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WWE Clash of Champions is billed as the night of the year that every title on Raw and SmackDown must be defended, so WWE has spent the last few weeks putting together all the feuds that made up the sunday card

One of the biggest games of the night saw Roman Reigns take on his cousin, Jey Uso. Did the healthy twin manage to defeat his own family to win the Universal Title or The Big Dog a- Did he prove his bite was as bad as his bark?

The WWE Championship was also on the line in a SummerSlam rematch when Randy Orton faced off against Drew McIntyre

We also saw a ladder match with Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy, while Zelina Vega got her first chance for a title when she faced Asuka, and The Hurt Business’s Bobby Lashley got faced Apollo Crews in another rematch

However, Charly Caruso announced during the pre-show that Nikki Cross, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are not medically cleared to compete.

Cesaro started against Lince Dorado The Swiss cyborg took control for a while using his power to his advantage Once Kalisto got the tag he took over with a big splash on Dorado’s shoulder

Nakamura ended up winning the tag and got back on top with a few well-placed hits He and Cesaro started creating quick tags to keep Dorado stuck and stay cool

The Golden Lynx tried to turn things around with a sunset bomb, but a quick kick from Cesaro knocked him down for an imminent fall Champions held control for a while Dorado continued to kick out but it took a little longer to kick out with each cover

Kalisto did the hot tag and with a little help from Dorado they were able to send the two men to the ground Dorado helped Kalisto hit a DDT tornado on the ground before they took turns hitting the ground. moon laps on Cesaro Big Tony kicked out at two and stopped Kalisto from making another tag

Nakamura attacked Dorado and suplexed him over the barricade This allowed the champions to team up on Kalisto Cesaro flipped Kalisto into Kinshasa from Nakamura to get the pin and keep the SmackDown tag titles

It was a fun and energetic tag match to kick off the action Some of Kalisto and Dorado’s doubles team moves were both memorable and impressive

Nakamura and Cesaro continue to shine as a team at a time when the team division appears to be at its lowest They never give less than 100% when in the ring

We haven’t had a big fight between Kalisto and Dorado or a breaking angle, so WWE needs to save that for SmackDown

Zayn talked a little trash can to get things done Styles took the first few shots at him, but it was Hardy who cornered the two men and took control with a clothesline and bulldog combo He tried to bring up the first ladder but Styles hit a baseball slide to send it up his ribs

Zayn hit his signature moonsault springboard to the ground before picking up the ladder and throwing it at Hardy The Phenomenal One and The Charismatic Enigma both recovered and started fighting in the ring Hardy ended up miss Styles with a corner jump and hit his ribs on the racks of an upside down ladder

Styles was the first to attempt to tackle the belts hanging over the ring but Zayn was there to pull him down He took out The Great Liberator with a Pele Kick Hardy kept Styles from reaching the belts as they fought at the top of the ladder Hardy crashed onto the mat but he managed to get up and stop Styles from reaching the top

Zayn sent Styles up a ladder with a blasting suplex The three men ended up at ringside and after a brief scuffle Zayn was the last man standing He slowly climbed the ladder until Styles got him throws a stepladder to knock him off Styles and Hardy climbed the opposite sides of the ladder and he ended up tipping to get the two men out

The Enigma took out both opponents at once when he pushed over the ladder to knock Zayn out and take out Styles in mid-air as he attempted a phenomenal forearm Hardy took a brutal spill to the ground when Zayn tumbled over the ladder he was on Zayn used a ladder to bridge the ring to the announcement table Styles spiked him with a Moonsault DDT of the table

Hardy put Zayn on the bridge and climbed another ladder He hit a Swanton who knocked out Zayn and broke the ladder into two Styles was all alone as he set up another ladder in the ring He started climbing and Hardy got into the ring in time to push him off the ladder

Zayn used a pair of handcuffs to attach Hardy’s ear to a ladder outside the ring He tried to handcuff Styles to a ring rope but The Phenomenal One didn’t let that happen Zayn ended up handcuffing Styles to keep him from climbing the ladder It was a great tactic

Hardy dragged the ladder into the ring near his ear as Styles tried to climb with Zayn on his shoulders The Liberator produced a key to unlock and handcuffed Styles to the ladder Zayn climbed the ladder and clinched both belts to become the legitimate IC champion

Was this the best Ladder match of all time? Maybe not but he’s gonna be a contender for WWE’s Game of the Year for sure

All three contestants gave nothing less than 100% to make it a flying performance They are on a B-level PPV with no fans in the arena and they fought like they were in the main event of WrestleMania in front of thousands of screaming fans

Hardy was his habit of taking risks and gave us a few extra moments to add to his possible Hall of Fame flagship film, as were Zayn and Styles

In fact this fight had some of the most creative places we have seen in a Ladder match in quite some time It was an impressive performance from everyone involved

R-Truth was doing her thing behind the scenes when Drew Gulak wrapped her up to win the 24/7 title After a video package for Reigns vs Uso, Zelina Vega made her way to the ring for her match against Asuka

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They locked themselves in and Asuka led Vega to the mat to assert her dominance Vega kicked her in the knee but when they laced the fingers for a strength test, the Empress had the upper hand Vega a used his legs to untie Asuka’s arm

The champion put her on the top turnbuckle but Vega managed to counter a superplex Asuka hit a hip attack to knock her off the apron

Vega attacked the arm she had injured earlier and put Asuka in an armband The Empress reversed in the Asukalock but couldn’t keep it tight because of her left arm Vega dodged another hip attack and hit a local hurricane

After some impending falls from Vega, Asuka managed to submit her to Asukalock to retain her title After the match Asuka offered her hand in respect but Vega attacked her and left

It was a good performance from both women, but it felt a bit rushed and ended before she had a chance to really start

It was going to be difficult for anyone to follow this Ladder match, but it would have been nice to see what was the only women’s match on the map at this point with a little more time

Vega is going to surprise a lot of people who don’t know her skills in the ring She is a talented high flyer who is going to have this belt one day

Ricochet accompanied Crews into the ring as Lashley had MVP and Shelton Benjamin by his side They locked themselves in and fought for control for a few seconds Lashley scored the first knockdown with an ongoing shoulder tackle execution

The All Mighty dominated for the next few minutes until the crews hit a cross from the top of the rope Lashley quickly recovered and hit a flatliner for a two count

Whenever Crews tried to come back it seemed like Lashley had an answer for him The former champion started to develop a steam head and knocked him out of the ring with a stiff nudge.

Lashley hit huge superplex for tight count of two After some more trades, Lashley applied The Hurt Lock for the submission victory

It was a decent match but he never got out of second gear It was like WWE wanted the two guys to look good and it ended up not allowing either of them to stand out a lot

Lashley’s style must be more violent He is a professional MMA fighter and unreal power He should fight more like Brock Lesnar

The rowdy crew was a predictable end but Cedric Alexander’s absence was odd It really seemed like it was a setup for him to interfere but it never happened

Andrade and Angelo Dawkins got things going El Idolo applied a deep header but Dawkins was able to break free and hit an impressive dropkick

Montez Ford scored and hit his own dropkick As Ford was distracted with Angel Garza, Andrade attacked him from behind This allowed Garza to score and hit a double team move with Andrade to take the control

Ford escaped from a submission and dropped Garza onto his back Both men tagged and Dawkins got the upper hand He went on a rampage throwing both opponents around the ring like dolls of El Idolo rag stopped its momentum with a precision chin dropkick

Garza and Ford rallied and came together on the top rope Luchador hit a Spanish fly for a tight two-count Andrade pulled Dawkins off the apron to avoid a tag He scored and hit Ford with a double knee running for another imminent fall

Dawkins came in and punched Andrade with his finisher It looked like Andrade could have sent off but the referee called the bell A replay made it clear that the referee botched the call

It’s unclear how many times we’ve seen these two teams go head to head Raw currently lacking in the tag team department and these duos carried the weight of the division until WWE came up with something. something better

However, the fact that these two teams have faced each other so many times has caused them to develop more and more chemistry over time. This match was their best yet

The referee’s sloppy finish likely robbed us of the intended finish, but that will also be what WWE uses to keep this feud going until they have more teams to come in and out of. title image

R-Truth regained the title 24/7 when he attacked Gulak with a large metal bowl backstage during an interview with Kayla Braxton Bayley came out after that to address her canceled match against Cross

The role model had a huge smile on her face as she held her trademark steel chair above her head as pyro pulled behind her.She rejoiced that she had won by forfeit decided to issue an open challenge for her title It seemed like a dishonest offer but Asuka wasn’t about to let her get away with it

She ran to the ring and the ref called the bell The Empress dodged a clothesline and began to take Bayley down The SmackDown champion tried to walk away but Asuka pulled her back to the ring for a hip attack to score two points

She put The Role Model in an armband and switched to the Asukalock She must have broken when Bayley grabbed the bottom rope Bayley was able to take control for a while, but her longtime rival came back all over immediately with a rotunda at the head and a German suplex on the ground

Bayley grabbed her chair and used it as a weapon to provoke a DQ As she celebrated, Sasha Banks hit her from behind with a chair She continued to attack her old friend with a kendo stick and chairs until Bayley retires

As for Cross’s substitutes, WWE had a few options Lacey Evans, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss were all options, but WWE opted to go with another match which we’ve seen a few times these last month

It was cool to see Asuka look so beautiful for the second time in one night, but if the match was just going to end in a DQ anyway, WWE should have asked someone else to challenge her.

Banks’ return was probably meant to be part of the match with Cross, but it was still a satisfying way for her to get revenge The post-match attack helped the rating Otherwise the match would have got a C

McIntyre took the lead early and cornered Orton for a series of kicks and punches The Viper attempted to retaliate but the bigger McIntyre held him at bay

Orton was finally able to knock him down and prepare for the Punt Big Show came out of nowhere and grabbed his leg to keep him from hitting the champion He took Orton out of the ring and strangled him through the announcement table

They made their way to the ambulance McIntyre grabbed a special red steel chair he had stored near the vehicle and used it to hit The Legend Killer Orton hit him with a crutch to knock over the situation

Both men ended up inside the ambulance but neither was able to close the doors of the other Orton tried to slam the ambulance door on McIntyre’s head but he encountered a vicious Glasgow Kiss The champion lined up and threw the vehicle door when he missed a Claymore

They took the fight backstage where McIntyre continued to beat the challenger After Orton threw McIntyre into a wall, Christian came out of nowhere to take down the man who hit him earlier this year

They fought all the way to the ambulance and that’s when Orton hit McIntyre’s head in the windshield to smash it and give himself time to recover. They got on top of the ambulance and several cuts could be seen on McIntyre’s back due to the broken glass

As Orton stood on top of the ambulance, looking confident, Shawn Michaels pulled him out of nowhere and pushed him out of the ambulance to the ground As the Scottish psychopath tried to drag Orton to the ambulance, the viper hit an RKO He rolled McIntyre and closed a door As he prepared to win the match, McIntyre reached out to stop him

The WWE Champion tripped and hit a Claymore before throwing Orton He was going to close the doors but he popped Orton’s head out so he could kick his own before closing the doors to win the match

This is yet another match on the map that we have seen a few times It wasn’t their best encounter of this feud but it wasn’t bad at all It was really, really fun

Stipulations like ambulance matches will always be controversial as the ending will always be unconventional due to how someone has to win

Both Superstars are capable of having brutal and physical matches, so it’s no surprise to see them elevate this match above its stipulations It’s a shame that so many other people must have been involved

All the interference made sense from a script standpoint, but it didn’t help McIntyre In fact, it seemed like he needed help winning It was good but it could have been a lot better when you consider who was involved

Reigns walked out for this match without his trademark vest, but he still wore cargo pants and boots as always He had no expression on his face as he walked towards the ring

The ref called the bell and the cousins ​​circled around Uso said there was no need to go down like this before they locked themselves in The Big Dog backed him up in the corner and made a clean break but didn’t back down He forced Uso to go around him to get back to the middle of the ring

They locked themselves in again and Reigns threw Uce into the ring Jey knew he didn’t have Jimmy in his corner but didn’t seem downhearted He walked past Reigns and did a little dance to anger him Reigns threw him out of the ring with authority

Reigns quickly counted twice and looked crazy that his cousin had the courage to kick out the door He talked a lot about trash to Jey as he struggled to get up The tribal chief had him choked with the top rope and knocked it off the apron with a huge uppercut

Reigns said he loved his cousin as he banged his head against the announcement table Jey hit a Samoan fall out of nowhere for a two count Whenever it looked like Uce was going to create a momentum, Reigns knocked him down

Jey pushed Reigns onto the ring post for a chance He dressed Reigns out of the ring and took a suicide dive He kicked Reigns out of the ring for a second suicide dive The Big Dog hit a surprising Rough Ryder for a two-person account

Uso hit a superfly splash but when Reigns sent off he used his arm to strike a low blow while the ref was distracted He followed with a spear Reigns wanted Uso to call him his tribal chief and when he refused he hit his cousin with a second spear He refused to try to win until Uso recognized him as his superior He delivered a brutal beating as he continued to demand respect

Jimmy limped to the ring and said he wanted to throw in the towel for his brother Jey told him not to Reigns said this could all end if Jimmy recognized Reigns’ position at the top of table Jey begged him not to Reigns dragged Jey back and kept beating him until Jimmy finally threw in the towel

Some matches are about big spots Others are about technical ability This match was designed to tell a story and it achieved that goal

Reigns was talking trash to his cousin as he played with him for most of the game was the best heel job we’ve seen from him since his return It helped sell his new attitude better than anything what he could have done in the ring

Cheating with a low kick was the icing on the cake Not only did it establish that the title means more to Reigns than his own family, but it also means he’s ready to put his pride aside to succeed

It was better than anyone could have predicted Uso looked great as the Underdog and Reigns were even better as the dominant jerk It was an exceptional ending for a hot and cold PPV

It’s going to be very interesting to see if this is the end of this story or if The Usos and Reigns become permanent rivals

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World News – UK – WWE Clash of Champions 2020 Results: Winners, Ratings, Reactions & Facts highlights


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