World News – United States – Arizona reaches $ 5 million settlement with Honda over faulty airbags


PHOENIX – The Arizona attorney general’s office on Wednesday announced a $ 5 million settlement with Honda over allegations of cover-up safety concerns over faulty airbags

Settlement includes American Honda Motor Company, Inc and Honda of America Mfg, Inc for defective Takata airbag systems in certain Acura and Honda vehicles

A total of more than $ 3.7 million will be given in return and repair incentive gift cards for Arizona consumers

Honda has also accepted an injunction that will require it not to use « misleading or deceptive advertising » and to create a system in which employees can report safety concerns to management

As part of the pending settlement, Honda has agreed to pay up to $ 5 million to be split as follows:

Owners of Acura or Honda vehicles are encouraged to visit the airbag recall website or call 888-234-2138 to see if their model is for recall. All safety repairs are free at authorized Honda dealers, press release says

Arizonans will not have to take any further action to receive a refund check or repair gift card, as it will be sent directly to eligible consumers

There are over 15,000 consumers eligible to receive a $ 100 refund check after purchasing an Acura or Honda model in Arizona with Takata airbags between September 2012 and November 2015

Around 40,000 Arizonans will receive gift cards worth $ 150 for vehicles with alpha inflators or $ 50 for those with non-alpha inflators However, gift cards will not be activated until the vehicle has been taken to a Honda dealership and the defective airbag is replaced.

Those with questions regarding the return or the gift card incentive program are encouraged to contact the Claims Administrator at 1-855-917-3583

« Defective Takata airbags have injured and killed Arizonans and continue to pose a serious danger, » said Arizona lawyer Genearl Mark Brnovich « We estimate that over 40,000 of these dangerous airbags are always on the roads of Arizona and we implore owners to have their vehicles repaired immediately »

For 15 years Honda has used Takata airbag inflators which used stabilized phase ammonium nitrate as a propellant in certain Acura and Honda vehicles for 2001-2016 model years Defective airbag inflators can rupture and send shards of metal throughout the cabin of the vehicle

The Arizona attorney general’s office alleged Honda should have notified its customers by September 2012, but consumers were not told until November 2015 following the $ 200 million fine dollars inflicted by regulators on Takata, which filed for bankruptcy in 2017

Defective airbags have caused more than 200 injuries and at least 15 deaths in the US, including two deaths in Arizona, according to statement August On January 20, a driver of a 2002 Honda Civic was killed in Mesa after a faulty airbag exploded in a crash, the Arizona attorney general’s office said in the statement

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World news – United States – Arizona closes $ 5 million settlement with Honda for defective airbags


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