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World News – United States – Covid-19 Live Updates: As Vaccine Rollout Continues, French President Tests Positive

. . President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for the coronavirus, his office said Thursday. The news comes as vaccinations resume in the United States, where pharmacists discovered that some newly shipped bottles of vaccine contained more than what was stated on their labels.

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President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for the corona virus, his office announced on Thursday. The news comes as vaccinations resume in the United States, where pharmacists discovered that some newly shipped bottles of vaccine contained more than what was stated on their labels.

President Emmanuel Macron of France has tested positive for the corona virus, the French presidency said in a statement on Thursday.

« This diagnosis was made after an RT-PCR test that was done as soon as the first symptoms appeared, » the statement said. It was not revealed what these symptoms were or when they first appeared.

Mr. . Macron will work in isolation for the next seven days, the statement added. The office of Jean Castex, the country’s prime minister, said that Mr.. Castex would, due to his recent proximity to Mr.. . Length characters.

France was recently at the heart of the second wave of the virus, prompting mr. Macron is said to be putting strict restrictions on movement and business. In October, it became the first nation in Europe to impose a second nationwide lockdown, which was slowly being lifted.

French officials, like other heads of state and government across Europe, hoped that vaccinations could begin in the coming days.

« The first Europeans will probably be vaccinated before the end of 2020, » wrote the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on Twitter on Tuesday. She urged the bloc countries to start vaccinations on the same day, probably next week.

But the continent is struggling under the weight of a second wave of infections, which has led leaders to reintroduce widespread restrictions in recent weeks.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has imposed a nationwide lockdown that will extend through December. 25, erasing hopes of reprieve after the country’s popular Christmas markets closed this month. The Netherlands and the Czech Republic have also imposed bans, and Italy tends to have one.

Pharmacists in the United States were happily surprised when they opened newly shipped coronavirus vaccine bottles and found that some contained more than what was stated on their labels.

The news that vaccine supplies might be a little less scarce than thought came hours before recent pandemic numbers made one thing clear: Americans will need every drop.

By the end of the day on Wednesday 3. 607 new deaths from the virus reported in locations as diverse as Los Angeles County, California. and Lee County, Va. That was almost 500 more than the record set a week earlier. And new infections were on more than 244. 365 set, also a record.

It was still a day of hope when people across the country rolled up their sleeves and got gunshots.

In Seattle, a doctor who was almost helpless earlier this year when the virus marched uncontrollably through nursing homes was overwhelmed with emotion when he received his vaccination. In New York in March, Mayor Bill de Blasio went to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, an epicenter of death, to watch hospital workers being shot.

When boxes of the newly approved Pfizer BioNTech vaccine began arriving across the country, hospital pharmacists found that the glass vials, which were supposed to hold five doses, had enough for a sixth or even a seventh. A bit of « overfilling » in vials containing multiple doses of a medicine is normal, they said, but it is different.

Even so, it will be months before a significant number of people in the country can be vaccinated and warnings and no declarations of victory were the order of the day on Wednesday.

« We are still at a dangerous and critical point in this pandemic, and tens of thousands of American lives are really at stake every week, » said Adm. Board p. . Giroir, Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services, said on « New Day. ”

« Until we have a few more months, do your best, » he said. “Save lives, save American lives, save global lives, just by taking these simple steps. If you do, we’ll be in really good shape. If you don’t, we will have thousands more victims in this country that we can avoid. ”

Dr. . Anthony S.. . Fauci, the country’s foremost infectious disease expert, told the country that even with a vaccine, this isn’t the moment people drop their guard.

« As wonderful as this is, because it’s an extraordinary manifestation of the fruits of science that was made very quickly, it’s also bittersweet, » he said.

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence will receive the Pfizer BioNTech coronavirus vaccine on Friday, according to the White House. According to the Trump administration, “it aims to promote the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and build trust among the American people. ”

Mr. . Pence heads the White House’s coronavirus task force, and his vaccination will be an important step for the government to encourage people in the United States to get vaccinated.

The event, just days after the country’s ambitious mass vaccination campaign, will be held at the White House and the Pences will be attended by Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who will also receive the vaccine.

Dr. . Anthony S.. . Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, said Tuesday he would recommend President Trump and Mr. Trump. Pence gets the vaccine even though the president already had Covid-19.

Dr. . Fauci also said that it was his « strong recommendation » that President-elect Joseph R. . Biden Jr. . and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are quickly receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

« For safety reasons, I firmly believe that we should get them vaccinated as soon as possible, » he told Good Morning America. « They want him to be fully protected when he joins the presidency in January. « . ”

Mr. . Biden told reporters in Delaware on Tuesday, « If I do, you will notice and we will do it publicly. « . ”

Dr. . 79-year-old Fauci has announced that he will also be publicly vaccinated to demonstrate his confidence in the vaccine. Three former presidents – Barack Obama, George W. . Bush and Bill Clinton – all said they were ready to get vaccinated on camera.

At a briefing on Tuesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that Mr.. . Trump would « get the vaccine as soon as his medical team determines it is the best, » but he hadn’t planned on this yet.

For some elected officials and public figures, vaccination can be a goddamned proposal if you do, a damned proposal if you don’t. On the one hand, this could be useful publicly as a vote of confidence for the public. However, with vaccine scarce, some in positions of power do not want to be accused of having crossed the line.

Patricia John was still in her nightgown at the West Virginia nursing home where she lives this week when a nurse rushed her out of her room to join a line that had formed in the hallway.

For the past nine months, she had spent most of the time alone in her room at Sundale Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care in Morgantown, W. . Va. But Tuesday was different from woman. John, 93, was one of the first nursing home residents in the United States to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

« It was easier than what I saw on TV, » she said of the injection. “It was such a quick shot that nobody should be afraid. ”

A few states are running an early round of coronavirus vaccinations this week before the comprehensive federal program across CVS and Walgreens rolls into facilities on Monday.

Facilities in West Virginia began vaccinating residents Tuesday. Ohio also got off to an early start, with Connecticut and Delaware expected to start later this week. Florida turns 21 this week. 450 doses of vaccines distributed to nursing homes to get vaccinations going.

The vaccines have been hailed as welcome as nursing homes have felt the brunt of the severity of Covid-19. At least a third of the more than 305. 000 deaths in the country were reported among residents and employees of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities for older adults, and more than 787. 000 employees and residents were infected.

In interviews this week, nursing home administrators said they were unsure whether the number of residents who consented to be vaccinated would reflect their general population. They also warned that preventive measures taken about Covid-19 should not go away just because residents started being vaccinated.

« We have to be just as careful as we were before vaccination until the risk of someone passing the virus on to them is reduced, » said Dr. . Richard Feifer, Chief Medical Officer of Genesis HealthCare, one of the largest long-term care providers with more than 325 facilities in 24 states.

The issue of getting consent from residents, including those unable to make a decision without input from family members, has been a hurdle that has slowed the adoption of vaccines in some places.

Because vaccinations are voluntary, a care facility is unlikely to get 100 percent approval from residents, but officials hoped more than half of nursing home residents would choose the vaccine. At this level, officials believe the virus cannot spread effectively.

As countries prepare to distribute hundreds of millions of Covid-19 vaccines, some of which need to be stored as cold as the South Pole in winter, the highly specialized activities of companies like PCI Pharma Services that focus on packaging are and have specialized in shipping pharmaceuticals, high the world is in high demand. And Wall Street, which likes nothing better than a hot trade with the potential for big wins, is rushing to snag some of the action.

Investors have already bought shares in vaccine manufacturers like Moderna and Pfizer, whose BioNTech-developed vaccine was launched in the US on Monday and requires an exceptionally low storage temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius.

Private equity firms and high net worth individuals have also acquired smaller companies like PCI Pharma, whose cold stores will play a vital role in making Covid vaccines available to the public.

Until recently, temperature controlled storage and shipping of pharmaceutical products known as the « cold chain » has been a relatively sleepy corner of the healthcare industry. The technology for preserving animal cells and tissues by transport in cold conditions has been available since the 1950s, and certain breakthroughs in cancer research over the past decade have increased the demand for cold chain transport.

But the virus and the vaccines ready to fight it have drawn new attention to cold chain delivery systems.

In October, Blackstone, the private equity giant, invested $ 275 million in Cryoport, which specializes in shipping sensitive medical supplies in sub-zero temperatures. Investors were also bullish on Ember, the beverage heating company that has developed a medical cooler with built-in GPS and already has two Jonas Brothers and Brooklyn Nets striker Kevin Durant as shareholders.

Cryoport shares are up more than 180 percent this year. The company has already shipped temperature sensitive materials involved in 26 Covid vaccines and treatments, and has a long-term partnership with McKesson, a medical supplies distributor tapped by the U.. S.. . Government to manage domestic vaccine distribution.

Ram M. . Jagannath, senior managing director at Blackstone, said the cell and gene therapy market the company operates in is expected to grow 50 percent annually for the next five years. « The current pandemic has only helped drive interest and investment in these potentially life-saving therapies, » said Mr. . Jagannath said. “We have made long-term investments in this project. ”

Sidney Powell, an attorney who was part of President Trump’s legal team, launched a conspiracy theory about election fraud last month. For days she claimed she would « release the octopus » by presenting extensive evidence that Mr.. . Trump won the election by a landslide.

But after their claims were largely ridiculed and found no legal basis, Dr. . Powell started talking on a new subject. On Dec. . 4, she posted a misinformation link on Twitter saying that the population will be divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated people and that the « big government » can monitor those who have not been vaccinated.

« NO WAY #America », woman. Powell wrote in the tweet Jan.. 600 shares and 51. Garnered 000 likes. “This is a more authoritarian communist control that is imported directly from China. ”

woman. Powell’s shifting tune was part of a wider shift in the online misinformation. As Mr. . Trump’s election results challenges have been put down and the electoral college has sustained President-elect Joseph R.. Biden Jr. . The profit, the misinformation about electoral fraud has subsided. Instead, peddlers of online lies are making lies about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Researchers said the spread was through right-wing websites and a robust network of anti-vaccination activists like Robert F.. been reinforced. Kennedy Jr. . on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has been warning for months that the agency will be forced to make draconian cuts, including a 40 percent cut in New York subway service, as the pandemic puts the country’s largest public transport agency in its worst Financial crisis crashed.

But when Joseph R. . Biden Jr. . Congress is preparing to move into the White House and in recent days appears to be nearing a compromise on a federal aid package that would likely raise the M $ 4 billion. T. . A. In this way, the agency can avoid implementing its doomsday plan for the time being.

Patrick J.. . Foye, the chairman of the agency, told the M. . T. . A. continued to seek $ 12 billion in federal aid to help stabilize its finances, which have been decimated by driver numbers that have rebounded to just 30 percent of pre-pandemic levels.

In addition to massive cuts in metro service, the agency has also proposed cutting local transport in half and more than 9. 000 transit workers to be laid off.

And at the beginning of next year the M. . T. . A. The board is expected to approve a 4 percent increase in tariffs and tolls, which will come into effect in the spring and generate more revenue for the 2021 budget, according to people familiar with the proposed plan who asked for it, not identified before the board takes action.

Proponents of transportation have urged the government. Andrew M. . Cuomo, who controls the M.. T. . A. and state lawmakers to identify new sources of revenue – including increasing gas taxes or charging surcharges for non-essential items purchased online – to help the agency get out of its financial void without looking so heavy relying on future federal aid.

The agency has already made $ 1 billion in savings by cutting administrative costs like reducing overtime and cutting consultancy contracts and borrowing $ 3. 4 billion, the maximum amount allowed, from an emergency loan program provided by the Federal Reserve.

Transit officials said they were confident that under Mr.. . Biden, who is known as a fan of Amtrak, the national railroad, and who has also signaled support for public transportation systems.

BioNTech, the German drug company that worked with Pfizer to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, will ship 100 million doses of the vaccine to China after it has been approved by the Chinese government. This makes it Beijing’s first foreign vaccination order against the disease.

The 100 million doses would be an initial delivery, said BioNTech and its Chinese partner Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical in a statement on Wednesday. They didn’t say how many more cans would be sent.

« This joint development effort with Fosun Pharma is a testament to the importance of global collaboration and reflects our strategy to deliver our vaccine globally, » said Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of BioNTech.

The companies didn’t say when the Chinese government is expected to get regulatory approvals for the vaccine, which is more than 90 percent effective and administered in the U.S. and elsewhere.

A number of vaccine scandals in China have raised concerns in the country about the quality of domestically manufactured vaccines. It is common for members of the fast-growing middle class to choose overseas-made vaccines over Chinese vaccines.

If approved, the BioNTech deal would suggest that Beijing wants to ensure that many of its people have access to a safe vaccine in the event its own vaccine candidates fail or fail to meet domestic demand. So far, no Chinese vaccine maker has reported full efficacy data for any of the country’s vaccines, five of which are in late-stage testing.

One of them, developed by the state-owned Sinopharm company, has been fully approved by two countries that have participated in trials, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Both cited preliminary data showing the vaccine was 86 percent effective and exceeded the 50 percent threshold set by many governments. Sinopharm has not commented on either of the two announcements.

The start of the Australian Open will be delayed by three weeks due to the pandemic, a schedule released by the men’s tennis tour on Wednesday night. The first Grand Slam tournament of the year, which usually takes place in the last two weeks of January, now starts in February. 8, according to the ATP schedule.

Health officials in the Philippines warned Thursday that the country’s progress in slowing the spread of the coronavirus could be reversed unless people « remain cautious and vigilant » during the holiday season. « Let’s not waste our profits on this pandemic response, » they said in a statement, noting that a recent surge in cases in Manila could ultimately overwhelm the health system, as happened during the height of the country’s outbreak in August. On Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte urged Filipinos to limit socializing while on vacation and follow a new requirement to wear face shields at all times in public. « Just a little more sacrifice, » he said. “The vaccine is almost there. ”

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World News – USA – Covid-19 Live Updates: As Vaccine Adoption Continues Worldwide, French President Tests Positive

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