed through Consultant Aidan O’Brien


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