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Home and Away is a long-running soap that originally aired on Seven Network, and fans in the UK have enjoyed watching the episode on Channel 5 for many years. The soap follows the personal lives of residents of Summer Bay, a fictional town in New South Wales. Fans may have noticed that Home and Away is not on the air right now and Express is. co. Britain has everything you need to know.

Winter is fast approaching and unfortunately fans from home and away won’t be able to get their taste for the sun until the new year.

The soap of the day, which is normally broadcast with 1. Weekdays at 3 p.m. in the UK has gone off screens as of today and won’t be back on the television schedule until 2021.

The show is known to take an annual Christmas hiatus in order for the series to maintain a void between Australian programs on Seven Network.

The last episode of the year was on Sept.. It aired on 5STAR in the UK on November 11th and arrived on Channel 5 the following day.

Fans were dying to find out what happened next to Dean Thompson (played by Patrick O’Connor), who ran away with his son Jai Simmons for fear that his boy would be taken away from him.

The audience will be waiting to find out if Dean gets out of his depth after his impulsive decision.

Unfortunately, they have to wait until January 2021 to find out what happens, and an official release date for the next episode has yet to be confirmed.

It is known that soap is taking a break in Australia too. Typically around 46 weeks worth of episodes air year-round, but this year there was less airing due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The series will be launched from 30. November take a break in Australia, and then the season finale is on the air.

After the series has been removed from the TV program, the popular soap neighbors will move to a slot at 1 p.m..

Fans will also find that the usual 6pm slot, usually filled with home and away reps, is being taken over by replays of the legendary comedy series Friends.

Home and Away is one of Australia’s most successful series and has been sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The series originally focused on one family – The Fletchers – but many new characters have been introduced since then.

Viewers were disappointed to hear that they won’t be able to watch any new episodes of the soap for a while. One said on Twitter: « Nooooooo, it’s the last #homeandaway until the new year !! [sic]. « 

Another fan said, « Last 2020 # HomeAndAway episode, what should I do at my # WorkFFomHome lunches now? ». « 

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The series, which was created by Alan Bateman, was originally supposed to be called « Refuge » and was inspired by local residents who complained about building a nursing home in the area.

After season one production began, the title was changed to Home and Away to give it a more accessible feel.

The series is the second longest drama series in Australia and usually airs Monday through Thursday at 7pm.

Fans in Ireland and New Zealand still love the soap and it is one of the most popular shows on their main networks.

The soap has won a total of 46 Logie Awards as well as 12 Australian Writers’ Guild Awards over the years.

Because of the soap’s popularity, all kinds of goods have been made, including books and soundtracks.

Fans in the UK have had to get used to fewer episodes this year due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on production.

As early as March 2020, the official Twitter account for the soap said: « Due to Covid-19, we have decided to reduce the number of Eps from home and away on @ channel5_tv from 5 to 2 per week. so that fans can enjoy them as long as possible. « 

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World News – GB – Why is Home and Away not active?
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