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Los Angeles, California, October 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) If you’ve been studying the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Decentralized Finance (DeFI) movement for more than five minutes, you’ve probably met the name Damon Nam Damon is a 20-year-old IT professional, Microsoft alumnus, entrepreneur, and currently Founder and CEO of Coin; an emerging financial services and technology company

During his 17 years at Microsoft, he held various roles within the Microsoft Services organization.In his last role at Microsoft as Director of the Services Program in the United States, he was responsible for driving and managing the entire Microsoft partnership program for the US subsidiary; a program with approximately seventy-five partner organizations and a total turnover of over $ 90 million in revenue With extensive experience in business and IT services to his credit, Damon, who has been interested in blockchain technology, decided it was time to put their special talents to work in solving the problems of the traditional financial services industry To this end, he founded Coin, a US-based FinTech start-up

Current financial solutions, centralized banking entities and the devaluation of dollars due to the continued printing of money by governments around the world have sparked renewed interest in sovereign wealth management for consumers. has resulted in strong demand for an open financial system powered by blockchain technology and alternative assets such as Bitcoin Although innovative, the complex nature of current solutions in the blockchain industry has created momentum that eliminates a large percentage of the population looking to join the revolution Damon and his team at Coin want to completely democratize this industry and bring it to the general public by creating a paradigm shift that makes wealth management for digital assets transparent, simple, affordable and accessible Thus , also reduce the wealth gaps that exist in our society and create equal opportunities and a level playing field across the world Damon’s goal is to develop solutions that reduce the complexities and pitfalls of the traditional global financial system and its inherent problems of high costs and risks resulting from corruption, involvement human and custody of client fundsCoin XYZ, Inc develops blockchain solutions to empower the world to execute secure financial transactions with freedom and simplicity Coin is led by a team of Microsoft veterans, including Byron Levels, and leading advisors such as Christina Apatow, founder of FetchyFox, Jeremy Gardner, founder of Augur, Alex Mashinsky, founder of Celsius Network, as well as Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable For more information on Coin, please visit https: // coindefiorg

Coin is staying the course and creating this new reality for all of us.They have designed a decentralized network that contains products and services that work together to solve these problems and empower consumers to manage their wealth So what is the platform that is going to disrupt the finance and blockchain industries, you might ask?

The Coin Exchange, an all-in-one cross-chain P2P decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, exchange and assistant powered by atomic exchange and artificial intelligence (AI) technology Coin Exchange includes a wallet built-in cryptocurrency allowing users to store popular digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. For the exchange of assets, Coin Exchange exploits atomic swaps which replace the need for any third party involvement.This ensures low fees and is the safest method of transferring value, as transactions occur directly between users. , on the blockchain This also makes Coin Exchange not vulnerable to hacks, as users are the only custodians who can access their funds and no personal data is collected or stored centrally.

Coin Exchange also includes support for browser extensions for the most popular web browsers on the Internet, such as Google Chrome and Safari.Once installed, this feature extends its capabilities by using AI technology to execute more transactions quickly and provide information to help users save time and money Similar to Grammarly’s grammar recognition, Coin Exchange includes a wizard that can recognize blockchain related keywords from any web page This allows Coin to provide insight, insight, or help consumers to execute financial transactions directly from any web page with an input field For example, users can send, receive and exchange transactions as part of a guided process or simply by typing text commands such as « Send $ 50 Bitcoin to @cryptojane » in any input field on the internet What is currently considered a complex task can now be completed in seconds while browsing the web

Unlike other financial industry / blockchain solutions today, the Coin Exchange brings an innovative new user experience to an industry filled with complexity and confusion For example, instead of requiring users to browse and connect to their website or banking app, Coin’s AI works behind the scenes and seamlessly merges personal finance into the natural workflows of our daily internet activities, including browsing the web, building documents, and social media update

« By leveraging emerging technologies, we put power in people’s hands and empower consumers to manage their wealth through a simple, secure and personalized innovative digital asset experience, » says Damon Nam, founder and CEO of Coin

The Coin Exchange is creating a seamless and unified experience when browsing the Internet to help bridge the gap and bring cryptocurrencies to the masses The shift to sovereign wealth management has already begun… Damon and his team at Stars at Coin Aspire to Be the Industry’s Leading Financial Organization Leading the Charge to Disrupt the Standard


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News from around the world – United States – Coin founder Damon Nam disrupts finance and blockchain industry with its Venture Coin
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