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Reds reporter Sarah Clapson answered fan questions in a live web chat prior to clashing with Sheffield Wednesday

The only goal difference is keeping the Reds out of the relegation zone of the championship after a dismal run of form.

A: Hughton was actually asked Saturday after the game if he was tempted to mess things up a little and try something different.

He admitted that it is a difficult balancing act and that whenever you pick an XI, it does, regardless of whether the team wins or loses.

He said that if you change things too much, there is always the danger of disturbing things and disturbing consistency.

Can understand where he’s from. Although Forest only lost games at the moment, I’m not sure that would be too worrying!

I think he tried different things. For example, we’ve seen some different midfield combinations and Taylor-Grabban and Taylor-Guerrero were up at different times.

In defense, he would ideally like to have Worrall and McKenna – that would definitely be my first choice partnership. But injuries meant that there weren’t too many opportunities for them to play together.

He has to switch backlines tomorrow, however, as Figueiredo is suspended. Probably a choice between Dawson and Mbe Soh, then playing alongside Worrall.

Can understand why people ask why Mbe Soh didn’t have a lot of play time and admittedly he looked very good in the two games he played. But he’s still very new to the championship.

He has a lot of potential and is rated very highly, but for me I wouldn’t throw him in at the moment. Not when Forest urgently needs just one result. And especially against Wednesday.

I haven’t tried to make excuses for Hughton, but he had a couple of injuries to deal with that limited his options.

I just think it doesn’t make much difference if he tries to change his team selection because he has a number of underperforming players and – despite a large squad – several players who are very similar.

Other than that, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, if I were I would definitely play Mighten more often.

Not the only one, but it definitely plays a big role. And the longer this run lasts, the more difficult it will be to get out of this rut.

They had that spell in the second half on Saturday trying to work their way back into the game but after Knockaert’s attempt was ruled out and Brentford made it 2-0, heads fell off.

You’ve had a really tough series of games lately. I was to blame for everyone before they went into that run and thought it was a tester for where they are against the top teams.

I think it was in some ways, but what is really being done is to show that at the moment they are far from it. The focus is now on the bottom of the table, not the top.

Now those games are out of the way, but they need to view this next mini-run as a real chance to get out of this slump.

If they can run, hopefully the table will look completely different and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. But it is now up to the players to do so on the field.

To some extent, agree with Hughton that they played pretty well against the top teams and just didn’t get their rewards. The difference, however, was in both fields.

Forest was not convinced in the future and scored terrible goals at the other end.

It’s okay to play well in between, but it won’t get you anywhere if you’re not clinical in both boxes.

A: This comment from Joe Worrall that he is not friends has definitely sparked a lot of debate.

In a team environment, you cannot avoid hurting the feelings of others – as you and I would if we were talking to our friends, for example.

I think it got a little misunderstood as some people view it as a dressing room which is almost like a war.

Don’t think this is the case. But don’t think they’re all best friends either – although that’s the same in many locker rooms.

In a professional setting like this, you don’t have to be very good friends for it to work.

There are many examples in many clubs over the years where the players barely talked to each other off the field but had a great relationship.

Again, not that this is currently the case with Forest. I just want to point out that not everyone always has to get along.

Whenever we talk to the players about the dressing room, they say it’s a good group.

However, it seems that there is a lack of team spirit – especially compared to last season.

Hughton and Lolley have spoken in recent interviews about how difficult it can be to promote this in the Covid era when you can’t get together as much as you normally would.

When 14 new players have signed in the summer, it will certainly be difficult.

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Can understand that people are starting to question Hughton and he has to criticize recent results for being the manager and the money stays with him.

But players also need to get up and be counted. Don’t think they’ve all done this in the past few games.

Hughton can train them as often as he likes on the training ground, but when players make individual mistakes, you can’t legislate for them.

Hughton is a very experienced manager and has had success elsewhere. Given the time, I’m confident he can get a job at Forest.

Obviously injured after a terrible defeat, he spoke in the heat of the moment, but he didn’t strike.

Some pretty worrying findings – about the stats leak and his argument that some players are not doing the work.

Do you think he said what had to be said after a series of such results. Lots of players will speak to the media and come up with the same old stereotypes. No chance at Worrall.

And as much as Hughton wants to protect players from the position they are in – so they don’t get frightened – it was also interesting to hear Worrall say that there is definitely a chance they can go down when they don’t play. wake up and smell the coffee.

These next few games would probably be considered more profitable games, and Forest has to get out of them with the intention of scooping three points.

A: Good point. Forest has comparatively few odds compared to the opposition, so the pressure to get the best out of them is unlikely to help.

Do you think they are also guilty of sometimes thinking too much about things instead of doing what comes naturally. Again because of the situation they are in and the pressure they are under.

A: Hughton’s attitude seems to be that he wants to protect the players a bit and prefers not to look at the table. Think he worries that if you do, you will get scared.

Can understand why he is taking this approach. But whether it is the right way is up for debate.

Players are not stupid. You don’t have to look at the table to know you are in trouble.

Wednesday, Millwall, Birmingham, Stoke and Preston. This run will tell us a lot about how much trouble they are in.

If you can get away with it on decent points, things will look a little better.

Think there is every chance they can do that. But right now that’s just talk. The players have to do it on the field.

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A: I think it’s really unfair. Getting the fans back in small numbers was a big step, but I’d prefer it to be done on an equal footing.

The contrast between the Reading and Norwich games and Saturday’s return to empty city grounds was pretty strong.

That has to affect the team – gives the home team an advantage. It doesn’t seem right that some sites have that and some don’t.

I really hope there is some positive news for Nottingham on Stage Two this week. Would be a huge boost to get some fans back into the ground.

Games are so sterile behind closed doors. If the past few months have shown anything, it’s how much football needs fans. Hope clubs will remember this in the future and treat fans right.

I am convinced that Forest would never have missed the top 6 last season if they had played in front of fans.

A: Michael Dawson makes a lot of noise watching from the stands – do you think most people would have trouble making their voice heard when he let it go!

A: Don’t think any of them are particularly close – I wouldn’t expect them to be involved around Wednesday.

Think this new format of web chat works well as people get more involved than they used to be. But it also has disadvantages.

While I’ll pass your comment on to my IT peers, I suspect this has more to do with the system we use than anything they can help with.

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