World News – UK – Welsh Government urges a response to findings that cared for children are being exploited in North Wales


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The Welsh Government urges a response to findings that cared for children are being exploited in North Wales

The Shadow Minister for North Wales highlighted the findings of the report that identified children in care in the region and asked the Welsh Government for an urgent explanation on the matter.

In today’s business statement in the Welsh Parliament, Mark Isherwood MS said the County Lines and Looked After Children report, which was released on Jan.. Released December 12 by crime and justice specialist Crest Advisory, « Looked After Children in North » Wales is not being protected as it should be.

Mr Isherwood told Trefnydd (Business Organizer) Welsh Government that this is « an urgent matter that cannot be overlooked because of Covid ». .

He said, “I think this is an urgent matter, an urgent matter that cannot be overlooked because of COVID, and I want an urgent explanation accordingly. ”

Conservative MS says it was selected based on police data and stakeholder interviews in North Wales and Merseyside to reflect the exploitation at either end of a county line they found:

• that almost all known County Lines operations in North Wales originate from Merseyside;

• that the lines go to North Wales in two ways: first to the local authorities of Flintshire and Wrexham; and second to coastal towns such as Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Abergele, Llandudno and Bangor;

• Although cared-for children are taken into community care to improve their well-being, they are overrepresented in child crime exploitation of county lines and are far from being effectively protected.

• Children in nursing homes and unregulated facilities are at higher risk of missing, with 31 percent of incidents missing from care in North Wales in the past two years;

• Although supervised children are disproportionately represented in district networks, they are not systematically identified by the police or the local authorities.

The Trenydd agreed that “child exploitation is clearly something that we must take very seriously. ”

She added: “I know Mark Isherwood will be taking up this issue with the North Wales Police, but I will ask the Minister for Social Services to also provide him with an update on what Social Services can do to provide this care Ensure children in their care are kept as safe as possible, and educated about the dangers of county boundaries and protected from anyone who might attempt to exploit them. ”

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World News – UK – Welsh government presses to respond to findings that cared for children are being exploited in North Wales


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