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Phenomenal bursts of hot water and steam, fueled by the geothermal activity of the Yellowstone Supervolcano below, bubble so punctually that they can even be predicted, dubbed the Eternity Geyser Watch But Old Faithful has not always been so faithful, and a long time ago Eternity’s watch completely stopped spinning

Over the past few decades, scientists have observed that the old True Interval Between Flares (BEI) has changed dramatically from around 60 to 65 minutes in the 1950s to around 90 to 94 minutes since 2001

To investigate why – and to investigate links between variations in Old Faithful’s BIE and long-term drought variability in the region – researchers at the US Geological Survey (USGS) collected several remains of mineralized wood around the hill that Old Treu sits on

Today the mound is barren and treeless – they do not grow on active geyser mounds as the constant inundation and splashing of boiling, alkali-rich runoff would be incompatible with germination and growth. seedlings

However, a groundbreaking study decades ago analyzed an ancient sample of wood mined from Old Faithful, suggesting that geyser eruptions died down for a while at least once, and trees grew in it. its place

Inspired to learn more, the USGS team analyzed 13 mineralized wood samples taken from the Old Faithful Mound Radiocarbon dates suggest these trees grew in Yellowstone a few centuries ago between 1233 and 1362 A.D

« When I submitted the samples for radiocarbon dating, I wasn’t sure if they would be hundreds or thousands of years old, » said senior author and USGS geologist Shaul Hurwitz Science

« It was a ‘Aha! « Where everyone in the 13th and 14th centuries met over a period of one hundred years »

To find out why and how these trees were able to live in that relatively short, ten-year window of time when Old Faithful seemed to have stopped erupting, the researchers looked for historical data that could explain the drought conditions. at the time , where there was less precipitation and less precipitation The groundwater supply shut off the faucets of the legendary geyser

You didn’t have to look far, as previous data on local tree rings indicated pronounced mega-hits in the region and elsewhere in the world due to harsh conditions during an episode known as the name of medieval hot period

« This is when the grapes sprout and the sea ice gets lost in the north of England, allowing people to experience Greenland, » said Cathy Whitlock, Montana State paleoclimatologist. University, which was not part of the study, to Inside Science

« We know Yellowstone was both warmer and drier The upper tree line was higher on the slopes and there is evidence of more fires during this time »

The links the team found don’t just fill in the gaps in Old Faithful’s historic timing They could also point to future fluctuations in the geyser eruption as the world grows hotter and drier in the face of change. climatic

Hurwitz foresaw this over ten years ago, and although Eternity’s Watch has shown that it can be a bit unreliable at times, the real watch never stops

« Climate models predict increasingly severe droughts and major fires by mid-century, which will lead to profound changes in Yellowstone’s ecosystems, » the team writes

« Modern observational reports have shown that periods of declining rainfall lead to less frequent eruptions of the old Faithful Geyser, while new data from 14C mineralized timber suggests that severe long-lasting droughts could put end to the Old Faithful Geyser eruption « 

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