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After a week off you would expect this team to be as healthy as they could be

Instead, there were a large number of defensive starters who were not suitable for this one This roster includes Marvin Wilson, Travis Jay and Renardo Green Hamsah Nasirildeen, whose return seemed imminent, has also been ruled out Akeem Dent and Meiko Dotson were also missing It remains to be seen whether these were linked to illness, injury or intention to transfer or be absent for the remainder of the season

Basically only the following seven defensive backs remained: Asante Samuel, Jr, Jarvis Brownlee, Brendan Gant, Sidney Williams, Raymond Woodie, Jarrian Jones and Jadarius Green-McKnight

As if that weren’t enough, Cory Durden was classified as limited, and injured Panthers quarterback Kenny Pickett actually started

In the end, FSU didn’t have much success stopping the Panthers By the time Pittsburgh theoretically hit the three-point loss in the fourth quarter with 12 minutes left, the Panthers had over 300 yards. offensives, including four yards per carry and eight yards per pass Overall, they had six steady yards per play, and were 5/5 in the red zone, and had several short fields due to turnovers by the FSU offense. It was mainly based on three interceptions, two by Travis and the third by James Blackman It was the difference in this game Well, Pickett was the difference There is some bad luck in that, and we can be pretty confident that the Pittsburgh alternate quarterback Joey Yellen wouldn’t be capable of that performance Despite an ankle spanking, Pickett was 20/26 for 200 yards in the trash, with another backup quarterback Nick Patti vulture-ing a few touchdowns

The FSU offense had four interceptions, but three of them in the first three quarters led to 12 points Counting the four is 18 out of 41 points The opposite of winning football Despite the 41 points, I do not put this defeat as much on the defense as on the offensive

Defensive Line: FSU had a big failure in the passing rush department, and was virtually non-existent in this game FSU is really missing Big Marv Kaindoh seems to be the only guy who can beat his man, and these don’t aren’t supposed to be great occupational therapists for Pitt It really feels like the FSU DL is gone on most games When they get the pressure they don’t force Pickett to make mistakes Fabian Lovett played well and got sacked in the second half He was also held back a bit in this game But there just isn’t enough talent on this DL If Kaindoh leaves after this season, what’s the plan?

Linebackers: Emmett Rice looks like a live wire at the start The run fits well in tackles Ten always takes bad angles or is confused, but he’s a young player Pitt doesn’t really seem to attack second tier as much in passing game

Secondary: Can an exhausted secondary suppress explosive games? It’s a mix of results Brownlee played well in the first half Pickett is a good quarterback and didn’t make a lot of mistakes With the lack of rush Pickett just picks his places Pitt really attacks in the lead- on head and off the numbers Overall this was a shorthanded unit against a good quarterback who benefited from several short pitches A recipe for disaster against poor defense

Pitt fumbles on the first game, from the scrum over a bubble to the limit and Janarius Robinson looks like he goes out of bounds, but probably wouldn’t have been able to get him Pitt attacks the border early – stop it. me if you’ve ever heard that Gant misses the tackle in space and Pitt quickly enters FSU territory Pickett is good at hitting explosive passes, the question as the game goes on will be whether FSU can remove it Good cover by Brownlee forces Pitt to throw a basket, and their kicker blows him up on the moon Good save FSU has given up an opener in every game this season except Jacksonville State

The Panthers racing game has struggled all year, but loving the race starts early Emmett Rice looks a lot more decisive on the downhill Unfortunately, a few reads in the second FSU player shows no rush of passing It would go a long way in this game with Pickett’s not quite sane ankle If they don’t threaten to move Pickett out of his place, he may be able to separate an exhausted secondary Still, FSU manages to force a punt when Pickett throws out short sticks in the third down

FSU really steals the ball Joshua Kaindoh beats the right tackle and presses Pickett Kaindoh hit his arm while throwing, but Stephen Dix’s scoop n score was canceled as an incomplete pass Yet it was third and Pitt is forced to launch again

Unfortunately, an interception from Jordan Travis gives the Pitt offense another shot with a short pitch and they take advantage and put it in the end zone They used quarterback Nick Patti on a keeper Ten got confused on reading it

No rush, and Pickett is pulling them apart When they get the pressure Pickett gets rid of them and avoids negative games Just let the secondary dry out Yet the guys give effort and Pitt struggles to move around constantly on the pitch Pitt forced to settle for a basket and missed it

Pitt managed this drive on the court, which threw a three-way FSU Fight to defend the edge Pickett is a good quarterback Patti enters again for a touchdown, intact

For the second time in three possessions, Pitt gets the ball on a fourth failed FSU attempt, this time in a good position on the court for Pitt Pickett hits a seam path against Asante Samuel, then a battle against a man scores another touchdown It’s three in a row for Pitt and FSU can’t get to the half fast enough Pitt now has three rushed touchdowns against FSU, all by QB

Panthers always attack FSU around the edges I still think Brownlee plays a good game JRob injured FSU stops to stop 2nd trimester bleeding There’s no real mystery here Pickett usually finds the type open and has all day to do it

Following an interception by James Blackman deep in FSU territory, the referees threw a flag at Samuel’s aggressive blanket, then Pitt runs without being hit on the next play This FSU defense is not good, but they absolutely cannot resist the start on short ground

Like QB goalies, Pitt runs a ton of counters Even when they mess up the pocket, they can’t keep Pickett in. Bad tackle makes a comeback For what it’s worth, the Seminoles had a good goal line at the fourth quarter A field basket still made it 34-17 in the fourth quarter, putting FSU down three scores, likely putting this game in the trash

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